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Official Vortex Beta Release


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I've been using Vortex from the very first moment it was available and I do not regret I did.


To Tannin and the dev crew : thanks so much for your help and assistance with all my questions and for giving us this great tool


To those whom still are in doubt jumping to this new mod program : after using NMM for more than 2 years and using Vortex since it has been out, I can confirm that Vortex is reliable, simpler, fast and powerful than NMM. There have been some against the NMM feature to manually move plugins from one spot to another but still that function is available in Vortex, but more importantly, there is not need to do such thing anymore.


For the newcomers, just do :


- In settings, enable Auto-Sort and Deploy ( NOTE : if you let Vortex to auto-sort your load order, forget about using LOOT to do the same thing ... LOOT is integrated in Vortex so there is no need to use both )

- Install your mods and resolve your mod rules ( do not wait till all your mods have been installed, resolve rules as mods are been installed )

- Put all your mod patches ( in the Plugin Section ) into the Dynamic Patching Group

- Leave rest of the mods in the group they have been automatically placed by Vortex

- Play your game


... unless you are an advance user, those above steps are the only ones you need to do. It is as simple as that and you are not require to do anything else than that. If you have any issue while playing your game, any CTD, stuttering or something on that line, resolve the issue using Xedit or use Wrye Bash.


Since I am applying the above steps, I have not had any issues at all with my games. Some CTD's that I have been dealt with are not related to Vortex at all but some heavy scripted mods that I am using and are responsible for my game issues and those issues have been previously advised by the mod author so they are expected to happen.


Thanks so much Nexus. :)


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In response to post #64235896.

NightHunter93 wrote: So how to I move all my already installed mods for F4, Skyrim SE, Oldrim, FNV and F3 without redownloading all of them through Vortex?

Hi NightHunter,

We've prepared a guide for migrating from NMM/MO here: https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Migrating_to_Vortex_from_another_Mod_Manager
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In response to post #64235396. #64235941 is also a reply to the same post.

MaxG3D wrote: Is it still ads galore?
Pickysaurus wrote: Not sure what you mean? Vortex has a small banner about our Premium offerings but we've never had actual adverts in it.

If you're seeing loads of ads in Vortex then I'd be more worried about the state of your PC, since something is injecting ads into your programs.
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