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I am sooooooo late to this. But whatever :D


SalthaZaar's been around since the very first day I played Oblivion. Ever since then, he's grown. He's a life of his own now, and who am I to deprive him of that?


Name:SalthaZaar Naiilo at your service. Stop bowing, remember what happened last time? I still have that lump...

Gender:I'm a male. At least, I think so. You are.

Race: Breton, although I stretched out my ears when I was younger... What? I wanted pointy ears!

Starsign: Atronach. Why was that, anyway? Because I said so. (Actually, it was due to a previous play, sorta trying out new stuff before I got serious with the game. Kept running out of Magicka. I'll take no regen and a %50 chance spell absorption for +150 magicka)

Class: Zaarian. Why? Isn't that part of my name? Because I wanted something that would be useful to you. Every class had, in my opinion, something that you didn't need. Why was it named that? Because.. Well.. I'm not sure. I think I was having a "Two A's are better than one" phase, or something.

Homes: I like my Skingrad home, and my Imperial City home. And my home in Bruma.

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil, but I prefer the wooded areas, around where you can find that Unicorn. Those Minotaurs were fun. You cried the entire time. ...

Best Friend: Oh! Easy! Uhm... That Necrophiliac and I are pretty cool. I like that Dark Brotherhood Kajiit guy. He urinated in my pillow. That's why I like him. (True story, walked into the Living Quarters in the Sanctuary, M'raaj-Dar was somehow crouching on Salth's bed with his crotch on his pillow. After Salth walked in, he stood up and ran out of the Living quarters.)

Worst Enemy: I don't really have any enemies. I'm just that likeable. Except for Bravil. So a spell backfired? Big whoop. Yeah, and it sent half the city to the sky.

Combat Preference: I like using bows and arrows. The sneakier, the better. Every now and again I'll let the arrow fly right past their heads, and then when they go "The heck?" BLAM! Another arrow.

Combat Style: Quiet, although every now and again something goes wrong. Like when you stub your toe and shout? (Another true story. In the first Aylied dungeon, I accidentally clipped a table, somehow took damage, and EVERYBODY knew I was there. I'm still not sure how that happened).

Greatest Fear: Mudcrabs.

Greatest Want: To be allowed back in Bravil. Why does the Archer's Paradox have to be THERE?!

Physique: Lean, muscular, slightly taller than your average Breton.

Level: Currently 45. Yeah, he's old. Hey!

Joined Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood and the Mages Guild. Oh! Also the Grand Champion of the Arena. Thank god you did the recommendation before you got kicked out. (Okay, so the backstory on that. I was messing around with Godmode and All Spells Enabled, pointed the strongest Fingers of the Mountain spell I had, and hit a tree. Next thing I know half the town was dead. And not just gone dead, but crispy, everything smelled like Ozone dead. It wasn't pretty...)

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Fighters Guild and the Theives guild.

Childhood: I don't want to talk about it.

Teenage: I remember a lot of camping, and then my parents were killed by Mudcrabs when we slept on the shores of the Nibenay.

Prefered Food: Tobacco, Watermelon, Basically any fruit in the game, and all of the meat in the game.

Disliked Food: I hate rabbit food.

Favourite Arrow Type: Dwarven arrows with shock enchantments. They're like flying tazers.

Favourite Blade Type: I like a nice, sharp, Elven blade.

Spells: All of them, because I am special. (I really only use a toned-down version of Fingers of the Mountain, Paralyze, and Silence, with a splashing of Wizard's Fury)

Friendly Races: Kajiits, Orcs, Argonians, Bretons, Imperials, Dunmer, Nords,

Neutral Races: I don't have any.

Hostile Races: Altmer. Why? Remember? I got so frustrated with finding Faelien that I just poisoned every Altmer I saw in the Imperial City. How did you NOT get caught? I don't know. (It's true, he still hasn't been caught. Half of the time he stole the food he wasn't even in sneak mode.)

Favourite City/Town:I miss Kvatch.

Least Favourite City/Town: Take a guess! Make my day.

Favourite Daedra: Clannfear. They're like Raptors mixed with Triceratops.

