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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [27.1[31]


Reynes, as her own first team, more directly assisted both CelestiOnoyes and RainbowTinzi in the newly renamed CelestiRainbowHome that was a changed, doubled, realm once being only for RainbowTinzi. ReynesEoros, ReynesFasni and ReynesGatta were always there while ReynesBaono was sometimes there and sometimes with ReynesAsnoe in the ReynesCentre as it was now being called.


The big chamber was now a small home realm, beautiful and lightly populated in about half of it. People had begun to seemingly return from the dead but in truth did were brought forth from the moment of possible death, being still alive. It was neither of the 'special babies' that did this but something beyond mortal comprehension that they were still learning the basics of.


ReynesEoros held a small, glowing, Rainbowbaby figure to herself who was sleeping. The SangaScavvers had been out scavenging through an ever changing area set up just for them to seek out goodies in; it was the challenging, but not dangerous, SangaZone. They were pleased to seek out items for the 'wonder babies' including the Babbabs, for themselves but also to trade with at the markets at the new Rainbowtown.


More baby like avatars were active in the chamber, either rainbow or glowing white light. They were always curious, when not sleeping or resting in special floating bubbles. They loved the animals and only lightly annoyed some of them now and then. Humans were there along with animans, androids of the mandroid (manufactured android) kind and a growing number of other types of entities being mostly humanoids.


Reynes was helping, in her own way, the wonder babies become more confident and at ease with what they had experienced while slowly-steadily learning what that was. A second team was in the OctagonZoo helping to deal with FactorX, in the form it took there, along with the scientific team focusing on that. The third team was always going from smaller task to smaller task but could back up either of the others if necessary.


ReynesEoros spoke to the Rainbowbaby avatar. "Gosh, so you are all Avtartari Celestia and Rainbowia for your primary bodies are too big, too powerful and too wonderful to be in any mortal realm."


RainbowEcci nodded solemnly. "Yes, that is true, very true, very very true." Then she chortled. "Much too wonderful! Me likes that and so does CelestiOnoyes. We are glad Reynes is now Reynes13. We would have you be more but your mortal foundation would not allow it with out lots of stuff stuff being done. It is safer, better, to be just Reynes13."


ReynesEoros nodded. "I agree, at least for now. I might get strong enough to add another 27 selves."


The rainbow avatar smiled. "You can already, as temporary avatars. CelestiOnoyes is worried about FactorX though not in the OctagonZoo where she knows it will be cleansed except for carefully confined, and cared for, samples. She worries about how it is influencing the Warworld and its people along with others of the MultiWorld that she was tricked into helping to create. CelestiOnoyes is also concerned about what is in the Greater Octagon, outside of the Octagonbase."

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [27.2[32]


The Reynes Aspect nodded right back. "Considering what attacked the Octagonbase, just as a testing assault, she does not have good reason to be concerned but I suspect she does not fear poor little puppets now changed to be of happy service as celestilings, rainbowlings and octagonlings; I have heard they have been reproducing, in their own way."


As if to prove the point, a big rainbowling drifted gracefully past with very much smaller ones following her, upside down teardrop like shape, closely.


RainbowEcci nodded. "We fear darker, harder, things but we do not know the identities and nature of them all. Look, Octagonus has sent some of his grandchildren clones for a visit here."


The stocky little figures were about a metre tall each and were a mixture of male, female and neuter. They were walking with ReynesFasni being also of the Reynes First Team. The two Reynes looked briefly into each other eyes and that was enough for they kept on doing their current tasks.


ReynesEoros smiled. "ReynesFasni loves you both very much! Do the wonderful babies speak of everything?"


RainbowEcci gave out a melodramatic sigh. "Me don't say everything to you lot, of wonderfuls, and CelestiOnoyes does not say everything to me or you. The Octagonbase Section, where the OctagonZoo is, search it more. Have Reynes Team Three do so."


Sensing that RainbowTinzi had taken a risk, but not a big one, in giving over that clue, Reynes13 took it on board with out asking any more questions of the rainbow avatar. Or at least not focused on that subject. Instead, for a while, they had a humerous conversation about rainbow farts.

