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Tutorials WITHOUT "youtoob"


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its the same. Creationkit.com has the commands for that.

You just open the console and put your mouse on your new follower and use its reference id.


When I had a follower from the vanilla game, she would not show up after following so I just used

the moveto command using her reference id and it works like a charm.


If you don't like using reference ids all the time put it in a text file in the game directory

Name of script something like "Follower1Teleport.txt"


IN the text file:

"reference ID".moveto player


In the console:

Bat Follower1Teleport

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Does anyone have basic quest tutorials? Nearly every single quest tutorial I find rather from google or youtube are nearly always "get quest from npc / objective to kill someone / kill that person / return to npc"


I'm looking for basic simple quests say like

Starting from a book/item/activator/walking into a trigger

Find an item in the world

Go to a location

Add map marker to map "I'll mark it on your map" kinda deals. or auto add when you pick up something.


I've tried looking at existing quests that do the above and can't wrap my mind around all the quest windows and what does what.

I don't think I've yet seen any tutorials on quests that isn't 'get quest from npc' and then 'go kill someone". Think even the CK wiki just has that kind of quest for a tutorial.

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Creating Dragon Priest Busts

It is assumed that the reader has basic understanding of how the creation kit works.


Dragon Mask Busts are different from Dragon Claws. While dragon claws are either enabled/disabled, the mask busts themselves has two different animation-states. What this means is that the busts either displays an empty bust or a bust with a mask attached, depending on which animation-state they are currently in. As such, you don't need to place any fake masks like you did with the dragon claws.


Adding Dragon Priest Mask Busts is a lot more simple than Dragon Claws; all you really need to do is copy-paste them and modify the script properties.


- In the Cell View Window, open up LabyrinthianPriestSanctuary.


- Make sure markers are turned on; Highlight the render window and press 'M'. This will toogle markers on/off, so if things appear you just enabled markers. If stuff disappears, press 'M' again.


- To make the copying process easier, we're gonna hide a bunch of stuff in the cell. This is done by selecting object(s) in the render window and double-tapping '1'. You want to hide pretty much everything but the nine busts and their corresponding trigger box (eight red boxes and one orange). Once you feel like you've hidden enough continue to the next step.


- Select every bust and their trigger box, either by dragging your mouse while holding down the left mouse button, or by holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking each object once. Once the 18 objects are selected, press Ctrl+C.


- Change cell to your house. Move to where you want your busts and press Ctrl+V. A copy of everything you copied should appear. Move the busts to a desired position, make it look nice. Don't forget to move the trigger box as well!


- To prevent potential bugs, we must first modify the script properties of the red trigger boxes (i.e all the ones but Konariks). Double click the trigger boxes in the render window, then navigate to the scripts tab. There should be a script called "dunLabyrinthianMaskBustSCRIPT" in the list. Right click and select edit properties. Find the myIndex-variable in the list and change its value to -1. Press OK. Press OK. Do this for all the red boxes.


- Double click the orange trigger box (Konariks bust trigger). Again, navigate to the scripts tab. Right click the script in the list and select edit properties. Click the myBustActivator in the list. Press the "Select Reference in Render window"-button. Your mouse cursor is now transformed into a cross. Double-click the Bust of Konariks mask. Press OK. Press OK.


- Save.


Thats it! You should now have working busts.


Heya thanks for this tutorial. It works just as it should.

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When one creates a new worldspace, and inside that space is a custom player home and one follows this tutorial will the spouse and children show up in the worldspace or is there anything else extra to be added?

Not entirely sure what you're asking --


Do you mean does the NPC you married come there? (Or the kids you adopted) Yes, from what I can tell. But remember, you have to give them time to move there. I don't think it's instant.

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Can I get some help with script?
What I want: a script that will allow the npc I created to be my follower after certain point in dialogue.
What I did:
-made npc, added current/potential factions in faction tab, set the value of currentfollowerfaction to -1, added npc to the world
- I wanted to use the script which allows you to get Faendal (or Sven or Mjoll; they're the same I think) as follower
- made a dialogue, another script sets the stage of quest

- added script to this stage:

;player gets Deriael as follower
Alias_IFModDeriaelAlias1.GetActorRef().SetRelationshipRank(Game.GetPlayer(), 3)
- it compiles without errors
- When I go to game, and select the dialogue option, nothing happens and I can't talk to that npc again

What could be the problem?
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