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Your longest fight


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My longest fight was against the main "bad guy" in the "Knights of the Nine: Revelation" mod (not naming him by name because it would be a spoiler for whoever hasn't played it yet, as initially it isn't that obvious). Anyway, the fight was really exhausting, even though my character was already a sort of "goon" or "half cheater" with all magic items from mods or overhauls equipped and a very high level. But no matter what the level of magic resistance or reflection, even 100%, I died in 1 second every time his magic touched me even slightly. I think he also can see through 100% Chameleon, even though I may be wrong, but for me it didn't work if I remember well. So, the only way to kill him was to dodge his magic somehow (again, not easy at all because some spells of his followed me automatically and had to hit an object to disappear) and then I had to hit him with a spell or a weapon once (or, if I was lucky, twice) while he was re-charging his spell, and then save the game EVERY SINGLE time after that, because there was always a very high possibility that the next second he would hit back killing me with 1 single hit as usual, if I didn't manage to dodge and flee in time. So, after COUNTLESS times of dying and re-loading the game, when he had relatively little hit points, but not that little, I lost patience and just hit him with my talking axe from the mod "Sentient weapon". With incredible luck, the hit turned out to be critical and killed him on the spot, removing all the remaining hit points he had. Then, I immediately saved the game, my biggest fear was that the game would crash after the fight was over, as often happens after long action sequences with 100 times reloading the game, in this case I would have had to start the latest part of the fight all over again, since the last time I saved. Really a tough guy that one....Although this is probably an understatement. No other boss I remember was ever that deadly. There were annoying guys with plenty of hit points, but nobody who could kill me in one single hit NO MATTER the level of magic resistance or reflection and even seeing through Chameleon. Cool mod, that one!!!

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It was either my first one against 3 minotaur lords as the arena grand champion or the one against Nerandas in More generous factions v2 when I was making some tests before releasing.


Now I know how to use magic's power the most deadly way so I can kill a minotaur lord in less than 1 minute.


I fought Nerandas wearing only the mundane ring and since I didn't have the intention to let the player come back to paradise without a hell of a fight this long fight was a good thing.

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