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In Post #32 please read [0] Banjoboe Visiting and Helping [0.0[0]. I hope you enjoy doing so.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [37.1[43]


Drake had been busy working as a tall, wiry, woman investigator trying to gain more details of what Yateman had done while he was in the Octagonbase. Stallone, a shorter, stockier, figure of a man had been assisting her for some time. They were both excellent investigators with she being formerly security intelligence and he a police detective. The investigation had been going quietly, with nothing to show but evidence that Yateman had collected any information that he could that was cunningly fed to him.


In Yateman's private quarters was found, hidden away with false cunning, a microbook of a journal that had in it supposedly unbreakable coded notes. Specialists broke the code in just over an hour with some assistance from some very brilliant minds both organic and computer. Yateman soon proved again that he was a fool in putting the journal there with vital data or was the story so straight forward.


Stallone spoke even as Edward03 examined the microbook through a special optical device of basic electronic nature. "So it was a plea for help, a statement that he has been deeply enslaved of mind for decades."


Edward03 responded. "Yateman is a selfish monster but he always did love his independence most of all. At his very core, of being, he would truly hate being exploited, manipulated and considered very valuable but expendable as he describes himself being. Typically he still does not take any responsibility for what has happened to him though it is largely his own doing that got him there. Perhaps even he, at the very core, knows the truth of his own self defeating nature."


He shifted subjects. "He serves as part of the 13Genius13, being one of the HiGenius13s, or so he believes. I suspect that, deep down, he knows he lost that status a long time ago and that with the loss went his freedom. That is Yateman13 became then the expendable slave. The notes speak of a Jekyll13 being the highest of the HiGenius13s who is known as the UltGenius13, 'Ult' being for ultimate which shows no lack of hubris at all. Jekyll is linked with the terrible Jekyll-Hyde case of late 19th Century England that saw a good deal of death and destruction take place in the great city of London."


Edward03 aspect sighed very deeply. "The 13Genius13 have been around since Warday, at least, that ended WW3. They are linked to the Geneg that is not easily defined and deeply hidden in its true nature. Then there is the 1Geneg1 organisation and those that which serve it and the 13Genius13. XFARIA has only general knowledge on the 39Geneg39 and the 169Geneg169. What our archival data strongly suggests is that all these names are as much to misinform as to inform. Yateman wrote down here some very interesting reference numbers linked to particular archival xenodata files here in our most deeply secured archives. The Geneg has very interesting links to CelestiOnoyes and might explain why she had the splinterclones kill the Yateman aspect before we could question him properly. Somehow he was part of something that hurt the Celestibaby."


Then Edward03 showed surprise in his voice. "A short coded message, not heavily so, of a cleverly written poem that is an apology from Yateman to CelestiOnoyes for helping to betray and hurt her. The words show real remorse. This is not like Yateman at all. Most amazing!"


Which was when the microbook, and microbook reader, both shimmered and vanished away. CelestiOnoyes wanted a look, it seemed. It was no surprise, somehow, that she had been secretly observing what was going on. Seconds later the microbook, and device, returned with another shimmer. Nothing was changed in the microbook or so it appeared to be.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [38.1[44]


Stallone became Stallone x13 and Drake became Drake x13 so that they could better investigate further the 'Yateman Case'. Getting adjusted to the change meant the two, now two times 13, needed some time off, but others went on with the case. XFARIAteamA3 was created to carry out the investigating.


XFARIAteamA1 was already investigating FactorX, having been recently created, while XFARIAteamA2 kept helping the troubled, encapsulated, splinterclones. XFARIA was simply operating in the way that it had always done.


OctaAIsmart's chess competition continued in its first, orthodox, 2Dchess stage but the most any of the challengers could do was a stalemate but none won all three games in their session. So far none of the very best chess players had come forward to duel with OctaAIsmart. All of the best chess players, of the FreeGunners, had lost against OctaAIsmart but they were not the only ones that had done so.

