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Meet the Man behind the Sliders - Ousnius


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Awesome interview!


Thank you for everything that you brought to this modding community, Ousnius. You taught me many things these past months, even the best way to cook a microwave burger, and i appreciated every moment of it. Bethesda Game Studios better have your name somewhere on it's will or i will absolutely riot! :)

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Thanks for this- Ousnius has always been willing to help whenever I had a problem with Bodyslide (due to my own ignorance of all of its features) and I can't thank him enough for that. :wub: Edited by Vyxenne
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Greetings Ousnius : "Meister von den Körper Schiebers"
· "Master of the Body Sliders"

· ... yes, fellow Nexians, I know, it's "Slide".

· I'm so glad to see this in the news announcements frame of my VORTEX v 0.15.2.

I'm going to read this article with great interest after I write this. I hope to keep my post shorter.

· Thank you very much for your hard work & helpfulness. Promise us, please,

(..not literally, :happy: ) that you won't " :whistling: : Slip Slide Away" ... from us, as long as we

provide constructive feedback, and many of us send the equiv. of about a greenback

or >. We'll share the pride, & enjoy warm feelz, knowing we're having a part in

feeding some needs 'n wants ( incl. food :smile: ) for you and yours, and others we support.

· From a smidgen donated from our "common-wealth" :wink:, our v-Nation of Nexia has

the amazing combined potential for empowering Modding Magicians like Ousnius.

It's not the money that matters, it's what it "transforms into" in the modder's world :

:dance: Lifted self-esteem. ( some may have felt unappreciated or undervalued.)

:dance: Re-fuelled motivation & re-energized will to complete the project (s).

:dance: UG of HW / SW. ( under-powered or failing HW will bog down a passion for modding.)

:dance: UG of living & work-at-home conditions. ( water treatment equip, A/C, air purifier.)

· Modding visionaries who are well supported, are strengthened in ways like these,

and much more likely to get fired-up to "take it up a notch", thus the game(s) we love

will be able to stay fresh and exiting much longer. ( Karma Rules, Baby ! )

· Ousnius, you, & your Body of Work, are Ous-some ! :thumbsup:

"And now, for something completely different" ( Monty Python & T F C ) : :teehee:

"Regarding CAPITALIZATION of a lot of the headings / titles on the Nexus"


· Way up at the top of this post, I made the word Vortex "all-caps" because :

· ( a ) In it's "About" window, since it's a particular type of "title", it's in "all-caps".

· Same for the hundreds of third-party libraries. ( same window ) , ..and...

· ( b ) I very much ( see... no caps are yelling at you.) wish the Nexus Web team will modify the

· Skinbox ( "Underground" skin bought by Dark0ne <—staff pg. ) "Underground" skin so that the main

· "Heading" texts, aka "titles", would be in semi-bold instead of all-caps, aka "YELL !". :laugh:

· To see for yourself, copy an eg. of a "Heading 1" on the Nexus, for eg. "NEWS & UPDATES".

· Now paste it. You will see "News & Updates". ( oops, that's if you copy & paste the font-type also.)

· I think it's mainly the "Heading 1" text, that the theme auto-formats into an "all-caps

· Trebuchet MS", a "Light Condensed" variant ). In my humble opinion, an awful font-style :

· It's harder to read. It eats-up screen width like a starving brahmin on grass*. ( on some mod pages where the

· "Heading 1" text, for eg. a mod name, is extra long, the "all-caps" causes the mod name to wrap around to the

· next line, often messing-up content alignment in that space. ( more, or less, depending on browser & settings. )

· * legalized for limited recreational use here in Canada . . . :sick: - Yeesh, lotsa "need for weed" :cool:).

· As you see at the bottom of the page going to Skinbox's theme called "Underground", I think

· that the Nexus web team would be able to customize "Heading 1" text ( globally, I think ) for

· the pages of nexusmods.com & forums.nexusmods.com.

· ( Please Nexus Mods Team, if the feature is not there, I hope you will request skinbox to add it.

