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Looks great. The code was updated to account for non-list items in the middle of a list by using colon character after the pound sign.



# List 1
# List 2
#: Note about list 2
#: Another note about list 2
# List 3
# List 4

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Oh thanks. Forgot the wiki formatting to do that.

No problem. I had to look that up on one of my tutorials a long time ago to figure out how to do it. When you asked how to do it, I had already forgot...so I started looking through my tutorials to find the one that did it...boy, that took a while. I probably should have googled the answer for a quicker result. lol.

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the animation tutorial dosnt work on wiki




this i get everythime, and i even tried with different settings






this exporter work with this animation tutorial


figment post



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