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[1.3] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Trenchzone Troubles [39.1[45]


Skirmishes were nasty with powerarma troopers being blasted down, with hulking body-armoured humanoids being hurled back by explosive force even as zyclops beamed pulsating psyker energies from their third eyes, their normal eyes closed tight shut when this happened so they were not blinded. Mortar, and howitzer, fire attempted to drop shells into enemy trenches but were often thwarted by hard trench covers.


Urban combat was just as nasty either in the streets, laneways, yards in the buildings or even in spaces below them. A few places stopped the enemy just because they could not fit into those smaller spaces. Stuck hulktants got noisily frustrated and angry with fear of being caught out.


There was no foolish charging towards enemies as in 'over the top' of WW1. Fighters were better protected than those massacred infantry had been and could even less afford a war of attrition. Nor were there the mass barrages of WW1 for neither side had that kind of mass artillery, especially the hulktants.


Trenches were formerly built with amazing sturdiness and locals had not dared to disturb them thanks to landmines, boobytraps and unexploded ordinance with the exception of a small number tempting the edges as RiskScavvers. There were also more exotic threats in the Deep Trenchzone that even hardened locals dared only whisper of.


Ironsider SuperSherman battletanks thrummed lightly even as they carefully moved through the semiruins of OffWest GrandMall of Centropolis. SuperShermans had either one big autocannon, two smaller ones, four even smaller ones or six 12.7mm calibre heavy machineguns but newer types were emerging. Those machines were manufactured with ScitechCitadel facilities being upgraded-augmented with atomics systems, weaponry, armour and in other ways for they could hover at times moving as new Ironsidetanker units. Tronsiders came also in trimechas as Ironsidemechers that were smaller, more versatile, in the narrower streets of the area.


Luckily, in the urban areas the hulktants were proven to be clumsy urban fighters and the zytants there were of the types better at it but there were only relatively few of them compared to the big humanoids. Only the lack of Ironsider experience, except in SSSVR combat scenarios, slowed down the fighting Scitechers. Fighting savagery was also lessened because neither side could afford to lose too many valuable resources.


Gunfire erupted, again, in the distance as Ironsidetroopers struck at a clumsy hulking hulktant ambush before it could be triggered, driving back the big humanoids with the large slippipeguns. With those mutageltants were others such as hardjellyflesh zytants of differing kinds and mutahounds as massive hound dogs. Fighting went on in the Trenchzone that took up part of the GrandMall but which overlapped it in areas where destroyed buildings had been salvaged to reinforce trench fortifications or to built shelters for the fighters.

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[1.3] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Trenchzone Troubles [39.2[46]


In the decades, following the end of Doomsday, powerful factions had created the Trenchzone as a battleground and there had fought enemies. No real information remained of the GrandTrenchwar; that is except that in the end it had finished as a stalemate from which all fighting factions had withdrawn.


Yet it was what were fought in the Trenchzone beneath the trenches, the Trenchzonenels of the Trenchzone Tunnels, that was most strange. Blackgloites came fighting Ironsidetroopers as blackglolings, blackglonoids and blackglomans the last being with WW2 German type weapons. They were of the same kind that had attacked the Octagonbase but were they of the same faction?


The SuperShermans fought alongside fanjet lifted hovercraft of the Ironsidehoverjets while Ironsidegunners hurled shells and rockets from their mobile gun platforms. Ironsideflyers flew low to strike at the enemy mutageltants who, thankfully, did not have any good antiaircraft weapons. Ironsidetankers also used their traditional moduler battletanks that were smaller, faster, and lighter than the SuperShermans but also amphibious.


Trouble began for the Ironsider dartflyers when hulktants began using WW2 German weapons such as small antiaircraft quads of four 20mm calibre guns and general purpose machineguns of GPMGs. Again, thankfully, the hulktants never seemed to have enough of them to make a real difference. The Ironsideflyers kept making hell for the enemy but in no decisive fashion.


Despite all efforts of many types of combat units, on both sides, the current Trenchwar soon became a painful stalemate with only some movements of the front line in the Trenchzone proper or out in the Urbanwar areas.


The Democratic Central Republic, DCR, had sent its own military forces at first, being of the DCRGuard, but trouble at their homefront had forced them to retreat; with them went some Scitecher support.


