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[1.0] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Miscellaneous [0.0[0]


A great big military-refugee column moved as ghosts in mid air. They travelled surrounded by a soft, shimmering, mist that helped obscure the phantoms even more.


The vehicles were mostly basic civil electric, or hybrid electrics, with some bigger atomic ones that were not 'atomic' in the old fashion.


Great big warmachines of heavy weapons, and armour, protected the refugees often carried in atomic army transports along with wounded soldiers not always being human. All major WW4 Factions were presented there as were many minor ones and the factionless masses.


The vast column snaked through the Wastelands and even the most aggressive monsters did not attack it for what was the point of wasting precious survival energy in doing so. Rogue robots glitched, temporarily, freezing in place. Mutiradghouls fled or hid including even the normally berserker mutighoulers.


It was near impossible to gain an accurate account of how many vehicles were in the column let alone individual entities but for the first it was in the few millions and the latter over a billion.


The column moved on and as it did it somehow gathered up more 'ghosts' of entities and machines.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [15.1[18]


The Babbabs, as led generally by the Goldbabs, now numbered 13 Goldbabs, 39 Silverbabs and 169 Copperbabs that normally used special floating-flying bubbles; they used them to get places and to carry out tasks, each being either colour coded or bland, depending if they wanted to show up their 'ranking status'.


So the Babbabs worked, played, relaxed, and did other things in the CelestiOnoyes Octagonus Section along with the RainbowTinzi SangaScavvers Section. Splinterclones worked closely with them and the Tricybies adored them as they did Shefemma and others.


Reynes moved gracefully through the great chamber now known as OctagonSactuaryAlpha or just SanctuaryAlpha. It was now BITO (bigger inside than out) but not vastly so. Crops, groves and orchards, grew well along with semiwilderness. The biggest surprise, in its own way, was the unexpected increase in people, of different kinds, be they humans, animans, smartandroids of the mandroid type being manufactured, or others generally and a few more exotic.


Where had they come from?


The small Rainbowbaby figure, chubby muscular in a rainbow jumpsuit like garb, was suddenly sitting on her right shoulder almost as if he had always been there. She spoke. "Me is RainbowAvatar come from the Rainbodo which is transmultidimensional. Extra people and other thingies came from the Rainbodo, from safe secure compression storage being in status. Gosh, it is very fancy stuff stuff! RainbowTinzi loves you already!"


Reynes smiled. "Reynes love RainbowTinzi already! I felt all tingly, and 'shifted', for about three seconds when I was in the mid chamber of the airlock like entrance to this place."


The rainbow coloured avatar responded. "This is now the Outermost Rainbodo as supported not only by RainbowTinzi but by still little bit cranky CelestiOnoyes." She gave Reynes a dramatic, 'subtle', wink by one eye and then the other as if to make sure that Reynes 'got it'. "Time goes faster here than outside of here so you could manufacture here those 23 devices, that CelestiOnoyes wants you to make for her, much faster! Hint, hint, hint!"


Reynes smiled. "Then it shall be done but it may take time to move the already assembled manufactory that we..."


With a sparkling shimmer the mentioned manufactory materialised and with it one confused human techi who fell down to the ground. He shimmered and was, then, apparently just fine.


Reynes sighed. "Maybe, just maybe, CelestiOnoyes could be a little less hasty' and a little more cautious, in future."


The Rainbowbaby avatar gave a big, long, melodramatic sigh. "Me wish you good luck when even RainbowTinzi has difficult getting her to slow down. Those gadgets, what ever they are, are very important as far as CelestiOnoyes is concerned. RainbowTinzi does not know what they are for and does not want to think about it."


Reynes nodded. "Very soon the first ones will be completed."


So it was to happen with two more minimanufactories being added to the first along with other tech of network-systems. Each one focused on making some of the 23 types of items. They had to be refined, often in ways puzzling to those making them, before CelestiOnoyes started to make them vanish away; where they went to, and what was done with them, was just part of what the Rainbowbaby was not discussing.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [16.1[19]


The intense, white bright light, with a secondary aspect of rainbow light, swept through the Octagonbase and beyond in some ways; it went through everybody and everything. When the awakening took place, over three days had gone past and while changes had taken place, most were of a more subtle kind.


