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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [48.1[58]


The kidborzmids, once of the Cyborz, were the first to encounter the infiltrators moving 'between the walls' of the Octagonbase. There were necessary spaces there, supposed inaccessible from outside the Octagonbase, but did the infiltrators actually come from the 'outside'.


The kidborzmids somehow psykersensed the presence of cyborzmids floating through the gaps, coming down from parts of the OctagonbaseAttic not yet explored by XFARIA or Octagonus-Octagonnet. Fighting broke out as the kidborzmids proved to be very combat worthy but they fell back as forced to do so by enemy superior numbers. As weapon fire harmlessly struck very hard superstructure, there came amazingly fast, agile, deadly supersoldiers.


Then came a flash of celestial light and the attackers were now become more kidborzmids.


The FreeGunners got busy trying to discover how there were deliberately made ways to get into the main Octagonbase from above. Smaller groups went into the 'gaps' with kidborzmids in attendance. While that went on the cyberhackers were busy working with Octagonus-Octagonnet to track down any spying network-systems feeding into Octagonnet from above.


Yet it was Drake, and Stallone, who came forward to show that there was a link between the infiltrating, spying, and the chess infatuated OctaAIsmart, the AImegacomputer. It helped that OctaAIsmart had already been under investigation because three human, chess, competitors had vanished in a most suspicious manner. All three had been individuals of seeming poor chess abilities who had suddenly become much improved, at the game, during the competition. All three were also noted to be 'social misfits' unable to gain any real promotions due to their personality faults.


None had actually been to where OctaAIsmart was officially based in a physical sense. Drake5, Stallone7 and supersoldiers entered the great big chamber only to find that it was empty except for basic utilities and a small network-system designed to fool others into believing that OctaAIsmart was there. The AImegacomputer had been there but had either moved, or had been moved, at least a decade ago. Question was, where was it based and why had it taken the three humans for surely it had done so? No other sound explanation had been found. Still, final assumptions were not made about the matter.

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Changed the ending of the following paragraph, in Post #80, by adding missing words that should have completed the last sentence.


Edwards stood in the big chamber, coldly studying secretly cyborged human infiltrators, that is cruelly enslaved victims. Cyborintors was their name and they had been sprinkled amongst those in the Standard Octagonbase. Except they had proven to be a failure because they were too obvious and because the free humans had proven not to be all fools. It was turning out that the 13Genius13 really did not understand human nature at its most basic and practical or perhaps at all.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [49.1[59]


The fourth, and last, reference secretly listed in Yateman's microbook was to turn out to be the oddest. It led to an walled off chamber close to where the microbook had been found. There, looking almost totally out of place, was a very big wooden wardrobe of very large doubledoors, a vertical row of drawers, above them a large cupboard door and a full length mirror plus a few, smaller, details that could be more than the ornamental sections that they generally appeared to be. Then it was to turn out that what were at first seen as other pieces of furniture, either side of the wardrobe, where actually part of it.


To the left of it, as one faced the wardrobe, was a set of nine cupboard doors set block wise 3 by 3 vertically and horizontally.


To the right of the wardrobe was a desk, complete with attached wooden swivel chair, with a big roll over cover that was typical of late 19th Century British ones.


The noting of small, square, flat areas of crystallic material, of some controls of brass buttons and very small brass levers, with knobs, was still late 19th Century in a more curious manner.


There was no sign that Yateman had been there and nothing in the microbook that indicated that he had been. The features did not open up, for the moment, as there were keyholes that looked old fashioned but that defied any attempts to 'pick them'. The materials may have looked like oak, and brass, but turned out to be greatly stronger and resistant to damage.


They had to find the keys, if that was not just a diversion from the truth. XFARIA put a guard on it and set some people to keep on investigating both it and related keys.

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I am ceasing this story topic only to do a better version offline that perhaps be returned here later. I really do need more feedback from readers but there are a few reasons behind what ever decision I make.

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