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Post here if you need voice actors for mods, or if you'd offer you


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Glad to see this thread getting a good running start, hopefully more readers will post, I mean who doesn't want to hear their voice in one of their favorite video games?


Edit: By the love I think that poem is awesome, you know theres a mod that makes it possible to add small videos in the game on television, maybe your youtube video could be like a historical video of some sort. "Only Following Orders" Anyways just search NV Nexus "Television"

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You europeans could be great for mods involving travelers, the commonwealth, or possible vaults. Since someone could always say oh vault so and so only had european immigrants in it. etc. and the commonwealth is whats left of New England, yanks tend to have european-ish accents occasionally. So thats good well have a good supply of european voice actors. Perhaps a few female voices will pop up soon so we don't see all male characters in these mods.
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