· If they demand a resonable fee, say $5, I will gladly pay you for the modification. Then, everyone who

· wishes to, will have the option to switch to "Underground: Minus all-caps HL-1 (Import)", by going

· to the bottom of any Nexus Mods screen, clicking on "Change Theme", and choosing it from the

· drop down menu.) BTW, Nexus Team, ( Sorry that I keep sayin' Team. I don't want to assume

· on who might reply, like Robin Scott, for eg. ( the "Head Honcho" :happy:) *

· *. . I so very much would love to donate multiple X's toward a F :nuke:4 Zesty, Cheezy, Gritty,

· Funny, Heart-string yankin' :ohdear:, *Spaghetti -Western - at times, WestWorld, mini (hey, even "micro" )

· DLC made by major fans of the genre. (...I know, as is, FO4 has similarities to Home Box's WW )

· These imagined Spaghetti · Western · Whirld Mod Nexus page might include links to the best

· LooksMenu files for the "más duros héroes y villanos"* from classics like : "The Good, The Bad

· and the Ugly" &"The Magnificent Seven". * Transl. with 'yer noodle 'stead of google. ( best : based on

· voting via a free page for online voting that the mod team searches for & has someone maintain.

· Or 'sumthin' like that.) Having links to an externally accessed voting source for LooksMenu files

· avoids "Use of Personal Likeness" warning letters with "Cease and Desist" :excl: in the title .

· That way, when the project grows in monetary backing, the vult... er.. lawyers won't be swooping-in.

· The voting page can links to the top mods, & Honorable mentions, but no link to the S·W·W page

· nor to mod pages that over-hype the S·W·W mod with logos, screenshots, sister-links etc.

· On the S·W·W mod page, there can be instructions for the pre-creating of your own custom

· files that will, all-at-once, swap as much of an Actor's assets ( right wording ? ) as you'd like ;

· sex, looks, clothes-n'-gear, weapons. You must be sure the Actor is selected (..there's mods for

· that.. but wait, they can do Much, More...) You tap a configurable hot-key, pick from menu and

· the Actor you chose is suited-up, kitted-up, gussied-up & loaded-up, for whatever comes-up.

· No mention should be made on the Mod pages refering any of the "legally risky" face, body,

· etc, assets. ( Some changes like: translucency properties of body part surfaces* & subsurface( s ?),

· and other of the more complex changes might be best to get out of LooksMenu after doing regular

· changes, wait a number of seconds ( HDD light as a guideline ? ), then apply a different modification set to

· the same Actor. Actually, I wonder if it will increase stability as the game hours pile-up, if we :

· ( 1 ) Create a new save right after the asset swap.

· ( 2 ) Fast travel a few cels away ( as long as they are big cels )

· ( 3 ) Return & use console commands to go the Actor or call / teleport the actor to you.

· ( 4 ) Check the Actor for visual, inventory, behavioural issues, etc.

· * I don't wanna discriminate & say "skin", now do I ? What if a being's body sports in it's DNA,

· an thought-reactive, iridescent, chameleonic, semi-organic alloy, hexaplate armature ?

· I kid you not, those words just popped up in my noggin, no spel. errs., but for kicks, I decide to

· "duck-duck-go" one : Hexaplate armour (find: "hexa"). That happens to on a site called

· falloutstudios.org ( wuut ! ). And then, there's a youngster's imaginings of an awesome,

· freaky creature he aptly named Hexaplate. The person thought-up other creatures to, even

· coming-up with scientific classifications. I struggled to stop myself from searching further. :sweat:

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Without Bodyslide, I honestly wouldnt even have any interest in modding. The ability to make any body shape i want without any knowledge of 3D modeling is great. Ousnius, I hope you're around for as long as Bethesda Studio games are being made.
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Thank you so much! Seriously I would never have put the hours into fallout 4 and Skyrim. I have 3200 hrs in fallout 4 and 2k+ in skyrim. Without all the mods and especially skimpy outfits for my ladies I would have moved on a long time ago. I still play a great many games but seriously, your achievements are what made me want to be a premium member here and continue to play! Thanks again.
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Thank you for your amazing mods! True hero and pillar of the modding community!


Outfit Studio is a godsend given that Blender doesn't support the updated NIF format used by Skyrim & Fallout 4. I am sure there would be far far fewer outfits created for the games if not for you! I've used Outfit Studio probably hundreds of times by now. All of my characters use customized mashups done in Outfit Studio.


I agree with your view on DP as well!

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