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Have changed 'Octagon Challenges' to 'Octagonbase Challenges'.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [28.1[33]


The grey hoodrobed figure paced with unusual speed, and quiet, through a secondary passage of the Octagonbase. His face was masked and he otherwise concealed all of his features. He moved in a hurry, moving steadily towards a secondary door so as to allow more infiltrators into the Octagonbase. He grinned to himself, a hidden grin, for it had been so very easy.


It was clear to him that nobody had even suspected the truth that he was not the real Allan Yateman. He considered himself much smarter, more cunning, than that fool had ever been.


There was the sound of three heavy, quiet, 'thump' noises and the figure fell dead to the hard superconcrete floor. The real Allan Yateman, who had not appeared at the meeting but about an hour earlier than that, stepped into view. With him came 13 splinterclones as supersoldiers.


None of them were surprised when the hoodrobe collapsed as it, and other gear, was abandoned by a disintegrating body of what had been a kind of solid projection of a delusion and even self delusion. It had to be a powerful, dark, entity who could do such but also one of not much wisdom, or common sense, who would do so.


Allan spoke. "I have only a general idea of who-what was behind that nasty little trick but I suspect it was either one of the 13Genius13 or formerly of them; it is the sort of trick that they too often get up to. Where the 13Genius13 are, the Geneg will be in all of its forms be that the 1Geneg1 organisation or the various orders that serve them through it. There is one who has buried deep inside himself the strongly possible truth to what the 13G13 are up to if they are down here in the Octagon and that is Edward the supergenius."


The 13 splinterclones raised their guns and sprayed the figure with bullets. Allan Yateman was real but only as one aspect of 13 of himself. He was the real threat who had attempted to convince those, in the Octagonbase, that he was on their side. The actual Yateman was a monster and he had not come close to fooling many of those in the Octagonbase, especially not Edward who knew him too well for that.


Perhaps they could have risked him remaining there so as to gain answers to why he was there; CelestiOnoyes would not have him remain alive either in or outside of the Octagonbase; for she had somehow been hurt by him though the Celestibaby was reluctant to say how that was.

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[1.2] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Going Down to the Octagon [28.1[33]


Seekaoptats dressed in mixed, local type, Subworlder type gear of the subfolk that dwelled there as general types of 'normies' be that the settled, the seminomadic, the nomadic or even more firmly established settlers. Of the others even the settled ended up moving every so often such was the ever changing conditions of the multiple featured Subworld. Seekaoptats did not pretend, foolishly, to be locals but they used a fake identity as mercenaries from the Midworld of low sky, surface and less deep subsurface. They moved carefully, sometimes buying local information, being forced to refuse work because they 'were already contracted' to recon the Subworld.


In a great artinatural (hybrid artificial natural) they halted at a settled town ever ready to move on as a whole. A great monster, of a Predoomsday drilling tunneling machine, was the basis of the town who dwelt in its very large work force base. The work force were long gone except for some few bits of unlooted stuff. Perhaps they had attempted to return to the Midworld or perhaps had become ancestors of the current Subworlders; more likely they had perished or had turned into monsters.


In Drillertown, in a large tavern like establishment that had once been a cafeteria, the 15 Seekaoptats sat at two tables that were fairly close to each other. Sarad, the commander of the Seekaoptats, was back at the lastly placed temporary base. There was one other Seekaoptat squad13+ out there, in the Subworld, but also Seekascouts and Seekarangers. The false mercenary name was the FuriousFaters.


Lieutenant Askena, of that squad13+, noted that the customers were mostly citizens of that town. They were largely subfolk humans adapted to subterranean existence with the benefit of suncrystal growths cultivated across very high ceilings and glowcrystal across lower ones. It was said that such illuminicrystal had been gained from a very different kind of alternate world where geography was very alien to that of the Predoomsday world; then it had been adapted, along with other types of quasicrystal, to being safely useful on-in the OldEarth.


The electricity network-systems worked in Drillertown due largely to solar power panels working off suncrystal provided sunlight. The fusion reactor generators had been off line for over a century.


