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[LE] Skyrim Tutorials

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Ill quick write how to import custom armor meshes and put them into the game using the creation kit....


first create a new set of folders in the skyrim dirrectory

skyrim >data >meshes >armor >imperial(or whatever) >f or m

put your armor nifs in there. both _1 and _0 or slider may not work

this is the only way I know how to get custom models into the CK



next go into the CK and copy an armor (I used armorimperiallightcuirass)

go to the new copy > right click > edit (armorimperiallightcuirassCOPY000)



in the 3rd column (under the male and female world objects) there is a box, titled "models"

double click on the model in there and a new window will open

go to the top and look at the ID. (remember the origional name) .. for this ill say imperiallightcuirassAA

rename it to whatever you want.. for this ill say i renamed it to "BLAH"

click ok, a prompt will ask if you want to creat a new form.... CLICK YES

now that window will close.


right click under the model section and click new

in the new window, look for origion and renamed model. if both are there you are in good shape.

click on your renamed model and click ok

now, delete the origional model name. right click > delete

double click on your new model name and a new window will open


In the new window there are 2 sections male and female

next to biped model there a button that say "select"

click select and brows through the directory you created earlier.

select the _1 nif and a new window will open, just click ok.


you can also change the first person mesh in this area as well.


after that, click ok and were back at the other window again.

here you make other changes

when done here click ok, it will ask you if you want to creat a new form, for this CLICK NO, then yes on next prompt

now you have a new standalone armor :)


if you want a replacer, just dont creat a copy of the item, use the origional :)




ID: make sure this is different from the origional and from the model ID

NAME: Make sure this is different from the origional (this is how it will appear in game)


the tutorial provided by the creation kit wiki will help you get it craftable and improvable

just remember to refrence your new object ID for the crafting/temporing portions.


Hope this helped and sorry it was a quicky :)

slider will also work, so now worries there about just loading the _1 nif in the CK

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I would like a tutorial on how to add a race. I think many people would like that. I currently added a race but only the head appears... no body at all, head is fine though. Anyone want to help by making a tutorial? I don't even need custom art I just want a new taller race of breton. but leave the regular bretons alone..


What I did was copy and pasted the "BretonRace" changed the new races name to what I want. left every thing else the same (for now just to see if it would work) and no body. Any help is appreciated. :)

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Bethesda has released this Creation Kit with no manual.

I want to know this:


1.how to create a follower (that follows*), meaning where can i find a description of the factions and relationships ect that make this possible.

1a. Are there any settings that together ruin an NPC mod?

1b. How do I create a Vendor, that is follower, and regular.


2. Where can I find a listing of existing NPC's using the Creation Kit...I would have assumed it was under Skyrim.esm, but I cant find Lydia...(I was hoping to use her as a model for characters in the future)


3. How can I fix the Preview Window for Object Edit, its so thin I cant see what im making...


I want to take a big s*** on Bethesda's Development team for releasing this without their manual, They HAVE to HAVE one, this is insane.

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This isn't much of tutorial, but I hope can share some learned information about creating Words of Power for shouts in the CK.


New Words for shouts just can't be any words; they're coded to be in the Dragon Language only so you have to follow the nomenclature set up to write the words.


Words of Power have their own section in the left hand menu of the CK. A new word field when making a new one with give you three boxes to fill to fill.


The first box is the ID which will always start with "Word" immediately followed by actual word with no spaces.


The next box; Name, is where you actually need to write the word properly with the dragon language nomenclature. It's not that hard to follow if you pay attention, though calling it the Name box kind of throws one off.


You can start with any letter of the alphabet, but after that you must use the coding for the language sounds that follow. Otherwise the game will not recognize the word and immediately CTD when you try to view the magic menu in game.


Sound(what it appears as) = What it should be coded as




















For instance, say I make up a Word, "Zoorah". In the Id box it would be "WordZoorah", but in the Name box it would be "Z8r4" This way the game will write it in the Dragon Language in game. Pretty neat.

The Third box is for whatever the word is really supposed to mean. So say that Zoorah translates into Spoon and put that there and it should appear that way in-game under the dragon language version.


Other sounds seem to written the way they appear. If you're unsure, just study the vanilla name list in the CK.

Judging by the Dragon Language at the UESP wiki, there's probably more language codes that aren't apparent to me yet, so don't take this as final. I imagine Bethesda will reveal the rest of these codes at some point on the CK wiki, but this a start for those who want to experiment with creating shouts.


I managed to create my own custom shout with new words:



My words are "Kah To Daas". (Although according to the wiki Kah is already translated to pride so I might have to change that later)


Edit: Correction; according to the UESP wiki there is no letter "C" in the Dragon Language so don't start any new words with C.

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A tutorial on how to create a creature follower would be nice. I have figured out everything from skills to race issues but the quest and dialogue still puzzles me. I would like to be able to just simply say "Follow me" and it start following, but even that is a pain atm.
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I'm having a major problem. EVERY time I save, the CK tells me that the file is in use, so I either create a new save or over-write a different previous save. Then, NONE of the stuff I've created and saved in "newsave" (for example) appears in the game. It also doesn't appear if I load in that specific data file. The only way to get all my stuff to re-appear in the CK is if I load multiple data files of my previous saved stuff. Am I just being a *censored* or is there a way round this very frustrating problem?


Thanks in advance,


Kebabyuchenko xxx

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can someone make a proper tutorial on setting up ore deposits and getting them to work right. the one on the creationkit site is incomplete and following it doesn't work its just makes a mine look shiny
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