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well that was a waste of time


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Vortex wouldn't choose the right executable directory for Days Gone on steam, mods would not run on game launch, game cannot be launched from Vortex because it keeps choosing the game root, not the executable folder, tried shifting mods about from the pak directory in the Steam folder to the pak directory in the user settings. Two hours of messing about all the while being nagged to donate constantly. Not a good experience. Very frustrating and the second bad experience with this nagware - maybe at least give people 30 days before you keep saying how poor everyone is yeah? then if everything is working well, i will cough up some cash.


rant over / outta here.

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Interesting experience.

I have been using Vortex since it first came out.

Never once has it asked me for money.

I think the OP is confusing mod requests for donations with Vortex - which does not.


And another little note:

"Days Gone" is not a game that Vortex supports. Supported games are listed on the Extensions tab.

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Actually, there is an extension for "Days Gone" developed by zgal88: https://www.nexusmods.com/site/mods/255. The few comments there indicate that some people were having a problem similar to the one posted here in this forum.


Along with rmm200, I too am quite perplexed by OP's complaint about being nagged for donations. I have no idea what he's talking about. Also, I wonder why OP apparently didn't bother to ask for any help about the matter.

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The OP should have asked on the extensions page. And like the others, Vortex never once nagged me with ads.

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Maybe. But I went through a cash strapped period and wasn't a premium user for a while. I did see adds on the web site. But never in Vortex itself.

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