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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [23.1[26]


Ironsiders, of the ScitechChapterCR, became a special military taskforce of the Scitechers who before that had, at most, been paramilitary in nature. To the far north, large buried beneath harsh cold lands, the ScitechOrder was the ScitechChapterSL (Snowlands). At most they had needed paramilitary, heavy security type parasecurity and heavy policing parapolice units. There had been general security, general police but no general military units. That was changing to the north, along with the rise of other units being general, special and elite.


So it was not the Ironsiders who were to go downwards, through the ground to find the Octagon, for they were soon entangled in fighting a large military force that attacked the newcomers and the ScitechCitadel. Thankfully the mysterious allies had placed in the former NewPentagon a whole lot of resources meant to help create the military taskforce, to maintain it and to otherwise assist it as it carried out its first engagement. The first was a big one as the Ironsideforce was 'dropped in at the deep end'. As the battle raged as urban warfare, but also in the infamous Trenchzone, the Ironsiders had the support of the ScitechChapterCR and then locals who feared the enemies of the Scitechers far more than they did the Scitechers.


It was the Seekar Taskforce, the Seekarforce, that was formed as a smaller taskforce to go down into the depths to find the largely mysterious Octagon. It was large but not military in nature with a protective paramilitary force along with general and specialist units. They were known as the Seekars.


Inside the Scitechers were elite units, some with a public working front but others with out even that. They continued to operate in the ScitechChapterCR including with the new taskforces.


The fighting raged hard as Ironsiders dug in against mutageltants (mutagel base created mutants), mutaradtants (mutaradiation process caused mutants), and secretive others of some kind of exotic androids and robotics. Ironically most of the hardware, used by both sides, were older fashioned kinds of 'midtech' nature. Be they cannons, howitzers, mortars or 2way radio, field telephones, tracked battletanks, wheeled trucks, helicopters, and much else they were lightly upgraded versions of tech used decades before Warday took place, let alone Doomsday.

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[1.0] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Miscellaneous [0.0[0]


Banjoboe was all 13 of the Banjobanders as 1-as-13-almost-as-1 being one of the special entities purposed to help solve the current problem of MultiWorld existence and especially that of the Warworld. A colourfully patterned, vaguely hippy style, armoured hovervan was their mobile, fortified, home. It was not what it looked to be.


Banjosam, Banjosas and Banjosal took turns helping to heal locals, fixing up midtech devices and tending to a whole lot of other small, important, problems. They were in a temporary refugee settlement of those unwanted by most locals who saw them as a drain on critical resources already in shortage.


Banjosam was busy fixing up a bicycle for Tommytom, a young boy with very thick glasses. He stared intently, with total curiosity, at what was going on as the vague bikie-hippy Banjosam dealt with the gearing. "Your bicycle will be ready to use in a very short time."


Tommytom spoke. "You are also one outside of timespace just as I am. I exist in more place than one at the very same time but I am not of 1-as-13-almost-as-1 as you three Banjobanders are; I do not know what I am but that is not important. The bicycle belongs to the little girl called Helen who Banjosal is fixing up with love, regenerative salve and bandages."


Banjosam smiled. "We came here to see you and want you to go to Banjoboeland along with others that you want to go with you and those we will send anyway. All will be quick tested and those who fail the quick test will undertake the long test. We are aspects of the EternalSeeker and are not truly a 'normal' 1-as-13-almost-as-1 if there is such a thing as a normal one of those. You are linked with Tommytom who is with the SangaScavvers in the CelestiRainbowHome."


Tommytom shrugged. "All I know is what I know but I do not know how to put that into words. I will be happy to go to Banjoboeland. Will you play your wondrous banjo soon?"


Banjosam smiled. "Of course I will, we all three will play our banjos almost as one."


So they did and, somehow, when they were done matters had changed dramatically; all of the refugees were gone along with animals, plants and much else. Not all of the lifeforms had travelled to that place with the refugees. A few were quick tested and were soon in Banjoboeland but others were either not tested, they did not need to be, or were in slow testing spaces at the very edge of Banjoboeland.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [24.1[27]


In Section06/08, of historical and cultural displays plus storage, XFARIAns found three important locations mentioned as such with the upgraded 3Dmaps and other data. They were turn out to be useful and even challenging in some ways.


