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Tutorials WITHOUT "youtoob"


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Those are all fair points and good to ensure that everyone knows. I do want to point out that technically it is possible to make a mod only using the Creation Kit. However that does limit your options drastically. You can make a house, a dungeon, a quest, and even a script mod provided the source script is already available (they come with the installation of the Creation Kit). My first mod was done completely via the Creation Kit. It was a simple modification of the script which controls the wood chopping block behavior for the player.


Keep in mind tho that Creation Kit only modding means that you are limited to what is already in the stock game. Once you decide to change the look or behavior of an item, you need to use other programs as Allannaa outlined in point #1.


Also it might be a good idea to have a decent text editor at your disposal. While the default Windows notepad or the built in script editor window available on specific forms where the scripts are actually assigned can suffice, a text editor with an option to have line numbering will come in handy when trying to correct scripts that won't compile or to see what an error in the Papyrus log is related to. Notepad++ is supposed to be pretty good. Myself I use ConTEXT, have had it for at least six years and it does the job well enough for me.

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Awesome collection! I just skimmed through it, did you find a tutorial for custom race creating?

I suggest Creating a Playable Race - The right way by Expired. It ensures that vampire and werewolf transformations work for custom races and provides a workaround for quests that reference the player's race. It includes a pre-made skript and step by step tutorial to get the race working.

It does not cover how to change stats, appearance or racial powers however. (Creation kit wiki?)

And I'm not sure if there's a dawnguard version of it yet. (Vampire lord!)


Edit: GECK - Papyrus Script Editor Although the only script I wrote for Skyrim is ten lines long...

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Mod Cleaning and "Dirty" Mods


Nobody likes a "dirty" mod! We're not talking about nudes or racy language. We're talking about mods with errors in them.


There are third-party programs aplenty to “clean” a dirty mod, but I’m not a fan of using any more programs than I absolutely must.


Therefore, I prefer to clean a dirty mod with the Creation Kit itself. It's also the easiest way to clean a mod, because the CK is already in place, and has all the information for your game, and your mod.


A lot of people think that’s hard, or ineffective, but it’s not. After all, Bethesda itself uses what’s basically the CK to give us our games.


First, what’s a dirty mod?


It’s a mod that contains changes that the modder didn’t really want. For instance, some tutorials will tell you to “Click on something you like in this cell, and duplicate it, then move it to your cell.”


The trouble with that is, it puts a Change Flag on the item even though you did nothing but click “Duplicate”.


If you accidentally move something in another cell -- an item, a marker, a navmesh triangle -- then again, you have changed it, and it’s flagged. This is true even if you edit the item and restore it to its exact original value.


Basically, any change a modder doesn’t really want, is considered “dirt”.


And, of course, people don’t like dirty mods. They don’t want strange little changes, or even big major changes which may make something unusable, or may alter how it looks or acts.


Therefore, it’s a good idea to clean your mod not only as you make it, but before you release it.


Click the Spoiler button to learn how.




1.) Make a backup copy of your ESP. Put the backup somewhere other than your Skyrim > Data folder, so it stays safe, just in case something dreadful goes wrong.


2.) Start up the CK.


3.) Click the File dropdown, and select Data. Double-click Skyrim.ESM to check mark it, and double-click the mod to be cleaned to check mark it as well.


4.) Set the mod to be cleaned as the ACTIVE FILE.


5.) Click the Details button.




6.) Give the CK a moment to load the details for the mod to be cleaned. Once it has done so, you’ll need to stretch the window out a little, because the default size is pretty small. Once you’ve enlarged the window, look at the column headings. Some of them are squished together, so open them up a little. That way you can read them. Click the FORM column to sort the details most effectively.




7.) Now, look for the changed items. The change flag is an asterisk - * - and it’s sometimes referred to as The Asterisk Of Doom. It’s also referred to by other names, but this is a kid-friendly post.


8.) When you’ve located the UNWANTED change, highlight it. Then hit the DELETE key on your keyboard.




9.) You’ll get a popper that warns you that you’re about to ignore something, and asking you if you want to proceed. Click YES.


10.) Do this for all the unwanted changes. If you later decide you want to un-clean a change, just do the same process. Find it, highlight it, hit Delete, and click Yes.




11.) Close the Details window, then load the mod, and then Save it.


12.) Close the CK, so that all temporary caches clear. Restart it, then load the mod and go to work as usual.



The Short Version:


Select the “dirty” mod.

Check-mark it and set it as Active.

Click Details. Sort by Form to find the unwanted change.

Highlight the unwanted change, hit Delete on the keyboard, click Yes.

Load the cleaned mod, then save the cleaned mod.


This is the safest, most accurate way to clean a mod, but remember, you MUST have the plugin itself check-marked and set as Active. Remember also, don’t clean a “cell”, just clean the items IN the cell that were changed.

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...you'll see that I said I'd like to COLLECT things here, not for my sole use, but for others to use and for anyone who wants it to have a quick-reference that's as up to date as I can keep it...


Did it not occur to you that a lot of people like/prefer video tutorials ?


Perhaps video tutorials would be more popular if one could understand the vocal content. Personally I try to avoid them since most of those which I have "attempted" to view have been totally unintelligible.

It appears that the speakers, generally not totally, fear that they are going to run out of time and be unable to say all they wish. Many run all of the words into one long inconsequential sentence which is, to say the least, annoying to those attempting to decipher them. As a child I was taught to speak "clearly and distinctly" an all-too often neglected lesson these days. I often have to tell my grandchildren to "slow down, you are gabbling".

Perhaps those who make video tutorials should study the problem which is often also a characteristic of television persons.

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Sorry I'm a newbie and I would like to know if there's a tutorial for making compatibility patches between an armor mod and say some overhaul such as Skyre? I would really like to make some armor mods compatible with that mod but the short tutorial that is included doesn't really help me get started :< For example it says


''If the armor mod contains anything that should be tied to "Leathercraft", also load SkyRe-Main.''


I don't even know what leathercraft means in this case and how I know if an armor mod is tied to such?

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You would have to know how Skyre changes the base game. If it changes the smithing perks in such a way that mod armors based on the stock smithing perks for crafting can't be crafted or would require a perk that doesn't make sense then such an armor mod would need to be made compatible.


When it says to also load Skyre-Main. It is saying to include Skyre-Main in the list of masters for the compatibility patch that you are wanting to make, when you start up the Creation Kit. If Skyre-Main is an ESP file rather than an ESM file then there is a tutorial in this thread (and it should be linked on the first post) that will walk you thru making the ESP file a temporary master so that you can use it in the Creation Kit as a master for a compatibility patch.


In the case of an armor mod I would think that all you may need to do is adjust the associated perk for the crafting recipe. But I could be mistaken as I do not use Skyre.

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