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Day Dreams of a Spaced out Old Man


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I've been eating blueberries and my memory is better.  Not so puzzled about what other people post.  Not so puzzled about the age old question, "Why am I here?"

I visit this post and every time I am at my computer desk.  Not here!

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Here I am thinking up a tale that I would share that has some part with which all my readers would be familiar.  Every time I begin again I understand where I departed from a story.  I understand if I jump ahead by writing more, but almost completely another story; that confuses me myself.   I find myself wondering where I got that new story and it confuses me then, as much as it does my friends.

So, from where I last was I must, now, consider leaving a path connecting the last story I wrote with the next.

Learning all the details abouit becoming a writer is... necessary.

I am a Student again!  I thought that once I graduated I wouldn't have to study anymore.  I thought I wa a Know it All.

Here I go again.  Studying as Spring devises a new beginning, from after Winter makes it final phase of snow to dot the air for young tongues to capture and learn how snow tastes.

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I remembered a story while I was waking up from dreaming.

We had a book full of rhymes and songs to help little girls remember stuff.  Me, being a boy, I was not far away, I was butting heads with Billy Goat Gruff when I heard it.

Two Little Skunks


There were two little skunks
Named "In" and "Out."
One day In was out
And Out was in.
The mother skunk asked
Out to go out and bring In in.
So Out went out and
Brought In in.
"How did you find In so fast?"
She asked.
Out just smiled and said, "Instinct."

I woke up laughing, because I finally got it.  After reading this I realized it was for little girls. 

I checked my boxer shorts to see if I was missing anything. ;- }

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Hey!  Mythology Fans.  If you're looking for a reason to travel or you live in the neighborhood.

A new display that is being shown on May 23rd for members will be available for us lovers of Mythological stories and beings afterward the members have seen it.  A life size Dragon and a life size Unicorn are two of the attractions.

Get on your magic carpets, flying horses, and trained dragon and plan a visit to 

Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana

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Another path I have found,

it too

did not bring me around

to the lane where

I was bound

and remember.

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My direction has changed.

My focus is again


I must build anew

what it was I thought

was assured that is not.

My hands are beginning to work again.

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I'm sorry if you had started to see a map and suddenly the account was deleted.  The posts I made are still there so you can pick up where you left off, to them.  Just by looking under the title Deleted54170User instead of Pagafyr now.

I'm glad you informed me about your getting upset because you thought I had moved and was going to post them again somewhere else.  There was no point in moving them.  So the threads you found those clues in are a click away by going to the thread and looking for your links that Deleted54170User is now the Username for.

A good treasure hunter always makes a map in their journal so their know where they've been.  They know their way through the forum mapping it too.  So, Now you know where the thread is you were looking at and hopefully mapped on your journal.

You're only a step away from one discovery and the treasure I left for you.  With it I left a new lead for the one I am still looking for.

The posts and threads are still good for anyone who might decide to follow up next so they get something you shared.  Meet you at the last resort on the way home.  I am set up to go through the Ptarmigan Tunnel on my own adventure for a couple of weeks hiking through the mountains.  The place was so overgrowded last year when the park opened any hope of getting to it without a bunch of peeps crowded around I could get to it.  Once I am on the other side of the mountains tunnel I will be in Canada.  Yeah I got my passport renewed; so no problem.

The one you're after isn't on the course I am taking.  After you have gained the experience to do this kind of adventuring, you'll be good to be on your own...

Happy Trails to you.  Until we meet again.

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I had writers block.  So dark is the realm of when, where the door to worlds we have been, we are kept apart from those whose hearts beat as one when we meet.  Our stories filled with friends, adventures there too, and places we meet in the light  Together again instead.  Writers block is a darkness, that creeps in around the door frame and sleep is unsettled so we get no rest because of it giving us our yearnings.

With the new computer at my estate I will close my eyes to sleep.  Dream the way dreams take us, so our body here gets a good nights rest.  Unless you're a night owl like me then a good days rest you will have.

Sweet Dreams!

The day will come again; that we are all close friends in one splendid dream.

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I hope all is well where you are family, friends, readers, story fabricators, and modders.  Nature is turning the tables so, for the first time in almost a half century we may reach temperatures in the highs so we can fry eggs on the sidewalks once again in August.  Yes!  I was a young man/child when I saw eggs cooked on sidewalks.

While many of you who are young that have had little knowledge of that distant past, I understand your worries.  The truth is the weather as it is, is reason enough to be concerned but it's hardly anything new.

While the dangers Nature is throwing at us are in different parts of the world then where it happened fifties years ago; it's nothing new.  For Nature's ways are always the same, the events are just in different places than the last.

As always...  It is our responsibility to keep our wits about us and fend for our lives against the dangers of Nature's ways.

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