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Rating system overhaul


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This is greatly improved on the previous system. The only thing that I dislike is that I will not be able to rate the files that I have previously downloaded on other sites before I came here.
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When this has been fine tuned here on TesNexus, it will be implemented on Fallout3Nexus....that way Dark0ne only has to fix it once and it is easier to monitor on one site during the shakedown.



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Excellent work on the new ratings system ! The only addition I can think of is a reminder to rate the last n mods that have been downloaded.


Looking forward to see rest of the changes !

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This works out a lot better guys :) I like how you have the limit of 3 hours before posting an endorsement for it :) Keep up the good work :D
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Please don't get me wrong, but I think the new system is ridiculous and a bad idea. It disadvantages new mods over old mods. And that's a bad idea. Mods from 2006 which are not half as good as others from 2009 have, of course, much more endorsements than the newer ones. Why? Because in 2006 everyone downloaded everything they could get. Now, in 2009, the community is smaller, the mods get better and better and still most "top 100" mods are old. Great idea. I'm not sure if I should support this system any more by uploading my mods to TesNexus.
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For a variety of reasons I never participated in the old rating system. This new one seems, to me, at the very least a step in the right direction. That said, I think I might have just thought of a flaw. I did not notice this particular potential issue mentioned, so please forgive me if I overlooked it. In any case...


I am not a premium member, so have to use the slower (capped?) servers here. I've no problem with that. But, it can be impractical with very large mods (mostly grand quests with tons of new visuals and the like). What I do then is use the MIRROR tab (or sometimes a link embedded in the description tab) when available, and DL from a faster site. But that of course means I am not DL'ing from Nexus. This in turn, if my interpretation is correct, means that Nexus has no way to know that I have indeed DL'd the mod, so can not rate it. If this be true, then there's a chance that it's intentional, or at least seen as a lesser of evils. I suppose I'm okay with that too. Yet at the same time it seems sort of unfair to not allow ratings of mods simply because they are acquired elsewhere.


As mentioned, I might be reading this all wrong, or this has already been addressed. Additionally, I fully understand and support the reasoning behind insisting that a mod be downloaded and tested before rated. And sadly I have no ready solution (if such exists). Still, I thought it best to mention it in case it slipped through the cracks.


Thanks for the ear!

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I really like the "Can only rate if you've downloaded and have to wait 3 hours after download to rate". It's going to keep a lot of the "GREAT! 10!" people from posting when there's a) no files or b) they haven't even downloaded it!


I never ever used the top 100 lists to begin with - if I wanted to find a mod, I'd browse categories and pick and choose through the 100 available pages - so I can't really say if this is an improvement or not.

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@mr_siika Have you looked at the new top lists? Not only is there a top 100 of all time, but it can be sorted to get the top 100 from each category - top 100 buildings, top 100 NPC mods etc.


PLUS there is a new top 25 from the last 2 weeks. Your -Castle Seaview- is currently number 1 on that list with more than double the endorsements of the runner up.


On the top 100 of all time - Buildings category, Your 0_3 Version of the Griffon Fortress is #22, 0_1 Version of the Dwarven City is #31, Mr_Siikas Imperial Cathedral is #41.


You are no longer competing with body mods or fancy swords for a slot on the top 100 buildings list. Just as the makers of body and weapon mods are no longer competing with your building and castle mods on their top 100 of all time lists.

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I like the concept of different lists for different types of mods. Could not find those lists though.


edit: Sorry it seems I did not read your post thoroughly enough. I liked the idea of different lists, but I can't say I find the "sorting" option helpful. Because the main problem remains: Old mods tend to have more "endorsements" than "new" mods. That's why the old rating system was fair, because every mod had a numeric value between 0 and 10, if it was 3 days or three years old.



And the "top 25 from last two weeks" list is great, at least for the next 24 days :-)


Will the "overall top 100" list be removed then? It would not make much sense keeping it then (especially with the new rating... but I already said that).

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Ancient Aeon still don't think this is a good idea for unpopular mods, with a superior quality.


I loved the new features, except it will be hard to find good unpopular mods.


Check my comment earlier


The last rating system helps finding these unpopular mods. By browsing categories, then sort it by rating in descending mode, we can find the best unpopular mods. The mods listed on the first few pages must be unpopular, because they rated 10.00. And because it's rated 10.00, means not many download it, because it's rare for everyone that rate the mod, rated it 10.00. Somehow there must be someone who rated less.


With the use of endorsement system, mods with 10.00 rating and small people who rated it (usually from 15 to 25) will be hard to find. Because with the new rating system, those mods just got 15 to 25 endorsements.


But the other features are good, but you may want to fix this problem. Sorry if makes you unhappy, but that's the way I see it


"The unpopular modders hard-worked creation must treated honorably."

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