The tall, sexually attractive, elegant, woman sat down at the table where she studied Askena with hard cool eyes. Askena, as a man, had met her kind before of very tough local folk who had endured much hardship in their pasts. "You mercenaries, from the Midworld, have been asking plenty of questions including of the kind that make us subfolk nervous. You appear to want to know about the Octagon that is said to be a huge underground fortress of darkest secrets and fabulous supertech troves. You would be far from the first to foolishly sake out that place. It would be better if you turned around and went back to the safety of the surface."


Askena snorted. "The 'surface' is no more safer than down here is or at least not generally so. We are the FuriousFaters, mercenaries hired to ask certain questions and to gain hopefully useful answers. We are being paid generously, half having been paid up front, to carry out this mission but we do not know the identity of those who contracted us; we dealt with a half way faction set up to deal with such contracting. We, personally, have no intention of going to the Octagon."


The woman suddenly smiled richly. "Signas Coda 4512. Very well done, lieutenant. I am of the infamous IronsSextups. You will call me Maida, which of course is not my real name. We need to remain here in the Octagon for some days to come, to learn more about the situation here such as why the locals consider it to be too unsafe to be a permanent settlement. There have been whispers of there being at least three secretive factions, apart from our own, interested in taking over this mighty monster."


The Seekaoptat officer knew better to ask any foolish questions. Instead he just nodded. "What of the metallaworms, the eaters of metal, that are said to be slowly-steadily migrating through one level of the Subworld?"


Maida sighed. "The metallaworms will most likely be the least of our concerns. The beer here is of good quality and so are the pies. I suggest we all partake of those and other fine cuisine that the locals have for offer. It turns out that I, all along, have been your contractor and that is how you will treat me. I even have documentation, on me, to prove it."


So it was decided but Maida was to be proven not so correct when it came to the danger presented by the metallaworms.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [28.1[33]

The general zoo, of Section06/08 with great museum, library, gallery and related subsections included the OctagonZoo as RainbowEcci as pointed it out. Reynes went there as four of herself being ReynesTeam3 including its teamleader. They found themselves guided, subtly, by the standards of CelestiOnoyes, who was the one doing the guiding.


In a big enclosure, of secluded nature, were humans busily living a life with lotech, and midtech, but apparently no hitech. Basic electric vehicles hummed quietly along asphalt streets where buildings were no more than nine levels high. There were wooden telephone booths, with glass panes. There were hand pumped, gravity feed, fuel bowsers.


Yet not all were humans of standard types with a few having mild distortions and a very few having more extreme ones. The Reynes could deepsense that a few humans were distorted in an internal, more hidden, fashion.


A woman rode a curious electric motorcycle along a street with a powerful shotgun at her back and a small boy put protectively in front of her.


ReynesDaque spoke, she being teamleader. "FactorX is effecting these people. See how nearly all the adults are openly armed with guns, knives and other weapons. Some are uniformed with body-armour. There is a sense of fear."


A pair of huge hounds, dangerous but also with faded scars from past fights, were led by a tough looking human handler; he kept taking turns at scratching each canine behind an ear, gaining a lick in return.


ReynesKoxor spoke in turn. "Barbwire topped fences, walls in the distance with guardtowers equipped with machineguns, wire netting above as if against dangerous flying creatures and other defences against attacks from above, from the side and perhaps even from underground."


A man was listening to underground with an odd device including headphones.


ReynesLayie then spoke. "Psychic defenses both passive and active. One can deepsense that activity but it is not visible as if hidden away."


It was getting darker and a mixture of electric lamps, and more powerful electric lighting, was going on.


ReynesMazat said. "We could go there and help but would need protection against FactorX starting with more information about what is going on in that place."


So it was decided!

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[0.1] Fate of the Warworld; Celestial Oversight [29.1[34]


CelestiEyeBetata continued to observe what was happening in the Octagonbase and to continuously report on it as an unbroken flow of impressions along with other data.


ReynesTeam3 focused on helping those in the Human Enclosure, of the OctagonZoo.


The number appearing from moment of death were increasing. Skilled, experienced, rejuvenated adults were joined by children of various ages including teenagers but also plants, animals, and other lifeforms. From moments, of destruction, appeared robots and androids, being also of different types and levels of sophistication.


