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Use of the "Report" feature

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I would like to bring the "report" feature to the attention of members of the forums here. The report feature is an extremely useful feature for making sure moderators can get to the needy threads quickest and flush out the people who may have broken forum regulations, split up roleplaying threads or are generally being an annoyance.


When used, the report feature sends an email to all members of the moderation team (TBC - moderators, can you confirm this?). You can also supply the reason why the thread needs moderating and the culprit(s) involved.


Of course, if this feature is exploited for bad reasons, you'll be the culprit and liable to be slapped silly, or worse (seeing how it is our personal inboxes).


Tutorial: Reporting Uploaded Files

Tutorial: Reporting Member Posts

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some people are using it as a toy, and i'm getting reports of topics that are not worthy of reporting. I'd appreciate it if you just send reports that are necessary, not just for fun.



-The Raven-out

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If a thread is in the wrong section and needs to be moved should we report that too? or should we just let that happen naturally?
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