The formerly dangerous bioplastic manufacturing machine, being based on stolen Plastbiomass material from the Plastbioship, was not only producing safe items but doing so in a slow-steady manner. The Rainbowman Envoy came forward to explain that the Celestibaby needed XFARIA's assistance to further refine, along with Octagonus-Octagonnet's help, to further define her ultratech devices of 23 kinds. Each was partly bioplastic form, being now made by the formerly dangerous product making machine, and partly one of the 23 manufactured items but needed more additions.


CelestiOnoyes admitted that she was being guided by a more powerful version of her own kind that she called 'mummy' and was learning important lessons as was RainbowTinzi. One was working less aloofly, more fairly and efficiently, with mortals and other NonCelestials. She even needed to work better with Cestrials who were the lowest levels of Celestials but highly valuable because they linked the Greater Celestialdom with NonCelestials; there were many NonCelestials at the very edges of being so and other powerful entities who were quite separate, and different, from them. Still, mostly there was the vast oceans of mortals of different kinds.


The 23 types of creations were to help CelestiOnoyes to deal with a Shadogloite threat that was of one of the Dimensiongloite Factions of the Dimensionite Realms. That is a Shadoglolord with less powerful Shadowlords serving her. Yet, behind them all, was a Celestigod threat of a rogue Celestifant (Celestial Infant).


So began an intense, cooperative, push to get CelestiOnoyes what she needed as from the process rose, in the end, more than 23 celestitech, type ultratech devices, being three 13s times 13, plus a bonus 13 supertech devices.


The bonus 13 types were supertech supervatarcells built as 1,300 actual devices of very special, versatile, use. Each could be used to project somebody, or something at a fairly limited distance as a 'holovatar' (holographic avatar) of differing types. Not everybody, or everything, could be so projected and some were more effectively so.


At first only 13, of each type variant, of the 29 type of celestitech devices, were created. The first 169 celestitech devices were detection devices against against powerful, exotic, threats. The second 169 celestitech devices were defensive mechanisms . The third 169 were counter attack oriented against the same kinds of threats.


Only two days, after the 507 ultratech devices had been completed, and were operating around the edges of the Octagonbase, there came a brutal, alien, attack against it.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [17.1[20]


XFARIA turned out to have only a minority of well skilled, highly experienced, fighters amongst them. As solid, visible, holovatars they were powerarma figures using exotic energy, melee, weapons that worked with holoprojection of that kind. Great, glowing, blades cut through shadowlings that were summoned creatures. They were of 'pale black', upside down teardrop shapes sprouting 13 tentacles from top to end of tapering tails. As they floated through the air, they fired off energy splash weapons at the XFARIAns, and splinterclones, or lashed out with extending whiptentacles.


Splinterclone soldiers were fighting as holovatars being many more than the XFARIAns there. Each, of the three squad13s, fought with amazing cooperation and yet flexibly. They struck at the single, thing, linktentacle sticking up from the top of each shadowling and upon destroying any, caused the teardrop creatures to flee from battle; why, it seemed that the shadowlings were being used as expendable, weaker, fighters being controlled through those linktentacles. It was easier done than just killing the attackers and more effective for fleeing shadowlings got in the way of charging ones.


The light flashed out, through the ranks of the driven attackers and they changed!


The battle ended with out the need of the use of any of the 507 new ultratech devices.


Phillipe stood there, in amazement, examining the new octagonlings, rainbowlings and celestilings, there being roughly the same amount of each. Giving the impression of rejuvenation, enhancement, and even augmentation they were soon heading off to serve the Octagonus, CelestiOnoyes or RainbowTinzi. More of them kept coming, having been caught by the flash of light even before they could attack.


