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Vanquisher of Bugs - Arthmoor


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Just wanted to say Thanks to Arthmoor! It's largely thanks to you and your Unofficial Patch Team that we can enjoy a professional level & relatively bug free experience in-game for Skyrim & Fallout 4!
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fiskin1 wrote: Pretty much all of Arthmoor's mods are essential to me in SSE. I have a lot of his other ones installed especially USSEP, Alternate Start and the town expansion mods. Anything new I install right away. Definitely Elite status when it comes to modders. Respect!

Same here. I only just bought SSE the other day(50% off sale) & Those were the very first 2 mods I downloaded & installed. Then I looked in Top Files/Bug Fix category. I played Oldrim only a little bit years ago and most of what I remember were the bugs. Wasn't as into modding as now, so I think I may not have even used Unofficial Patch back then.
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DaedalusMachina007 wrote: Modding advice that I hope people heed:
-Start with small patches and minor tweaks and then go from there.
-Plan exactly what you want to change and how it will affect the rest of the game.
-Anything you release is something you should be willing to go back even years later and update/fix as needed so keep a backup of all your project files and notes!
-When starting out, just mod privately for yourself and NOT for anyone else or public releases; if you are happy with your work then others will be happy with it as well (hopefully).

Whenever people praise Bethesda games, I always ask them 'how does it play WITHOUT any mods or unofficial patches' and then they give me this cold stare like 'you know already'.

Until any of the tools came out for Skyrim, we didn't have any unofficial patches, and the game played well enough.
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