Least Favourite Daedra: Mudcrabs. Those... Those aren't Daedra. Yeah, but they're so evil, they should be. True that.

Favourite Divine: Kynareth, actually. Despite the fact that every time I see Bambi I have to hunt. Is that why the Legion Foresters are always mad at you? No, I just always steal their horses.

Least Favourite Divine: Whichever one is all about "Law" and "Not having fun." That one.

Main Weakness: Crab meat.

Main Strength: Dead crabs. And armor.

Goal in Life: To be allowed back in Bravil.

Why he was sent to jail: I apparently sabotaged a dinner, while nude. I wouldn't remember, I was around Sanguine's shrine that night.


So yeah, Green were for Salth, Grey was for me.


It's tired. Night y'all.

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Name: Lars Brumsman
Gender: Male
Race: Nord
Starsign: Thief
Class: Crusader
Homes:Rosethorn Manor
Favourite Land:Skingrad
Best Friend: Mimi
Worst Enemy: Deadroth
Combat Preference: Nothing

Combat Style: Running around someone in circles whilst hitting them or Assassinating them from afar
Greatest Fear:Vampires
Greatest Want:Every unique weapon in the game
Level: 22
Joined Guilds/Factions:Fighters guild, Thieves guild,
Enemy Guilds/Factions: none
Childhood: He was pretty spoiled
Teenage: Got kicked out of his home for killing his own maiden
Prefered Food:Grapes and Bread

Disliked Food: Venison
Favourite Arrow Type: Elven
Favourite Blade Type: Katana like blade like the Goldbran
Spells: Lighting bolt, Paralyze
Friendly Races: Argonian Imperial Elves and Redguards
Neutral Races: High elves
Hostile Races: Dunmer, Orcs
Favourite City/Town: Skingrad
Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawin, Kvatch
Favourite Daedra: Scamp
Least Favourite Daedra: Deadroth
Favourite Divine: Talos
Least Favourite Divine: Stendarr
Main Weakness: Vampires
Main Strength: The Goldbrand
Goal in Life: To get all the unique items in the game. And to get the infamous Cyrodilic Brandy
Why he was sent to jail: For Thieving or stealing

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Name: Sonia
Gender: Female
Race: Redguard
Starsign: Mage
Class: Battlemage
Homes: All + many from mods.
Favourite Land: Colovian highlands
Best Friend: None
Worst Enemy: These cowardly mages who keep running away during fights.
Combat Preference and style: Powerfully enchanted weapon with weakness to magicka, element(s) and elemental damage(s) + spells using the same effects
Greatest Fear: a CTD during an intense fight against enemies from a leveled list
Greatest Want: Always having new places to explore and quests to make
Physique: Athletic
Level: 252
Joined Guilds/Factions: All the possible ones + many from mods
Enemy Guilds/Factions: All the unjoinable evil factions
Childhood: Doesn't remember
Teenage: Same as above
Prefered Food: none
Disliked Food: none
Favourite Arrow Type: daedric of course
Favourite Blade Type: katana
Spells: destruction essentially
Friendly Races: all
Neutral Races: all
Hostile Races: all
Favourite City/Town: Chorrol
Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil
Favourite Daedra: Meridia
Least Favourite Daedra: Namira
Favourite Divine: none
Least Favourite Divine: none
Main Weakness: none
Main Strength: all
Goal in Life: Wealth and fame
Why she was sent to jail: she arrived by boat from Hammerfell thanks to a mod



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Name: Vampira

Gender: Female

Race: Wood Elf

Starsign: Shadow

Class: Assassin

Homes: has no home, but does take a liking to abandoned and dark structures as temporary hideouts.

Favourite Land: She doesn't play favourites

Best Friends: Lucien Lachance

Worst Enemy: Anyone who gets in her way.

Combat Preference: Vampira mostly prefers stealth, as is her profession, but she can handle herself well in serious combat.

Greatest Fear: No one really knows, but some say that she fears for those she cares the most about.

Greatest Want: Nothing. She desires no power or wealth as she could achieve those things most readily. She lives to serve Sithis.

Physique: Thin, but muscular. She is a tad bit taller than other Wood Elves.

Level: 35

Joined Guilds: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and Mages Guild.

