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Vortex Alpha Release


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In response to post #58709896. #58710216 is also a reply to the same post.

uglydemon wrote: Today Vortex prompted for an update (0.13.5 to 0.13.6). I clicked install and restart and the new version completely wiped out my Vortex/Fallout4/mods folder.

the folder path settings in the program are intact. As are the deployed mods in the data folder

Is there a way to fix that? I lost all the mods I spent a lot of time installing

Dark0ne wrote: Have you put your mods folder inside your Vortex installation folder by any chance?

If so, do NOT do this. More reading about it here. If not, please file a bug report!

Unfortunately yes. I didn't read that post. Edited by uglydemon
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More things to pay safely. Nothing is free.

I really do not care about any innovation at Nexus, why? because I'm only interested in mods, and the truth is, I waste my time with this nonsense, it makes me laugh.

Obviously, according to my idea, all these changes not requested, will be paid by the user, in the medium term we will be charged until the mod we download. At least that's how I see the innovation theme ...

Currently, I try to look for mods by other means, this site is no longer pleasant.


Google translate


Más cosas para pagar seguramente. Nada es gratis.

A mí la verdad no me importa absolutamente nada ninguna innovación en Nexus, por que? porque me interesan solamente los mods, y la verdad, perder el tiempo con estas tonterías, da risa.

Obviamente, según mi idea, todos estos cambios no pedidos, serán pagados por el usuario, a mediano plazo nos cobraran hasta el mod que bajemos. Al menos así veo encaminado el tema innovacion...

Actualmente, trato de buscar mods por otros medios, este sitio ya no es agradable.


Google translate

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In response to post #58741571.

Ashes2Asherz wrote: seems like more time went into this to develop a tool to sell premium accounts rather then being useful to manage mods.. MO is much more useful and all around better in every single possible way.. So using Vortex is pointless.

MO is for elitists.


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Once Upon A Time...


NMM was very good to me when I started getting into modding, then.... a dark time came. I updated it and it didn't like to remember how my profiles were, and carried over mod installs from previous profiles... it was a time when all who could weep (me)... did. Then came the conservation movement, and older practices were brought to light again (V. 0.62.2), the people (me) rejoiced and all was well....


However now new troubles arise (something about a 'game mode????), the people (me) know that perhaps 'Vortex' is the only answer to their (my) cries... only time (alpha/beta testing phases) will tell.


Or I'll learn to appreciate MO. THE END.

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In response to post #58644516. #58704201, #58708656 are all replies on the same post.

Rodjama wrote: Looking forward to the stable release! But for now, I value reliable gameplay with my fav games above anything else, so its persevere with NMM for now.
calscks wrote: true, stick with nmm for now. however, vortex needs feedbacks in order to improve as well. i'd say use vortex and nmm to check for its consistencies.
sopmac45 wrote: Hi Rodjama, I have been using Vortex since its released and it has not failed me ever .. my game is stable and if I have had some CTD's, those have been caused by some mods not by Vortex itself. I understand your point but you should give it a shot.

Vortex had another version released yesterday or today to fix more errors reported by users and it should now be working much better than before.

not for me unfortunately, because i'm a heavy modder myself where it could go beyond 400 mods. for instance, nmm allows you to choose which file to be overwritten and which shouldn't be between two conflicting mods -- vortex doesn't have this yet. i prefer manually sorting my plugins in my order -- vortex doesn't have that as well. therefore, vortex would be suitable for those who use lesser to medium amount of mods and unfortunately that excludes me. i won't blame anything nor anyone who, seemingly that vortex is currently being worked by one-man-team (apparently). I'd give it more time.
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Plea for a New Mod Category


On Nexus (Skyrim SE) there is a mod category "Quests & Adventures" (where sometimes " new lands" are incorporated but not always, such as in the case of the delightful "Helgen Reborn") Then there is a category "Locations - New" (usually without, understandably, quest-related content). Being always keen to expand my "Skyrim Experience", I regularly check the former category but not the latter since, despite the artistic creativity of such mods, for me they lack the "surprises" awaiting when there are quests to undertake!


