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Have you just been banned/kicked ?


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Apologies today for the TKs - I was manning the AA defence on the carrier, shooting at the opposition, but it seems that I ended up damaging team aircraft that were dogfighting them.


Is this a permanent ban? (hope not) I enjoy playing on this server and can only apologise again for my ineptness annoying the admins. :/

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If you read this topic, you would have noticed that it is increadibly dificult to unban someone. Eddy got unbanned because D4ark0ne unbanned a whole group of ID's, and by accident, he was one of them. So my advice is to wait patiently, hope you didn't piss off an admin too bad that he gave you a perm ban, or entered 100000000 minutes in the console, and next time, don't get banned :)
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