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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [42.2[51]


Aeioun stated that he was a Demicelestial being of a species that served the Hicelestials as lower celestial followers and that the name was indeed a pseudonym. He had been exiled to Newmadd because he had helped to create the Aeiou and that he had not done a very good job in doing so. The Aeiou had gone on to carry out a growing pattern of criminal insanity most forced by an extreme large minority of priests.


They had constantly angered CelestiOnoyes and it had culminated in them demanding that RainbowTinzi be sacrificed to the Celestibaby's greatness. It was then that CelestiOnoyes had struck with incredible power at the home realm of the Aeiou. Aeioun had barely managed to escape but had then been diverted, by the Celestijudges, to be exiled to the grueling, every day horror, of Newmadd.


All, of those there, were shocked and angry; they had not expected that even such as the Aeiou would carry out such an extremely foolish, and dangerous, act.


Last of all, on those pages. Aeioun admitted that while he suspected an evil, subtle, force had manipulated the most insane, of the Aeiou, that he did not know the identity of that 'force'.

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[1.2] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Going Down to the Octagon [43.1[52]


The metallaworms swarmed towards the great digging machine and the people who sheltered there even as the SeekaOrder arrived in force to quickly take it over. The locals would have been unhappy except that they welcomed the protection against the metallaworms that would devour their home and force them to seek a new one.


The closer the menace came, the bigger the stream of refugees grew of which a few were as exotic as the metallaworms. Big landboats, and even bigger landships, wheeled past as their engines, or motors, drove them forward. They were seeking ways to leave that tunnel, to go into diverting ones, for the metallaworms tended not to change course once set to going in a particular direction or following a tunnel. Another way was to hide away behind non metal barriers or in other ways.


The Seekars sent Seekascouts out to observe the oncoming, metal munching, monsters from a hopefully safe distance. This was not difficult as the quasiliving entities did not move very quickly. Then the Seekars gained useful, surprising, data not from their own people but from a refugee photographer. The woman sold, to the Seekars, a set of slightly blurry photographs of a metallaworm that was at least twice as big as any other but even odder it had some kind of armoured gondola on top. It appeared that in that non metallic structure were those who were somehow controlling the metallaworms.


New plans had to be made at once and older ones changed or even discarded.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagon Challenges [44.1[53]


A second reference, found in Yateman's microbook, was a map of the Octagonbase that highlighted a series of locations that otherwise would not have seemed important. XFARFIATeam3 teams sent to investigate discovered small, well concealed, caches of an odd array of exotic devices of difficult to define purpose. They took them to the XFARIATeam3 investigations chamber.


The mysterious Rainbowman was there, now, to assist the investigation with his few special abilities, fewer exotic abilities and enhanced general abilities. His special abilities, he admitted, came from being one-as-169-almost-as-one. The Rainbowman aspects were not really 'men' at all but could take up a wide range of outer shapeforms, the shapes being outer aspects and the forms being inner ones. They were always busy or taking care of their needs.


The Rainbowman confessed that they generally pretended to be peoples of the Octagonbase including members of the XFARIA but not in any specific, individual, based way. In that manner they had assisted XFARIA, Octagonnet, Octagonus, CelestiOnoyes, RainbowTinzi and others, not all being named.


The array of items were relatively few in number and were mostly in the same types. There were softly glowing Celestiballs being 3m3 in dimensions and softly glowing Rainbowballs of 1m3 in dimensions. There were Celesticubes, and Rainbowcubes, of the same relative measurements. Apart from those two large minorities, of the items, that made up a majority, there were fewer pyramids along with capsules, saucers and a relatively small minority of odd shaped items. Of that small minority some items were grey shaded greyscale, black or of other colours being one to many of them.


The Rainbowman spoke. "The globes are transdimensional containers, the cubes are mechanisms, the pyramids are devices that are tuned to the exotic babies, and the others serve a wide variety of other purposes."


It was Drake who spoke to the empty air. "Cheekychops celestial, and rainbow, do you want the pyramids to use now?"


Rainbowman smiled. "One will assist that operation as will the Celestiman as one-as-39-almost-as-one. As CelestiOnoyes becomes more healed, reeneregised, and willing to face her often terrible past, she has wanted more to put resources into use that are related to those dark times. There is nothing wrong with the Celestipyramids or the Rainbowpyramids that will assist the two and they will now assist others more greatly, of the Octagonbase."


So it was that all of the amazing pyramids shimmered and vanished away instantly.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagon Challenges [44.2[54]


The globes were teleported to a bigger chamber and the cubes to yet another big one. They would be dealt with later as the current focus fell upon the odd minority.


