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The first thing to look for as a newbie to modding Fallout 3 is the FAQ. I am a newbie, but when I click the link here:



"Category: Modding Fallout 3


Question: How do I install mods?

Answer: Follow the tutorial called Installing Mods."


(in the OP), I get a blank page?


Has the tutorial found a new home?

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Hello. I'm sagan1976 and i'm new to these forums and a true noob when it comes to modding. I've played Fallout 3 over and over on console but i've always been passionate about all the modding resources i've seen on youtube. Now that i have a copy of Fallout 3 for PC i'm going to give it a shot. I found a very useful tutorial on Youtube (

, that's Part 3) to help me through it but i have some noobish questions to ask. Here goes:


- I've been tinkering around with FO3, installing and playing and what not and i got the usual "Ordinal 5360 dll" error. So, i decided to start all over again today. First question: game's original but i got all the DLC's through "it whose name you cannot mention" in .exe format. From what i read around, you cannot install them unless you patch the game to 1.7, right?


- Second question: is Live Games mandatory? I've read about a tool that disables the need to connect to Live.


I've read and understood the dual and quad-core workaround. I already had some crashes due to the fact that i play on a dual core laptop. I will install the game outside "/Programs", All i really need (for know, i hope) is an instruction on how to proceed. Open the game, set the options, change the .ini file, patch, open the DLC .exe into the Fallout 3 folder and mod away, is this the right procedure?


Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text...


User banned for piracy of DLC content - TVD.

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If anyone could help me with this, you will be my hero!


OK, so I placed my cavewater in my underground cavern. I set the Water Noise Texture to use the only one I had, one from the Mothership Zeta Crew mod, a light rippling effect (unless I am wrong).

I set reflections and refractions of objects which would reasonably appear reflected in the cavewater and checked that each section of water held all reflections equally and none were neglected.


I carefully placed lights. Some ambient, some source lighting such as lamps and cave fungus glow. I set the lights individually to also be reflected in the water. I then marveled at how lovely the whole thing looked. I checked from all angles to see if it looked incomplete and I was very happy with my first attempt at creating realistic water. I even made some new cave fungus lights of psychedelic colors just because it is fitting of the mod I am making, in terms of color palette.


THEN, when I play it on FO3 to test everything in-game. All the lights are gone.


I open GECK up again, and sure enough, the light's no longer emit. They are there, the reflections of the light is even there, but the light given off by the light items are no longer being generated. I checked and they are not initially disabled. I checked and all reflections/refractions are still there.


Please can someone tell me what I did wrong, or how to fix this?


EDIT - This questions has been answered here (thanks again Prensa)

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Quote: This is NOT a question-asking thread. You asking a question is not considered a "frequently asked question" and will not be added to this list unless it really is asked a lot by people.


Could you add a response that informs users where they can post infrequently asked questions?

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