The Rainbowman stood there, next to him. "This was a test, by the real enemy, of CelestiOnoyes' current power capacity and her abilities including that of transformation. It was, for even a Celestibaby of the Celestigods, a straight forward trick. CelestiOnoyes could have tried to trick the enemy by not doing any transforming but she felt sorry for the shadowlings dying for a cause hostile to them. Yet in doing so, in using precious energy in the process, CelestiOnoyes has attempted the get the true enemy to assume she has more energy to spare than she really does."


Phillipe smiled. "How extremely clever of her! Now we must try hard to make sure that the celestial sweetie has extra energy to use if ever arises the need to do so."


The Rainbowman smiled. "CelestiOnoyes greatly appreciates your words and has decided that it is time for you XFARIAns to meet with one of her prime avatars." Then he vanished away almost as if he had never been there.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [17.2[21]


Yvonne came up to him in her own holovatar shapeform. "It's time we communicated more closely with the splinterclones; they might provide us with more information about the two amazing transdimensional babies."


Phillipe responded casually. "The splinterclones are very deeply loyal to CelestiOnoyes and RainbowTinzi just as the loyalty goes the other way. We would be better off trying to meet with the two Celestial Entities first."


The Russian sighed. "I need to show you something ASAP (as soon as possible)! That is after we stop using the holovatar network-system. I got information from a mysterious source, in the old fashioned way of an envelope being pushed into my mailbox!"


'Mail' in the Octagonbase was delivered through a special autorobotic network-system most often used to send important documents and other items.


Phillipe gave her a grave look. "Very well!"


They made plans together!

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [18.1[22]


Octagonbase changes made through, by, the flash of white energies with some rainbow inclusion.


Now the Octagonbase is a transdimensional zone with 13 enlarged sections being each of 13 subsections making 169 subsections in all. Officially they are:


Section01/13 serves CelestiOnoyes and her immediate people. Octagonus is based primarily in his own subsection of that section. The area of RainbowTinzi, and her peoples including the SangaScavvers, is outside of any of the main sections but is heavily anchored to Section01/13. It is part of the Octagonbase.

CelestiRainbowHome is anchored here that is part of an expanding, evolving, CelestiRainbowWorld.

Subsection01/13a is the base of Octagonus as linked to the Octagonnet.


Section02/12 is central to the Octagonnet but is also Octagonnet's technical service support.


Section03/11 is Octagonnet's secondary, general and specialised, network-systems.


Section04/10 is now known as the Splinterbase of the splinterclones.


Section05/09 is the XFARIAbase with subsections for xenodata archives, xenodata formulation, xenodata based research and investigations based activity along with secondary areas.


Section06/08 is a great museum, library, gallery and related subsections being linked to Predoomsday history.

TSubsection06/08d: the OctagonZoo.


Section07/07 is a great big storage section of spare E&S being mostly general, partly special and least most elite or even less so exotic.


Section08/06 is for miscellaneous use such as manufacturing, processing, warehouse storage and much else.


Section09/05 has become a great big zoo, garden, rest-relaxation and other uses zone.


Section10/04 is research, development and prototype manufacturing along with related.


Section11/03 is sealed off and lightly secret in nature.


Subsection 11/03a was a great open chamber, apart from massive support pillars and archways, showing the Celestibaby's various attempts at doing celestial child art forms.

Subsection 11/03c was taken up by over 3,000 troubled, encapsulated, splinterclones.


Section12/02 is sealed off and moderately secret in nature.


Section13/01 is sealed off and heavily secret in nature.


Octagonnet was the AIsupercomputer, supercomputer, network of network-systems plus other aspects that include direction-coordination-supervision, ventilation, water, recycling, storage, security, communications, mail delivery, quarantine, safety and multiple other aspects. Most were open in their existence while others are secretive to different degrees.


OctaAIsmart: At the very core of Octagonnet was a true AI, not to be confused with an AIsupercomputer. The secretive core was a far more powerful AImegacomputer but the true AI was the AIsmartcomputer of quantum quality often known as OctaAIsmart.