Locals were often recruited as Auxiliaries and then trained, equipped and paid salaries. Only a few of those were fighters for mostly they were scouts, workers, farmers and other forms of supporter. ScitechTown was completed and opened for selected locals as well as Scitechfollowers (Scitecher Followers).

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Changed first part of numbering system from one numeral to two with a '.' in between. This is done for my sake as I work out matters for a main novel that I am writing but also for this writing when I export it and change it, in many ways, as I turn it into a novel.


Other posted episodes not just linked to any main story start with '0.0'.


Celestial Oversight posts are 0.1 as such always start with '0' but the '1' shows that it is linked with Story #1 that has no name, at least not for now.


Story #1 is divided into streams:

1.0 being Miscellaneous.

1.1 being Octagonbase Challenges.

1.2 being Going Down to the Octagon.

1.3 being Trenchwar Troubles.

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Complicating matters by adding 0.0 episodes that are always of one Post.


[0.0] Fate of the Warworld; Vortextual Screaming Transdimensional Transcataclysm [40.1[47]


It was as if the very essence of existence did scream as the greater, and lesser, vortextuals struck through what had been more than one alternate earth but also other worlds that were not always planets, not always natural or even a mix as artinatural. Bits of existence flowed, smashed into one another, moved intact through each other, changed and were so meshed together as to be unidentifiable; living bits were rare compared to non living ones but there were very very many of them. It was nigh impossible to discern any pattern because the only one was of chaos.


The Transcataclysm continued with incredible power as through it whirled odd objects seemingly untouched be they a great Buddha statue, a police telephone box, a skinny mage clutching an odd piece of wooden luggage, a perfect black sphere, a truly massive flying saucer, a beautifully elegant golden starship, a confused looking whale, a flowerpot, a grinning cat in a healthy living tree along with a young collage 'lady' type woman, and much else including a glowing radiance sphere with a grumpy CelestiOnoyes at its core holding a smaller, sleeping, RainbowTinzi securely in her lap.


A truly vast glow of celestial radiance shot through everything and positive change began to occur...

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [41.1[48]


Subsection06/08A was the focused OctagonMuseum of the Octagonbase but every time a team went there, security protocols insisted nobody went alone into such areas, they found that most was general Predoomsday, Prewarday, historical stuff. That is about 60%. Another 30% was not so general, was of different levels of the secretive and strange. It was the last 10% that went from lightly to heavily exotic. The rule seemed to be that the more exotic something was the more hidden-secured it was.


There it was that the Centralian indigenous peoples were learned of being the Aeiou of the Abis, Ecis, Idis, Ofis and Ugis though what-who they were, was soon proven less important, to XFARIA, than what they had done. They had attempted to 'seduce' CelestiOnoyes through overly exaggerated rituals, and other displays, of worship. Great pyramid temples were built, animals were sacrificed and gladiators fought to the death in her name. CelestiOnoyes' warnings, for them to cease, were ignored.


False tributes were made but when the increasingly frustrated Aeiou turned towards the sacrificing babies, because CelestiOnoyes was getting increasingly enraged with them, she struck! The Aeiou ceased to exist apart from small minorities that had resisted the whole 'worship plan' in the first place.


In an TRC (Time Reflection Chamber) the team almost became part of that history as they experienced in a phantom fashion. They observed the great decadent festivals of opulent self indulgence thin disguised as true respect for the Celestibaby Celestigoddess. They then observed nuclear flames, and disintegration energy beams, wiping out seemingly everybody and everything while the 'not so guilty and innocent' were rescued along with a great deal of resources.


The latter had mostly been florafauna, that term including more than florafauna, but such as fungi and also all of the different subspecies of the Aeiou Species. Where were they now? The TRC showed them living, in great pyramid buildings, in what was part of the CelestiRainbowWorld outside of the CelestiRainbowHome but in the neighboring GreenZone. The Aeiou Realm was hidden, and secured off from, all but a few.


