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Have you ever played an entire game series all at once?


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Have you ever decided to play an entire game series from start to finish all at once. I'm doing that with the elderscrolls. I have already downloaded Arena, next I'm gonna download Daggerfall. (Both available for free on Bethesda's website) after that I am gonna continue on to the big three Morrowind, Obivion, and Skyrim, (as well as the side games Battlespire and Redguard.)


So have you ever done this with Zelda, or Resident Evil, or some video game series that you enjoyed?

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A few times, I played Halos Reach, 1, 2, ODST and 3 in the weeks leading up to Halo 4-and had zero regrets, it's a franchise I like a lot and when Halo 4 finaly was released I was right in the mood for it, and was well and truly able to view the improvements. I've also played Star Wars: the Force Unleashed 1 and 2 in one sitting aswell, this was less difficult though, while playing through all 4 then extant Halos took me a few weeks, this only took me 4 hours, 2 for the original and 1 1/2 for the second, and with that the last of my respect for George Lucas evaporated.

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I've played pretty much all the Legend of Zelda games (starting at Ocarina of Time) and the Mario games (from Super Mario 64 onwards). I don't think I've ever actually completed an entire series before though... just big chunks. :)

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I've played the Baldur's Gate series in full a few times over the years

  • Baldur's Gate
  • Tales of the Sword Coast
  • BGII-Shadow"s of Amn
  • BGII-Throne of Bhaal

Amazing quality for the era!


PS - in the last year I've acquired the Enhanced Editions which run BG and TOSC in BG2 interface, plous many added characters and missions. Well worth it

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I did this with all Legacy of Kain games. I also tried doing it with Castlevania series, but since they're pretty much scattered everywhere you can put a game (around 37 games), I coul barely do more than a half of them, tand half of them I didn't finish.

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Bahaha, good luck 'finishing' Daggerfall. You know the landscape is like the size of Great Britain, right? lol


I've done this with Mass Effect. Played ME1, ME2, and ME3 in succession. I cried a few times. And when I say "a few times" I really mean, "whenever Liara said something affectionate."


I'm in the process of doing this with Red Faction.


I also did this with Star Wars TFU, but I don't know if that counts since there are only 2 games.

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In my recollection I can only think of two series I've marathoned;


The Phoenix Wright series

Super Robot Wars Alpha series


I also know back in the day I played Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross back to back. Not sure if that counts as series since it's only two games.


There's lot's series I would like to marathon, even older games, but I just don't have the time like in my youth.

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