Subsection06/08d was an extremely large zoo chamber with antechambers, subchambers, semichambers, sidechambers and alcoves. The transdimensional, BITO, had diverse modes of viewing including as holovatars. There were mainly creatures of more known nature but some had supposedly become extinct before, on, or after Warday or Doomsday. There were even a few organisms of genetically engineered origin but also other exotic ones.


Edward was soon making his way through the viewing hallway network dotted with translocks (transdimensional airlocks). He paused at an island perspective showing dodobirds of amazing appearance and apparent clumsiness living in a forest environment with no real predatory threats. The dodobirds were in a small, grassy, clearing edged by undergrowth and then by forest with out any such because there was not enough available sunlight there for undergrowth to live.


Edward spoke to Astrina who stood next to him, both wearing XFARIA jumpsuits with extra pockets. "Amazing! I wonder what other other extinct creatures are here?"


The youthful woman sighed. "In theory most of them were gone by Doomsday that killed many of the earlier survivors."


The forest stretched into the distance and a long way off a mountain was a grey shape rising up high into the sky. The dodobirds moved quickly off into an area of undergrowth, at the edge of the clearing. Something had spooked them but not greatly so. Into the clearing came a very large moa bird that was taller than a standard human by a goodly distance. It searched around as if seeking food and then started feeding on leaves low on a tree. Its bill seemed designed to cutting leaves off trees.


Astrina snorted. "Supposedly extinct bird species from the islands of New Zealand and Mauritius."


They were about to move on when the moa fled away as fast as the dodobirds had done before it. Into the clearing came trudging a monstrous bird but not because of its size. It was not much bigger than the moa but it had blazing red plumage along with two necks ending in bone armoured heads with big savage looking beaks. It seemed to be flightless but long, strange, double jointed arms jutted from beneath each remnant of wing.


It gave out a howl of rage, and pain. Then it looked around as if hunting for prey but it was soon to turn out that it was, in fact, being hunted. Splinterclones darted out of the forest, in a careful formation, and three shot it with stundartguns while others struck it with electric shockbidents being like tridents but with two prongs. After it was down an odd collar device was placed, carefully, around one neck before the creature was teleported away with a soft sparkling shimmer.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [24.2[28]


Shefemma, the amazing android, materialised with another sparkling, shimmering, effect that was a common type side effect to such actions. "FactorX was introduced by CelestiOnoyes, but not intentionally so, to the creation process of the MultiWorld including the Warworld. This zoo is an effort to 'scrub away' SubfactorXb of biological evolutionary influence; there has been fairly good results but a large number of splinterclones, robots and remoterobots are involved in regulating what is going on here along with Octagonnet through secondary network-systems."


Edward frowned softly. "Unintentionally so?"


Shefemma responded dryly. "CelestiOnoyes was tricked by her dysfunctional, criminally insane, sister being one CelestiExila. CelestiOnoyes is far less naive now and more carefully aware of those she senses might be deceptive. She has grown up with harsh lessons but with much support from others, including from her 'celestial family'. Edward, and Astrina, she would like your assistance with SubfactorXb."


The pair quickly, gladly, agreed.

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Please reread Post #3 that has become [0] Celestial Oversight [6.1[7].


Post #31 has become [1] Octagon Challenges [23.1[26] being now part of the main story.


Walter's cow has become Edward's goat!


Made the mistake of calling Edward by the name of Trevor. This is being corrected.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [25.1[29]


Much freckled, teenager looking, Saltis examined a Rainbowbaby avatar named RainbowDizzi by holding up the small, chubby muscular, nappysuit wearing figure with both hands. Then she blew into the small one's belly button causing her to chortle madly. Then the small one was sat on Saltis' left knee.


Saltis spoke. "Gosh, is RainbowTinzi worried about something?"


RainbowDizzi sighed. "There are secrets that me can not even discuss with you, lovely Saltis, even if they are partly to do with you. Whoops!" The adorable avatar clapped her hands over her mouth.


Saltis kissed the small one on the head before speaking. "We SangaScavvers were smarter type mutaghouls once being poor scavengers caught in the mutaradtion effect. Somehow the wonderful RainbowTinzi changed us."