The three greyscale saucers held, transdimensionally, truly massive greyalien dominationships big enough each to hold great fleets of less massive masterships, lordaships, battlesaucers and other kinds of vessels, plus great carriertrailers to be pulled through space, of the dreaded Greyyari. Higher castes were found in more central spaces, mid level castes to one side of them and expendable lowest castes clustered together in their own saucers. These were teleported to Section13/01 of highest secrecy where they went into Subsection13/01a of 'special securing'. The Rainbowman admitted that he was not at liberty to speak any real details of that section let that what was stored in that subsection.


A black, oblong shape, was sent to a secret destination as were all such pitch black items.


A yellow, smoothed out banana, shape proved to contain lots, and lots, of dancing banana entities that were sent to CelestiRainbowHome. They could-would do more than do crazy, wiggly, dances for the entertainment of all 'discerning audiences'.


A baker's dozen (13) of yellow, blue, green patterned globular shapes that had been flattened 'just a little' proved to be full of a great variety of florafauna being flora, fauna and other lifeforms. They went to the CelestiRainbowCheckzone where they would be carefully checked over by the Celestiman and then CelestiOnoyes would decide what happened to who with the guidance of older, wiser, Celestigoddesses and Celestigods.


Fifteen multicoloured, two shape melded, transdimensional globecubes held in them a truly huge amount of 'mortal, immortal, type items given over to longer term, very careful, long term extraction and decision making.


Then there were the Celestirainthings as created by both CelestiOnoyes and RainbowTinzi together with the Celestibaby putting in most of the resources while pretending otherwise to greatly please RainbowTinzi even though the smaller figure suspected the truth. They were to turn out to be largely of a mixed blessing.


The last items were monocoloured, multishaped and multiple varied in other ways as would be hopefully learned by the investigation of them by a subteam of XFARIAteam3a.

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Have simplified certain numbering systems. For example Fred13 is now just Fred or stated as Fred x13 while Fred01/13 is now just Fred01. My bad habit of over complicating matters needs to be kept in check and that is one way which positive feedback would assist both you readers and myself, so there!

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[1.3] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Trenchwar Troubles [45.1[55]


Rough skinned, metallic body-armoured, hulktants moved along long established trenches created long ago by armies with much more advanced tech including weapons. The superconcrete reinforcements had helped keep the trench networks up strong along with other factors. Local folks had learned, the hard way, not to attempt to scavenge the Trenchzone thanks to all the threats there including the more mysterious ones at the core of the Trenchzone; big strong hulktants were prone to superstition and so refused to go even near the 'Bad Feels Smells Bitter Place', the BadFSBPlace. The 'bitter' was hard to explain except as a deep, troubling, sense of something strange being there of brooding hostility.


The Ironsiders chose not to go there either, being also superstitious though being more prone to deny it than were the naively honest hulktants. Centuries old warning signs were soon being supplemented by newer ones. There were warnings in the form of sites never intended as such; a half melted war robot, or 'petrified' powerarma soldier like stone, fighters half emerged from superconcrete along with too much else of which most was unidentifiable but no less horrible for that.


The Blackgloites staid down in the area below the Trenchzone proper and the mutageltants staid away from down there. Ironsiders moved through tunnels, chambers, often using flamers-lasers to burn the bizarre foes of blackglolings, blackglonoids and blackglomans. The tunnels, chambers, and other spaces were well reinforced as were the trenches above. The enemy fought with deadly rayguns that occasionally exploded, killing the user, except the blackglomans; wearing their vaguely WW2 gear, they kept on utilising the same style of weapons. The Ironsiders were to realise that when the blackglomans were closer, to the blackglolings, that they were harder to damage and did not need to reload their guns, that it was somehow done for them.


While the hulktants could be foolishly zealous, with their slippipeguns and big melee weapons, they were happier to take on the Scitecher military than they were the 'icky stinky blacky' blackglothings. The alliance between SuperMarshal Smashbang's HardSmash Faction, and the Blackgloites was only in effect because both were serving a highly secretive other, as mercenaries, but small clashes took place between the two.


SuperMarshal Smashbang disliked the whole situation and had apposed the idea back in ShelterkerCR878D1, where there were many kinds of mutageltants being in factions or factionless. SuperLord Boombang sneeringly overridden Smashbang's concerns because he feared the far more popular marshal but also because the faction was much in need of necessary resources. Another reason was that the mysterious contractor had provided the HardSmash Faction with a large amount of resources as an early payment while promising twice as much to come later.


As fighting remained stalemated, Smashbang was painfully aware that it was difficult to fully utilise his fewer, larger noidtants being much bigger than the more common noidtant hulktants, minor zytants and other, smaller versions, of the type mutageltants in the Trenchzone. So the 'biggers' fought mainly in the urban areas to the sides of the trenches where they tried not to be too clumsy or obvious.


