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Yes, there isn't a way to turn it off on the forums, yet.


The new bar is or was active already for DA and FO3 Nexus as well, though there is no site news entry for both - from the text of the announcement, I take it, the feature activation for all 3 sites wasn't intended @ activation after 24 hours for da and fo3 if all goes well.

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Yes, there isn't a way to turn it off on the forums, yet.

Well, actually, I did not see it until I told the "NoScript" addon for Firefox to allow "googleapis.com" so if you have that addon, blocking google might do the trick and make the forum run faster for you.


EDIT: Just saw this posted:


Ok I've now modified the forum so that turning the bar off on the Nexus sites also turns it off on the forums.


Note: If you've already turned the bar off on the site you'll need to turn the bar off again on the site in order for it to turn off on the forums. Just change it back to "yes" then back to "no" again.




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I looked, and this seems to be the best place to put this. Anyway, Every DL link i click on for TESnexus has been a broken link. I was getting mods earlier but now it's just saying site error, The link is broken. I've tried multiple links from diffrent lists, but nothing. Thoughts?
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I just tried a couple of them, and while I didnt go ahead and make the download, I could connect to the servers and connect to the file.

Try again :wink:


If it still fails, then it's something on your side thats causing the problem. :sad:


Edit- ah heh. Well... after continued testing, yeah. Some of the files are offline. Some are not.


I know that they upgraded the servers very recently. It would most likely be a case of them just not being online yet. Server updates.

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