Enemy Guilds and Factions: Mythic Dawn, Imperial Legion

Childhood: She grew up as an orphan in a small village somewhere in Vvardenfell.

Teen Years: She performed petty crimes and burglaries, but eventually got herself unintentionally caught up in a plot to assassinate a local village leader.

Preferred Foods: Game she catches on her own, but other than that, she'll take anything.

Disliked Foods: Not much that she won't like, unless its absolutely repulsive.

Favourite Arrow Type: Anything that she can get her hands on.

Favourite Blade Type: Quick, slashing type swords that are light and deadly.

Spells: She prefers enchantments and spells that produce frost effects, and damage health effects.

Friendly Races: She is polite and courteous to most races.

Neutral Races: None

Hostile Races: None

Favourite City/Town: She does not play favourites.

Least Fav City/Town: none

Fav Daedric Prince: Nocturnal, Mephala

Least Fav Daedric Prince: none

Favourite Divine: Kynareth

Least Favourite Divine: All the others.

Other Gods: Sithis, if you could call him that.

Main Weakness: Her short-temperedness and willingness to act out in bloodshed.

Main Strength: Her austere loyalty to her companions and friends, stealth and almost legendary bow skills.

Goal in life: To serve Sithis.

Why she was sent to jail: She does not always get caught, but when she does, its usually for murder, assault or theft. Pick one.

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thelawfull.jpgName: Thelawfull
Gender: Female
Race: Imperial
Starsign: Warrior
Class: Paladin "custom"
Homes: Skyrim
Favourite Land: Skyrim
Best Friend: Ulfric Stormcloak
Worst Enemy: Heimskr
Combat Preference: Strength to fight agility to stand and endurance to survive
Combat Style: Fortified
Greatest Fear: Destruction of life
Greatest Want: Justice and peace
Physique: Petite but has concrete muscles.
Level: 5
Joined Guilds/Factions: Blades
Enemy Guilds/Factions: Thieves Guild, Vampire.
Childhood: Raised by Priests
Teenage: Started Delivering Justice to wrongdoers.
Prefered Food: Cheese for everyone.
Disliked Food: Bread, Cause she ate it a lot.
Favourite Arrow Type: Bladed Throwing Crosses.
Favourite Blade Type: Paladin's Oathbringer
Spells: Turn Undead
Friendly Races: Imperial, Nord, Woodelf.
Neutral Races: Khajiit, Argonian.
Hostile Races: High Elf, Dark Elf.
Favourite City/Town: Solitude
Least Favourite City/Town: Whiterun
Favourite Daedra: None
Least Favourite Daedra: Scout
Favourite Divine: None.
Least Favourite Divine: Rather not say.
Main Weakness: Kindness.
Main Strength: Justice.
Goal in Life: To make the world a better place.
Why she was sent to jail: Imperial Soldier went infront of her blade during the kvatch crisis, Martin never forgave.

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Current char;

Name: Victor Midwinter
Gender: Male
Race: Imperial with some Breton heritage
Starsign: Lover (lol)
Class: Thief (more like assassin in play though)
Homes: Van Portable bedroll by the river
Favourite Land: Elsweyr
Best Friend: Glarthir
Worst Enemy: That one guard between Talos District and the Stables
Combat Preference: Sneak around snipe and stab people in the kidney
Combat Style: Sneak and snipe
Greatest Fear: Loss of power/control
Greatest Want: Power/sate curosity
Physique: Slender athletic
Level: 12
Joined Guilds/Factions: N/A yet
Enemy Guilds/Factions: Necromancers, Imperial Legion
Childhood: Grew up in Elsweyr among the cats, father was one of them pesky Daggerfallesque wizards too busy experimenting on populace and filthy daedra to raise half decent, heck knows about mom, was prob a wizzy too
Teenage: Supposed to be in training for conjuration, decided to ditch class and be a rascal with a bunch of Renrijra Krin wannabe kitties instead
Prefered Food: Cheese poofs
Disliked Food: Shepard's Pie
Favourite Arrow Type: Anything light
Favourite Blade Type: Dagger
Spells: Charmeleon, summon scamp (and run away)
Friendly Races: Khajiit, Breton, Imperial
Neutral Races: Near everything else
Hostile Races: Sloads, centaurs, minotaur, lamia, daedra, dremora and so on
Favourite City/Town: Imperial City
Least Favourite City/Town: Anvil
Favourite Daedra: Morphoid Daedra
Least Favourite Daedra: Daedroth (the big scaley lizard thing)
Favourite Divine: Dibella
Least Favourite Divine: Stendarr
Main Weakness: Can't take a hit
Main Strength: Clever sneakiness
Goal in Life: Gaining power
Why he was sent to jail: Stole from a watch captain on a dare and got caught