Well, I certainly received a magnificent surprise when last week I downloaded, as a "new location", the mod "Orpheus Project". Were it not for the "ungainly" English (excusable since the mod author(s) obviously do not have this language as their mother-tongue and some of the text was not translated, thus proving unreadable), this mod could become an all-time classic and one of the very best "quests and adventures" mods produced for Skyrim. Congratulations to the author(s) on a novel, well rendered, concept. The mod just needs an "English expert" to correct the text.


There has been much criticism of this mod's "quality" (I plan to respond to this later), in which the orc struggle of Gothic is brought to Skyrim. The "chorus-like" blood-flies made me smile! However, having completed the mod in its entirety (except for accessing Xardas' Tower) without a single problem (no CTDs), simultaneously running "Alternate Start" and travelling between lands (world spaces), even having some of the Gothic NPCs as followers back in Skyrim, it has nevertheless raised an issue I believe ought to be addressed.


Restricting myself to 100 mods because I run an "ordinary" Win7 PC with no graphics card (having merely a graphics chip) and of which some 90 are "must have"; the remainder are the likes of "Orpheus Project" and which usually get removed when "finished" and replaced with new ones. Unlike "Enderal ", "Orpheus Project" does not "replace" Skyrim but, like "Beyond Skyrim - Bruma", for example, extends it. It is, as might be expected, a massive mod, being the equivalent of a DLC (a new world- space with a story-line quest, in which the player can move between world-spaces).


There are now over half-a-dozen of this type of mod, listed under a variety of categories, into which the authors have lovingly invested a great amount of time and expertise. By creating a specific mod category ("DLC-like"?) for such mods not only would authors be able to "showcase" their creations, but players would know what they are letting themselves in for (computing overhead, for instance) on downloading. They would be forewarned at the outset of what to expect and so, hopefully, stop them from castigating the authors when they discover that the newly downloaded mod causes problems with their 800 other installed mods! Opinions, please.


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In response to post #58506811. #58553056, #58573086, #58649681 are all replies on the same post.

Greg200 wrote: Have been using Vortex to reinstall FO4 after major computer crash and replacement. Have been very happy with it but have run into a couple of problems. The first and want appears to be rather important is my DLC files appear to to have a dependency issue. DLCWorkshop01 has loaded last throwing all except DLCRobot into a red warning sign. There does not appear to be anyway to manually reset these and LOOT does not do it either. Using red warning to reset user-list rule has no effect. Also, today for the first time I am getting LOOT cleaning symbols on these DLC that weren't there before.
Also, when I installed the BodySlide mod through Vortex it installed just fine, but for some reason when using this mod the texture files appear not to be recognized by the program and you get the "no image" body in the preview screen of BodySlide. I can see all of the .dds files in the texture folder, but they are showing up in BodySlide. Set up the BodySlide tool in Vortex and it too worked just fine except for the texture problem. Again I have enjoyed the ease of use of Vortex and hope it continues to improve and expand. Know there's always problem in new software development, just wanted to let you know what I have experienced to date. Anyone out there have ideas on how I can resolve these problems, would appreciate the info...thanks
sopmac45 wrote: I have that problem too. BodySlide is showing the body image but it does not respond to any function at all, so the body stays as it is regardless.
buzzbomb wrote: "Vortex contains a feedback and bug reporting system built in to the software, which can be access from the menu in the top-right corner. "

"If you post your bugs in the forums or elsewhere, without using the bug reporting tools in Vortex, it's honestly not helpful to us."

Not trying to be an ass, but at the moment that text is literally right above the head of your avatar.
calscks wrote: you can also report the problem through https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/Vortex. nexus mods has made vortex's source code available.
open an issue regarding to your problem from its issue tracker.

I too had this problem but resolved it by clicking on plugin tab and then clicking "Manage Dependencies" on toolbar. This allow me to set the DLCs in the proper load order.
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In response to post #58741571. #58754551 is also a reply to the same post.

Ashes2Asherz wrote: seems like more time went into this to develop a tool to sell premium accounts rather then being useful to manage mods.. MO is much more useful and all around better in every single possible way.. So using Vortex is pointless.
RopeSander wrote: MO is for elitists.



"MO is for elitists."


And cultists... :P

For the record, I don't have anything against MO, as such. It seems to be a fine manager. However, I find a lot of its fans to be excessively pushy and overzealous.
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