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Skywind gameplay teaser released


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silvercrown5150 wrote: You guys are genuine madlads. This, Skyblivion, and Beyond Skyrim have all given me so much to look forward to. You're doing Todd Howard's work, and then some.

(Especially considering that Howard and his lot ain't doing much decent work right now)
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Will there be an option to disable the compass? And will fast travel exist or will we be utilizing mark/recall/scrolls/mages guild/boats/silt riders like the good old days? I really hope that even if they do exist that there will be an opton to disable both the compass and fast travel. Both of these systems considerably dampen the sense of exploration in modern games, and seeing as how we got our old toys like levitate back, there shouldnt be any real issue in removing them.


I think I already know that answer to this one, but what about stats, and will we get the old class system, or skill trees? Any plans to do the DLCs once the team is finished with the base game?


I apologize if any of these have been answered already, but this is the first time ive heard of this, so i don't know anything beyond what was already talked about in this thread.

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