CelestiOnoyes admitted that this was not her doing for she was just a Celestibaby of a Celestigoddess, just as the Rainbowbaby was a child Rainbowgoddess. No, the Greater Celestial Godhood was behind what was going on in her own amazingly wise and sublime fashion. Knowing this made her just a tad grumpy at times because she hated being 'left out'. That was until she was given a small role to play in the process from which she would learn and, of course, RainbowTinzi was included to avoid yet more grumpiness.


At this time the OctagonGuardia, of the Octagonbase, came into existence being responsible for defensive-aggressive protection of the base. It was soon expanding with different kinds of units and bigger departments having a wide range of humanoids and robots serving it. The OctagonSecuritia arose as did the OctagonServicia, the first being internal security services and the latter being service support for the base. The OctagonAuthority arose to direct, coordinate and supervise it and other services. All of this OctagonGovernment remained surprisingly efficient, honest and fair with only a relatively small bureaucracy needed.


XFARIA became firmly linked with the new OctagonGovernment but also officially separate from it with its independence and authority. The same was true for the Octagonnet and even more so with the Octagonus. As for CelestiOnoyes, and RainbowTinzi, along with their peoples, they had very little to do with the new governmental structure.


It was at this time that three more individuals volunteered to become 13-as-one-as-13. They were the supergenius Edward, the high authority Turner and the lethal Yvonne 'femme fatale'.


It was discovered that some of the members of the SangaScavvers were already multiplied as one being Shefemma the exotic android entity and Flowerfruitsi. With this general revelation, to the XFARIAns, came the truth of what had already been suspected, that none of the SangaScavvers were as they appeared to be on the surface.


The Seekars active, in Drillertown, continued to seek out important information about the infamous Octagon. With Maida's assistance, they discovered that there were three generally known of ways down to the Octagon but all were dangerous. At that time they discovered that the metallaworms threat was closer to that area than Maida had previously thought; it was a shock to locals for the metallaworm swarm had not been heading that way so what had made them change course? The metallaworms threat consisted of more than the great exotic creatures but also their parasites and those entities that hunted both of them.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [30.1[35]


With a series, of skirmishes, splinterclones fought Blackgloite intruders in the Octagonbase Rimzone. With out Shadowites, this time around, as enslaved expendable fighters, blackglolings came forward in the first waves. They did so with a strange mixture of outrage, fear and anger; the floating as glistening black, upside down, tentacled teardrops looked much like shadowlings but were much more lethal.


UVLaserguns did extra damage to the floating enemies, burning through them and sometimes igniting them into flames somehow hard to define for the defenders. UVlamps, devices previously not used as weapons, slowed down the blackglolings or even pushed them back.


There were psykers hidden amongst the supersoldiers, being superpsykers by their rankings and section titles, who picked up that the blackglolings were oddly upset that they had to risk their lives to fight. They saw it as their intrinsic right to have others take risks for them as expendables. Supersoldiers met this arrogant selfishness with blasts of firepower and superpsykers 'zapped' them with psionic bolts.


Flamethrowers lashed out at the enemy as raygun pulsebeams struck down only a few supersoldiers.


Four, of the now 13 Yvonnes, joined the fighting against the enemies as did androids, robots and guardsmans of the OctagonGuardia. That is Yvonne04 as teamleader along with Yvonne11, Yvonne12 and Yvonne13. They were soon to be using the same special secondary naming system, as put forward by Reynes, except that each name would start with 'Yvonne'.


Blackglonoids, of glistening black humanoids, with four tentacle-arms, joined the battle having with them the same kind of rayguns that the blackglolings used. They came in three assorted sizes being stronger the bigger, faster the smaller and harder to damage the bigger. Their weapons were more powerful, the bigger they were, be they rayguns or melee arms.


Yet the biggest surprise were blackglomans of Blackgloite human hybrids, being neuters at least there, of general human shapeform and with exotic platelets of body-armour including helmets, gloves and boots. They came with German WW2 type weapons of submachineguns, general purpose machineguns, bolt-action rifles, some autorifles and a few rocket-grenade launchers. The closer they got, the more it proved that the helmets were quite like WW2 German ones as were the jackboots. Yet there were some visible differences in the weapons, as in the armour.


