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ok folk ,maybe someone out there in the land of the internet could help,


my issue; MODDING


WHAT I HAVE DONE: nexus mod manager installed


followed updated instructions for allowing the gaming client to run mods


downloaded a couple of mods


activated said mods and the mod manager indicated they were installed and running properly


then the game would not start


i then deactivated said mods and game wont start at all


went back and deleted the lines that i was instructed to wright and saved said files


game still didn't work


deleted the game from steam and redownloaded


so i figured i could just try again fresh start maybe i screwed up it happens


went back and followed the instructions again


but the problem is when i try to find the file marked "Fallout4custom.ini" IT DOES NOT EXIST


but here is the deal the game works now but i cant get to the right file to allow modding WTF did i do?...........please help a noob

Fallout4Custom.ini is located in documents>MyGames>Fallout4 if it's not there you done f*cked up m8. If you delete your local files and reinstall fallout 4 I don't think it will delete/reinstall the Fallout 4 files in my games, I did a reinstall once and it didn't delete any of my save files which are also located there. maybe deleting those files too and then reinstalling will fix it? If none of this was helpful someone please let me know and I'll get rid of this comment, I don't mean to fill the tutorial tread with useless crap

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Thanks Necrocytosis, for putting this together and getting it stickied. Great start, hopefully it fills to bursting with good resources.


A couple of tutorials from my Bookmarks:


[user Interface / HUD]


How to make a custom UI by editing HUDMenu.swf by Goomashroom

tools used:
B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor
JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler




[Modeling, Textures]

Tutorial - Using Alpha Transparency to Create New Stuff by dragbody

tools used:

Gibbed's Fallout 4 Tools

NifSkope 2.0.0 pre-alpha



Tutorial adding Custom meshes to Fallout 4 by tumbajamba

Tools needed (copied from mod description page)



Tools needed:
1) 3DS Max 2016(should work with older version but I haven't test it). If you are a student you can get your free version of Max directly from the homepage:

2) 3DS Max nif plugin with fallout 4 support:

3) Nifskope NifSkope 2.0 Pre-Alpha 4 with initial fallout 4 support:

4) (optional) Blender for you dear blender fans like myself

5) (optional) Blender NIF plugin with fallout 3 or skyrim support:

or use the old Belnder version 2.49 which has more stable nif tools(This version is what i use)






Guide to FOMOD scripting by nyrb based on work by kaburke

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Hey guys, I am extremely new to modding and was wanting to create my own custom gun (model) and import it into FO4 as a standalone weapon. I've watched some tutorials on how but none of them were for FO4 specifically and did not go into detail on what parts of the model need to be seperate, or how to map it to vanilla reload and firing animations/import the object into the creation kit. I'm not sure which tutorials to go to in this post that would make a good starting point. Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated! Looking forward to seeing a STG-44 in FO4 :smile:.

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Still no tutorial for modding/creating new animations, Anyone can guide on how to create/modify current animations?

This is what I got so far... but i'm stuck.

1. export the animatinos from the .ba2 files
2. convert the hkx to kf
3. use 3d max to create the animation
4. convert the kf to hkx
5. create the folder on the correct path file to be replaced where it should be..
I"m Stuck on step2...
any help or guidance will work. Thanks
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A basic, just-the-necessities, guide for creating a settlement mod in Creation Kit.


It needs to be made pretty, and proofread/tested a few more times, but at least it gets the basics out there.


Don't suppose you can give me the skinny on the missing parts of the InitializeLocation quest, could you? I can't get my settlement to be detectable.

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Converting OBJ to usable NIF files, converting is possible with both blender and Maya, contrary to your post.

But only if you are using outfit studio. There is no import/export plugins for either of those. Anyway, this is worth adding to the list ^^



You don't need Outfit Studio to use Blender. Bethesda released Elrich.exe (in the FO4 Tools folder). Export .nif from Blender (using the latest Gamebryo .nif exporter), use Elrich to convert it from Skyrim to FO4 friendly format.

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