Nor was Smashbang happy about the lack of information from the mysterious contractor. The Ironsiders were simply dealing with the hostile mutageltants, and Blackgloites; in contrast why were the mutageltants there or the Blackgloites hiding away from the sunlight; or was that the only reason they staid down below the trenches because they could come up at night but did not do so.


Did the Blackgloites also fear the more central, octagon shaped, sector of the Trenchzone?

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Created the name 'Centralian Ordered Chaos' for Story #1 but when this does not apply, as in 0.0 Episodes, the first name is that of the Novel being 'Fate of the Warworld'.


Of the starting numbers the first is the name of the novel or the story and the second the story stream as in 1.1 being the first '1' meaning Story #1 and the second '1' being the first consistently focused story stream.

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[1.3] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagon Challenges [46.1[56]


XFARIA took over the OctagonbaseAttic, as it was soon being called, along with Octagonus-Octagonnet. At this time there began a schism between the OctagonGovernment and XFARIA because there were arising in the OctagonGovernment some overly ambitious politicians and bureaucrats. Except that the OctagonGovernment was soon confined to working in areas of the CelestiRainbowWorld outside of the CelestiRainbowHome. CelestiOnoyes would have it no other way and XFARIA supported her. So rose the OctagonRepublic being semiautonomous to the new Octagonbase Leadership Council. That seemed to please the OctagonGovernment but XFARIA, having much experience with ambitious individuals and factions, decided to keep an eye on them anyway.

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[1.3] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagon Challenges [47.1[57]


The third reference, in the Yateman microbook list as linked to the XFARIA Archives, turned out to be a break through as it revealed maps to two, previously concealed, networks. One was an advanced one above the regular levels of the Octagonbase and was stated as the Attic Network. The other was truly ancient, having been there long before the Octagonbase, and that was the Basement Network.


The Attic Network had been created years after the main Octagonbase was finished. It was destroyed, and then replaced, as an advanced version of its old self but that seemed to be true of much of the Greater Octagon. As Octagonus-Octagonnet carefully infiltrated the Attic Networks, they gained no real resistance as they full activated semiactive network-systems. The reason, for the Attic Network, seemed to be an obvious one at first; that is it was an 'oversight' zone for direction, coordination and supervision of the rest of the Octagonbase below.


Like the Octagonbase, the Attic Network was actually octagon shaped.


Edward04 led a team into the first of the special sections, that perhaps should have been heavily secured but which was not. He was not the only one to be disturbed, even angry, but what he found there. There had been an elite of scientists and those who had supported them being code named the 13Octagon13. They had been secretly guiding the various projects, below, had been using sophisticated network-systems to spy on everybody including Octagonus-Octagonnet doing so through a powerful, but enslaved, AIsupercomputer centered network-system called Octagonnest. The 13Octagon13 were a deep mystery with no data found on them but they tended to be most involved with the deepest, darkest, research development projects. Yet Yateman noted, briefly, in his microbook that they were not just linked to the 13Genius13 but were 'of them'.


Edwards stood in the big chamber, coldly studying secretly cyborged human infiltrators, that is cruelly enslaved victims. Cyborintors was their name and they had been sprinkled amongst those in the Standard Octagonbase. Except they had proven to be a failure because they were too obvious and because the free humans had proven not to be all fools. It was proving that the 13Genius13 really did not understand human nature at its most basic and practical or perhaps at all.


The Cyborgmans Project had switched to created not so secretive soldiers, workers and other categories. They would work together in groups based on the number '13' and the metallic colour codes of gold, silver and copper. Other types of 'Cyborgers' were being developed such as cyborgnoids, cyborgdogs and cyborgmechs.


Other projects were to do with a series of deadly superviruses, superdrugs, superparasites and superbacteria under the general label of 'superorganisms'. None of the labels gave away any real information but that was no accident.


Yet the most troubling projects were the vaguest. There was the one called 'Superlife' that appeared to be linked with increased lifespan as in immortality but also in enhancement of abilities to the level of 'superhuman'. The enhancements included psychic-psyker abilities, greater immunity to NBC (nuclear biological chemical) linked challenges and self regenerative healing along with resistance to powerful nonmortal entities. The last was even vaguer than the rest mentioning the 'inverted, infestated, livingdead, and other poorly explained categories including the 'celestial'.


A great deal of data had been destroyed but then had been returned to existence. This was thanks to CelestiOnoyes even if she had not been fully aware of the results of her actions. With the help of other Celestials, she had created a new home for herself and RainbowTinzi along with their followings. Everything else, at the time, was not important to her but now she was getting curious.

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