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Have you just been banned/kicked ?


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Dude, Eddygtregiojsodfasoifapzxcxahba (sorry this is easier typing :) )what did you do, coz man you are REALY banned manually for ever. An admin can adjust the time of how long you will be banned... and it seems to me you are banned for a long time.


seriously WHAT did you do?


are you sure the banning is the problem? is that the error you get when you want to connect? or does it say something like: failed to connect, check your network connections

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i already said i was driving around on a mec airfield and then sum freak starts driving into me hurting me :*( then i get out of my car and then i shot 2 times at the dudes plane then i get banned ?????? :*( :*( :*( :*( what a pile of kangaroo rooster or what ! :angry2: :angry2:
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