The destruction, of most of the Aeiou, had drained much of CelestiOnoyes' energies. Her mother, a truly powerful HighCelestigoddess, assisted her with the creation of the Octagonbase where she was asked to rest, securely, for what turned out to be a very long time. Except that, as she was a Celestigoddess, she also experienced the true Transcataclysm of Doomsday, the crazy transdimensional vortextuals.


CelestiOnoyes, with a sleeping RainbowTinzi gripped firmly-gently in her arms, zipping through the vortexuals saving what she could while understanding what she might. So she rescued, amongst multiple 'things', a mighty magical flowerpot, a skinny female mage with her flying magical luggage, a puzzled stellar whale, a metallic police telephone box that was not what it appeared to be, a great glowing Buddha statue, a perfect black TransDsphere, a truly massive flying saucer of an ark, a teardrop shaped golden translucent starship of majestic size and Ambassador Alice of Wonderland complete with the Cheshire Cat in the Magical Gifting Tree. Those were but a tiny minority of a vast rescue of 'thingies'. All ended up in the Greater Octagon but far from all in the Octagonbase.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [41.2[49]


The Aeiou had been created by another Celestibaby but the identity of that one was not to be found in that place and was not shown by the TRC. Yet there was a hint there that the creation, of the extreme Aeiou, was linked to CelestiOnoyes at a time when she was extremely angry and otherwise upset.


The ever shift forming Aeiou were disturbing to look upon but appeared to be able to fix solid, if they needed to, into one of a list of shapeforms. They were shown as either flickering forms or as a crazy mixture of solidified entities of which none were like actual lifeforms native to Ancient Centralia.


What happened between the destruction, of most of the Aeiou, and the appearance of the New Centralia? That place did not even pretend to have an answer to that important question.


The search continued through the OctagonMuseum of Subsection06/08a.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [42.1[50]


Yateman's discovered microbook had a list, of hidden, references to the XFARIA Archives. The items were copied, and given over to both Stallone x13 and Drake x13 in this form. That is they were given to four Stallones and four Drakes who studied them together. The rest of Stallone x13, and Drake x13, were following up the Yateman Case elsewhere or were taking care of needs.


First reference was to the Transcataclysm that had been a great disaster vaguely spoken of but in a tone of horror, amazement and puzzlement. The scholar had been one Aeioun of the struggling citystate of Newmadd. No real information about either was provided in the sprawling, poorly edited, rather chaotic writings and odd illustrations that dotted the text. Except that is spoke, briefly of a Celestibaby helping to spark off the Transcataclysm when it unleashed a massive amount of energies at the Aeiou peoples. Yet there were strong hints that the Celestial had been somehow tricked into doing what it did by another celestial entity and also that yet another celestial entity had created the Aeiou in the first place. Some illustrations showed great explosions ripping apart great pyramid dotted cities while overhead flew a monstrous version of a Rainbowbaby. Others showed the supposedly 'good' Aeiou fighting the Celestial with much courage though that did not go along with what had been shown in the OctagonMuseum.


Stallone02 spoke to the seven others in the small study chamber that they were in. "The tone, of the tome, is confused because the scholar was when that one wrote it, or so I surmise from so far available information. The name, itself, is a pseudonym as Aeioun as related to that of Aeiou or so again I extrapolate."


Drake05 stretched her body and then spoke. "Most disturbing here is that CelestiOnoyes, if it was her at all for it did not name her, is linked to the Transcataclysm as one of its causes. As much energy as she did unleash, I calculate there was more than one other factor involved."


Stallone06 kept going through one of three copies of the tome that had been provided to them. Then he stopped at a page that was in the exact center and thicker than the others. In seconds he had found that it was designed to split neatly into two pages being an open spread of two page sides. The other tomes were opened up in the same fashion and soon they were all going through far more orderly, coherent and well written notes.


The information that they gave was that Ancient Centralia was a supercontinent floating in a great ocean in an unstable dimensional realm well suited to the instability of the Aeiou. They had been created by the male CelestiSemigod, a younger brother to CelestiOnoyes, who had also 'stolen energies' from his older sister to create that whole realm. What he had done was both foolish and criminal but done by a very confused, angry, naive, Juvenal of a Celestial.

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