The attacking forces were poorly coordinated, and controlled, as sometimes the different kind of attackers assaulted each other. Every time they did so, a brutal hidden presence stopped them and had them once again fighting along side each other instead of each other.


Just as fast as they began attacking, each enemy force was soon withdrawing once more giving the strong impression that these were both testing and diversionary attacks. They could easily have been final training missions as in taking place in actual battle conditions.


When the enemies died, what ever they be, not only they but their gear vanished away with shadow tinted sparkling shimmering effects; that is except for the German WW2 type weapons.


The attacks ceased as suddenly as they had begun!

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Notes: You do not need to read these as they are for my use to hopefully improve the story.


Saltis, the greatly freckled female, stood next to the lovely Monique who obviously knew she was gorgeous, who held the hand of short, thick glasses wearing, Tommytom. The three were tough looking teenagers but Tommytom was male.


There was, next to them, Hammis the big old hound dog, Smoogs the curious radmolerat, Beadybeads the large crow perched on Hammis, Tigerkitty the very large, extremely tough, 'housecat' and Trixit the odd nibblerclaw creature.


On the other side, of the teenagers, was a mature woman Marsha, a bold man Croops, and three identical triplet young women who were outfitted as fighters; they were Gina, Nina and Tina.


Apart from them were five, triple wheeled, Tricybies as robot like entities. They were Clipsie, Clapsie, Clopsie, Clamsie and Cluesie.


The last three were a floating, whirling rainbow, energy sphere (extremely exotic celestial!?), a silvery skinned woman figure almost naked in her appearance (a very exotic android!?) and a four legged creature of a strange plant animal hybrid (plantimal). They were Rainbodo, Shefemma and Flowerfruitsi.

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Forgot to name two twin fighting females of the SangaScavvers; changed them to triplets and then named them as Gina, Nina and Tina.


[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [31.1[36]


In the CelestiRainbowHome the SangaScavvers had spent much time sleeping, and healing, or at least the living and quasiliving ones had done so. The Tricybies were not truly robots but a kind of cyborg with interesting surprises at their well secured, hidden, cores. There had been a truly brutal battle as one celestial entity had tried attacking the SangaScavvers and another one had struck at the attacker. Both were Celestigoddesses being sisters to CelestiOnoyes but one of them was 'fallen of darkest temptation' and the other was loyal to their mother Celestigoddess being the matriarch of a Celestideity dynasty. The Celestigodhood had its own form of internal politics though they extremely different from that of mortal humans.


The SangaScavvers were ready to act once more in a strong fashion having gone through helpful changes.


Saltis stood beside Marsha and on the older looking woman's side was Monique while Tommytom also stood next to Saltis. Facing them were both the Rainbodo and a swirling, glowing, celestial sphere of CelestiOnoyes.


Saltis spoke. "Centuries ago you saved us SangaScavvers on Doomsday at the very center of a great, abrupt, vortex of energies and quasienergies. Doomsday, as Doomsday really was, was far more than one day in duration, but was impossible to measure in timespace or spacetime terms. I will become 1-as-13-almost-as-1 or do you want me to change in some other way?"


RainbowTinzi spoke both for CelestiOnoyes and herself after consulting with the Celestibaby. This was to be the pattern from then on. "Yes, you will be Saltis01 to Saltis13 but generally your name will stay as it is as 'Saltis' the big lovely cuddles."


Other original SangaScavvers were there, closer, while newer SangaScavver members were standing back or were busy elsewhere. That is except for the animals, both originals and newer ones, all sleeping with each other in the same area. The five Tricybies were semiactively recharging in a ring formation amongst the animals some of which were sleeping on top of the cyborgs.


One, of Shefemma, was there bearing witness and standing to the side of Tommytom; she was Shefemma01.


All 13 Flowerfruitsies were happily rooted into damp, fertile, soil in a big flowerbed right next to all of the animals where Shefemma02 sat peacefully and protectively.

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