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Do not put mods/downloads into your Vortex install directory!


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Well, again, it's not like we have to agree, Vortex is your tool and this is ultimately your decision. I just give my opinion.


You prefer AppData, fine. But that leaves the question why you chose "Roaming".


I just can't count how many times I had to explain to people how to make "AppData" visible... Just so they can find the saved games of a certain game. Now we have to do the same for Vortex' mods. Oh well.

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Well, don't? Vortex has a "open in file manager" action on each mod that takes you directly to the directory, no reason to unhide appdata.


As to why I picked roaming, I think I already answered that: How (in a general case) is your mod setup specific to your current computer? If you use roaming profiles and you install Vortex on a second system, say your laptop, then you can use your mods on that PC as well. That makes it not-system-specific.

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Sorry, missed the part where you commented on "roaming". My bad (and I'm always the one to tell people to read more carefully ... :dry: )


I'm not sure if I'd be happy if all my mods (usually multiple GB of data) would be automatically transferred to my notebook. The game itself including it's data directory certainly isn't. As a matter of fact, in the company I work for, we use roaming profiles. And one of the primary goals is to keep the roaming part of the profile as small as possible - because the syncing is taking unbelievably long otherwise.


And I wonder (haven't tried it)... the actual game profile are shared as well, aren't they? But how can that work, if the game installations are most definitely independent on separate machines?

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All this is making assumptions on the system setup, this has nothing to do with where the files are supposed to go. The decision between local and roaming is about the nature of the data being stored there, not what I predict where and how the user is going to use his computer.

There is no rule or convention to say how large the data in appdata/roaming is allowed to be.


Roaming can be configured to exclude certain directories. If you use roaming profiles and you don't want vortex to roam with it, you can just exclude Vortex using group policies.

However, if I place vortex in local and you actually do want it to roam with your profile it doesn't work. In that case you could be rightfully angry at me for disabling the feature - based on an assumption of how users use their computer.


The fact remains: the vortex data by its nature is not system specific (there is a standard location for game installations), it can roam with your profile and it may make sense to do it, so it belongs to appdata/roaming.

And how you use the roaming feature is your (or your system administrator's) business, not mine.

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I don't have mods in Vortex install folder, they're still gone after Vortex updated without asking me...


Edit: Files are still in D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Mods\Vortex\Fallout4\Mods but Vortex Mods tab is blank. wat.


Edit2: I had used the search bar in Mods tab to look for one specific mod. I have closed Vortex after this and it even updated after that and the search filter persisted so my Mods tab looked blank. That was not ideal behaviour, very confusing. Search filter should at least clear when the app is closed..

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When Vortex updates to a new version it removes and replaces the previous installation directory. If you have your mods/downloads stored there they will be deleted.

This is not a bug in Vortex, it will not/can not be fixed. The vortex install directory is intended for application files only, you should not put anything else in there.

The same is true if you played around with bundled extensions or localisations: backup those files!


If you have such a setup (e.g. mods stored in C:\Program Files\Black Tree Gaming Ltd\Vortex\mods\skyrim) you have to move your mod&download directories before the next update.


Future versions of Vortex will warn about such setups being wrong but there is nothing we can do to leave such a setup intact on update if it's already in place.





Pay attention to some details, when you are explaining how to set the PATHS in the program, the information itself is MISLEADING, you are providing as an example path D:\VORTEX\SKYRIM\MODS

That is exactly THE WRONG EXAMPLE you are telling indirectly the user to keep the mods where the vortex is installed.



I Just started vortex to find out all my mods are gone!!! I have set a custom path in D:\TOOLS\VORTEX\



WHAT COULD I DO NOW to recover my mods? should I reinstall them by hand??? is there a way to find them?

Also why the deleted files are not in the recycle bin neither??

aggggghhh please give me an advice on how to recover at least.


Please tell me that vortex keeps a list of previously installed mods or something I had more than 80 mods installed .... HELP!!???


EDIT: I've just saw this MESSAGE! I do not know how did I triggered it!! what should I do on each of the mods??



I could use this somehow to recover the lost mods??? help!!

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guess what? i am one of the guys that had vortex point the mods and downloads folder within the application and it let me do it.

updating from 0.14.1 to 0.14.3 deleted the both folders. being an it staff professional makes it more embarassing.


@me: yes, you should known it better.


i actually did or have it with every game drm client or mod manager and they did it by themself or let me manage games and mods that way.

from valve's steam, ea's origin, blizzard's battlenet to mod managers like moddb dessura and your NMM: Download and Content being within the application folder. so i did the same with Vortex.


i have a hard time to understand, that this can't be handled easily. did read furhter up that its only due to ressource issues "not being worthy to spend effort on it or difficult to fullfil". well i have to assume that implementing an folder exclude rule in the de- and installation routine can't be easily achived wiht the code or framework you are using.


there are many games that even set i.e save folder within the appliction folder and when uninstalling it leaves the save folders behind. even newer games. but this is a question of philosophy and/or crossplattform support: put the user content in the micosoft windows given variables thus being in need of programming two code branches. one for ms and the other mac or linux. or placing them within the application folder and thus only the need of one code branch.


as stated vortex didn't prevent me from setting the path within application. preventing the user from doing it or excluding the folders from being deleted would, in my opinion, take the same amount of effort. the easiest would be to place a line beloow the foder pathes stating: "if you set the folder wihtin the application be aware that you will loose your content".


so lessons learned. took me 4h hours to install and configure my moded fallout 4 with my 100 mods.

and the mods and downloads folder is now pointing to my document library where my windows built in "previous versions" function backs them up to my NAS Filer. No, i don't have a domain controller with roaming profile :wink:

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so lessons learned. took me 4h hours to install and configure my moded fallout 4 with my 100 mods.



How did you get the exact list to re/download them?

There has to be a backup list in VORTEX somewhere


Can anyone provide advices on how to recover from this situation? even if that means a manual re-download and re-install of all mods I need to know where to get a list of all I had...or maybe there is a better/quick way.

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How did you get the exact list to re/download them?

There has to be a backup list in VORTEX somewhere



luckily I track all the mods on nexus i actively use. knowing i would need such plan. so i knew what to download.

to know how i installed them over an year ago was the harder challange. but thanks to my elefantbrain i remembered :smile:


and the other thingy was the load order list i exported from NMM before porting to vortex.

sadly Vortex has no such function.


and last but not least starting up my save file checking what ESPs are missing and double check my installation.


oh, and nexus has a download history too. the challange there is to know what you actually kept vs tried out and deleted.

and i'm not aware of any vortex backup list.


EDIT: hm.... try out this path:


goto "Game Foldername" than "profiles"


there is a loadorder.txt and plugins.txt stored.

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