Between the Octagonbase, and the rest of the Greater Octagon, was the 3D Octagonbase Rimzone that was a safety, security, defence and quarantine buffer zone. It was also of transdimensional regulation in design and function.


Beyond that lay the truly massive rest of the Greater Octagon. There were only strong hints of what was there such as a list of terms being the GrandOctagon, the OpalOctagon, the SecretOctagon, the ShadowOctagon, OctagonCity, the OctagonVoid, the OctagonMatrix, the OctagonNexus and even the MultiOctagon.


Complicated as the list was there was no certainty to whether they all meant different things or how they were related to each other and to the Octagonbase. How true were was the list and were there important items not on the list? So the list was only a starting point of an investigation effort but one not seen as very reliable.

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[1.0] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Supermonster Free Feeds [0.0[0]


The vortexuals swirled, whirled, in places of distorted dimensions at timeplaces across the Warworld being not just the supercontinent of Centralia. Only on-in Centralia did humans exist with many other species either once spread across the OldEarth or new even to the NewEarth of Postdoomsday existence.


The fisherfolk watched as a massive oceanic monster rose above the West Atlantic Ocean, separated from the East Atlantic Ocean by Centralia, where the vaguely dinosaur like supermonster screamed out its frustration that it could not get closer to Centralia. Every time it tried it was driven back by a harsh sparkling field of energies and quasienergies.


Then it raised its eyes upwards, yawned opened its mouth, and out of mid air appeared a huge glob of juicy, meaty, fishy, food stuff that fell into its mouth. With a look of satisfaction the supermonster began to eat its supersnack as given to it by mysterious forces.


Soon it was going back into the depths of the ocean.


OldFreda spoke to the other fisherfolk elders. "Another monthly feed for Gillzilla. Swimmogra should be showing up anytime for her free feed."


Retired, the elders sat on comfortable chairs admiring the monthly ritual of the feeding of the supermonsters. Behind them were a row of big superweapon turrets sealed off and apparently inactive but no locals went near there anyway.


OldJack spoke. "They are here, observing as usual."


Thirteen tall, semitransparent, hoodrobed figures 'stood on air' above the turrets. Each was over nine metres tall and held a great staff of wood. Whether they were human, or not, was concealed. Even before the ancestors of the fisherfolk had arrived there, over 100 years ago, they had appeared every time the supermonsters came to get a free feed. Was it a coincidence? The fisherfolk had no idea and did not bother to speculate.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [19.1[23]


Getting into the heavily secured, hidden, chambers had been an 'interesting' experience even with the inside data given by the mysterious source. The five members, of the team, were shocked to observe slowhealcapsules lined in rows and inside each a damaged splinterclone. The damage was either obvious or hidden, to the eye, but datascreens expressed the truth. What had caused them so much hurt?


Reynes spoke out. "In small numbers these splinterclones need to be taken, out of the slowhealcapsules, to be carefully treated until hopefully, fully, cured or at least improved so they can live a better quality of life. They appeared to be linked to some kind of virtureality. CelestiOnoyes could be embarrassed somehow by what has taken place here but she is a child still learning and making mistakes is part of learning."


She sighed. "The celestial sweetie is listening but seems unsure if, or how, to respond."


They went onwards and the sick, twisted, splinterclones became increasingly worse. Edward, the scientific genius, frowned softly. "I have seen such symptoms before; they are caused by the over acceleration of clone growth; I am afraid that somebody might have gotten just a little impatient."


Shefemma, the amazing android, materialised out of mid air. She smiled. "It was not CelestiOnoyes that caused the troubles but one named CelestiSemicutos, a CelestiSemigod. CelestiOnoyes punished him, for his arrogance, by reporting him to the CestiGuardians. He was already in trouble when they grabbed him up for making nasty mischief before. In celestial terms, they are cousins of sorts and she only took him in out of pity but he betrayed her as he had done others. Now he is suffering in a celestial confinement reflective punishment zone. He is suffering, many times over, the suffering that he has caused others."