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Name: lonewolf
Gender: female
Race: born from a stone
Starsign: the serpent
Class: custom
Homes: none
Favourite Land: valenwood
Best Friend: undead
Worst Enemy: meridia
Combat Preference: close quarter combat
Combat Style: slash and run
Greatest Fear: none known
Greatest Want: rule the cyrodiil
Physique: fast and durable
Level: 43
Joined Guilds/Factions: none
Enemy Guilds/Factions: all guilds and factions
Childhood: spent on jail
Teenage: same as above
Prefered Food: human heart and mort flesh
Disliked Food: sweetrollllllllllll
Favourite Arrow Type: arrow of cleansing (steel arrow with enchanted fire damage)
Favourite Blade Type: all blades
Spells: drain health, absorb health and damage health
Friendly Races: elves, all hail aldmeri dominion
Neutral Races: orcs
Hostile Races: all races except above
Favourite City/Town: none, burn them allllll
Least Favourite City/Town: none
Favourite Daedra: jyggalag
Least Favourite Daedra: mehrunes dagon
Favourite Divine: i hate them all
Least Favourite Divine: none
Main Weakness: fire damage
Main Strength: resistance to frost, shock, poisons, diseases and bladed weapons
Goal in Life: kill all divines worshippers
Why she was sent to jail: stole gray fox mask and put it on in front of guards



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Name: Othyan Helvalu
Gender: male
Race: Dunmer
Starsign: mage
Class: guardian(all magic schools plus blade)
Homes: main one-Hoarfrost castle,plus vanilla Waterfront,Chorrol,Anvil,and Frostcrag Spire
Favourite Land: Jerall Mountains with Arboretum retexture mod
Best Friend: with all the good factions
Worst Enemy: highest rank dremora from MMM(telkyn,ravkyn,solkyn)

Combat Preference: magic
Combat Style: conjuration with destruction,plus alteration,illusion,mysticism,and alchemy for defense,

throwing in some blade as well;restoration for healing,and buffing\healing summoned creatures

Greatest Fear: being heavily over encumbered,and surrounded by tough enemies in Oblivion

Greatest Want: peace in Cyrodill
Physique: slender
Level: 46
Joined Guilds/Factions:Mages guild,Knights of the nine,Nine divines,Archeology guild,The Order of the Virtuous

Enemy Guilds/Factions: daedra,mythic dawn,necromancers,vampires,undead,bandits
Childhood: orphan,parents unknown
Teenage: adopted and raised by family in Balmora,left Morrowind to seek his fortune

after the blight ended

Prefered Food: most available

Disliked Food: pumpkin
Favourite Arrow Type: none,he doesn't need them
Favourite Blade Type: long blade,preferably enchanted with fire damage,currently using the sword of

the crusader

Spells: master level spells,most often used destruction-shock and fire spells,either on touch or on target,plus some strong

custom spells

Friendly Races: nearly all
Neutral Races: High elfs for their stuck up attitude

Hostile Races: dremora
Favourite City/Town: Chorrol
Least Favourite City/Town: Hackdirt,otherwise he doesn't have any
Favourite Daedra: Azura
Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon
Favourite Divine: Julianos
Least Favourite Divine: None
Main Weakness: frost magic,he doesn't wear anything enchanted with resistance to frost or frost shield

Main Strength: the power of magic,variety of spells for every occasion
Goal in Life: fame and fortune
Why he was sent to jail: framed for crime he didn't commit


Picture of my character is added to new eyes for OCO v 2,in user images part.

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