RainbowDizzi sighed. "The change only remained strong as long as you SangaScavvers were physically close to her. Now you need to stay in this domain so that the change becomes permanent. It has been growing stronger since you started living here. RainbowTinzi is not angry with me for saying what I have because if she had not wanted me to do so, I wouldn't have done so. Have you ever wondered why you SangaScavvers spent so much time sleeping except for the nibblersaur, the robots, the android and the plantimal. Even the animals were mutaghoulified."


Trixit, the small dinosaur type creature came up to them, at that moment, and Saltis gave it a small snack. The amazing, retractable, claws of the nibblersaur were useful for carrying out a lot of tasks but it was only defensive aggressive in nature. The female finished her snack, curled up with her head in Saltis' lap and went to sleep.


Saltis breast fed RainbowDizzi for a short time from each of her breasts; she could do this for she was neither a mutaghoul or a human, as she once been but was enhanced, and augmented, beyond that. So she could lactate when not pregnant which sometimes made her ache slightly but which made her breasts larger, which Saltis appreciated.

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[0.1] Fate of the Warworld; Celestial Oversight [26.1[30]


CelestiEyeBetata continued to be aware of what was happening in the Octagonbase though less so of other parts of the Greater Octagon.


Reynes was the first to willingly become 13 almost as one for CelestiOnoyes greatly needed her as did RainbowTinzi and others. Reynes was still her main name but she was now Reynes01 to Reynes13. The baker's dozen, of her, slept for 24 hours before becoming involved in many tasks except that Reynes01 remained calmly in her own special chamber where she spent much time either sleeping or meditating or writing-sketching in the first of a new set of journals.


Reynes01 was directly assisted by Reynes02 to Reynes04. Then there were three teams being Reynes05 to Reynes07, Reynes08 to Reynes010 and Reynes11 to Reynes13. The leader of the first team was Reynes02, the second team leader was Reynes03 and the third team leader was Reynes04.


Reynes was soon proving her great value to those of the Octagonbase. She was the first but not the last to go through that type of process.


Soon enough Reynes1x13 decided to gain new, less formal names, for herself. The 13 of her would continue to be Reynes, her first name. Then she would be ReynesAsnoe, ReynesBaono, ReynesCiper, ReynesDaque, ReynesEoros, ReynesFasni, ReynesGatta, ReynesHautas, ReynesIovan, ReynesJowin, ReynesKoxor, ReynesLayie and ReynesMazat. There was a historical basis, to the names, of a curious nature; Reynes kept the details to herself at first.

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Have, in Post #38 above, have had Reynes give a second set of names to herself both collectively and individually.

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[0.1] Fate of the Warworld: Celestial Oversight [27.1[31]


CelestiEyeBetata continued to learn truths of what was happening with those in, or below, or close, to the NewPentagon alias the ScitechCitadel.


The female IronsQuintups, secretly being superclones, led the Seekafighters of Seekascouts, Seekarangers, Seekatroopers and other type units related to them and not always of a directly combat kind. Saraa was in general command, Sarae commanded the Seekascouts, Sarai the Seekarangers, Sarao the Seekaflyers and Sarau the Seekalogicers.


Linked to them were the male, superclone, IronsHextups; they were Saray commanding the Seekahoveras, Saran commanding the Seekagunners, Saral commanding the Seekamechas, Sarad commanding the Seekaoptats, Sarat commanding the Seekamedars and Sarar the Seekasappers.


More mysterious, secretive, were the IronsTriplets of Karen commanding the Secretors, Kevor commanding the Psykators and Kangi commanding the Integritors. They were neuter superclones and were not of the Seekars or any Scitecher official service.


Even more mysterious-secretive, in some ways, were the exotic empowered IronsSextups working as six individuals together though often with others assisting them. They were Sexela, Sexbao, Sexfem, Sexsue, Sexsal and Sexsis. They often portrayed themselves as femme fatale assassins, spies and saboteurs. Like the IronsTriplets, they took their commands directly from the Scitecher HighElders of the type known as the SecretElders.


There were others at work, of the IronsDestiny, being the IronsTwins, IronsQuins and yet others including IronsSolo and IronsMono. Not all were fully loyal to the Scitechers let alone to the IronsDynasty of the Irons Family. Not all were of the Seekars as it was the IronsQuads who helped to command the Ironsiders and the IronsTwins who were bodyguards of the Scitechers' PrimeElder Rowyn Irons. The PrimeElder was one of the fathers of the IronsDestiny.

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