Phillipe spoke. "We XFARIAns can all do our best to help but some could be of more help than others."


Yvonne nodded. "I suspect the other splinterclones will be of assistance."


So it was that an early agreement was made that XFARIA would do its very best to treat the encapsulated splinterclones.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [20.1[24]


The sick, hidden, splinterclones had been found in the lightly secret Section11/03 of the Octagonbase. Subsection 11/03c was taken up by over 3,000 troubled, encapsulated, splinterclones. Slowly-steadily the efforts, to heal them all, continued. There started a hunt for anything, in the Octagonbase, that might help the effort.


CelestiOnoyes admitted, through others, that she needed to built up her diverse, vital, energies and other resources before she could make a big, focused, effort to help heal them. RainbowTinzi, on the other hand, had become sated with such needs to the extent that she now needed far less resources to be provided to her.


What of other subsections in that section?


Subsection 11/03a was a great open chamber, apart from massive support pillars and archways, showing the Celestibaby's various attempts at doing celestial child art forms. Twirling, whirling, shapes floated in the air with sparkling, shimmering, and other side effects so strong that those entering the chamber had to do so in special adapted powerarmasuits. Bolts of lightening shot from orbs to orbs. Odd globular, cubist and other figures darted around the space in odd, ever changing, patterns. One great big, beautiful, expression of white light was somehow easily identified as CelestiOnoyes' Celestimum but there were others including one smaller one to RainbowTinzi and very many even smaller, but still impressive, ones.


As if getting tuned, to the chamber's contents, the visitors began to pick up impressions of sight, sound, smell and other sensory inputs. They glimpsed the vast, complicated, subtle celestial realms of the Celestideities and others linked with them including some that came as a surprise. There were other levels of Celestials both apparently greater, and lesser, than the Celestideities but also to the sides or just different.


CelestiOnoyes had helped to create the Warworld but also others of the MultiWorld, the world of worlds. Or so was the impression but it was vague, in nature, when it came to the visitors.


Reynes spoke. "She has expressed her personal story here because her 'mummy' and others asked her to do so. Except that now perfect copies of them are in the celestial realms. There is a deep, intrinsic, link between CelestiOnoyes and both Warworld and its multiple peoples. There seems to be more reason, for that, than her helping to create this world."


Stephani spoke in turn. "Yes, she is linked through the use of a powerful CelestiArtefact. "


Neither woman could go further in what information that they firmly gained. Then they observed the supercontinent of Centralia at the center of which is CentropolisCR and the Central Republic of the United Republics of Earth. Except it was not part of the OldEarth but so of the NewEarth also known as NewParadise, the Warworld and NewHell amongst many others. The NewEarth if about twice bigger than the OldEarth with altered geographical features including continents, oceans and islands. There are a few new features being of different degrees of exotic.


Stephani shook her head in wonder. "We lived formerly on the OldEarth and have arisen to find ourselves in the NewEarth."


Edward, the genius scientist. "The power, skill, and knowledge needed to carry out such a transformation would... would probably need to be celestial in nature. Hopefully the more tuned that we get, into this amazing place, the more informative will be the impressions that we will pick up about it."


They vanished away, with a sparkling shimmer, as they reached the safe limit of how long they could remain in that chamber even using special suits. They would need to spend time, in a special type chamber, before returning for another visit.

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[1.1] Centralian Ordered Chaos: Octagonbase Challenges [22.1[25]


It was becoming clearer, more proven, that the fate of the Warworld was heavily intertwined with that of CelestiOnoyes and, less so, with RainbowTinzi. It was also increasingly apparent that other powerful, alien, entities were involved though not all were celestial and a few were mortal or immortal. These truths were coming more exposed as the xenodata was slowly-steady analysed and both RainbowTinzi and CelestiOnoyes were becoming more open about what they knew or even suspected to be true.


Yet there were other sources of knowledge being revealed even as...

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