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User Profile and Direct Messaging Improvements Beta


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Many of you have been waiting patiently for the return of features that were removed with the community forum update. We committed to bringing back the “About Me” section and “Direct Messaging”. I’m happy to say that these will be returning soon.

This article will spell out exactly what you can expect with the return of these features. It will also cover our new and improved process for rolling out new features to you, ensuring plenty of opportunity for you to add your feedback so we get things right on release. 

Please read the "Updates" section before posting an issue. We might be already aware and working on a fix!


What are we doing?

The changes being made cover 3 different sections:

  • Beta releases for new features
  • Improved User Profiles
  • The return of missing direct messaging features



As some of you may have seen, we have begun a new rollout process which will be used for many of the features being added to the site. We are trying to improve our processes to ensure that we release new features without major problems. This new beta feature will allow you to opt in/out to test the upcoming changes whilst letting you roll back anytime during the beta. 
You can opt in/out of the beta on the user profile page whilst the beta is running. Once the beta ends, all users will be moved over to the new profile page.
Please let us know what you think of our new changes so that we can improve them ready for the full release. 



We are bringing many new improvements to the profile page and moving them into a more modern backend that has better support for our developers. We hope you also find them more intuitive, better looking, and more fitting with the updated site.

This includes:

  • The return of the much loved “About Me” section using Markdown text formatting. We have imported your old “About Me” sections and converted them from BBCode to Markdown. This is a part of the move to our more modern editor. This much-requested change has by necessity resulted in the removal of a few formatting options that BBCode provided. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on this. 
  • Improvements to the filtering of Adult Content.
  • A new tab to showcase Collections you have published. 
  • A Total Unique Download counter for verified mod authors that will update daily. This should help you see when you qualify for our Free Premium for Mod Authors program
  • Infinite scroll to be consistent with our new backend for the website. This is the same as currently exists on Collections. 


Direct Messaging

  • Restoring the much-requested “Message” button to user profiles
  • Restoring the unread notifications indicator for new messages you receive. 
  • Ensuring that you can message any site user from their profile, without the need for them to have created a forum account directly. Our backend changes to facilitate this means this should no longer be a problem for you. 
  • The new forums inbox theme has been updated to more clearly highlight which messages are read or unread. 



Why are we making these changes?

We are aiming to add new requested features as well as to resolve technical debt. 
All the existing pages are built in a framework that is no longer supported and difficult to work with, so we need to move them into a more modern one with better support for our developers. This is part of the wider work we are undertaking to update the site. We can’t move everything at once as there are a lot of pages on Nexus Mods. For this update, we are moving User Profile pages.

There’s a ton of additional cool stuff we want to do with user profiles in the future. This first update is mostly about technical improvements, with other features to come down the line. 

These changes also restore the functionality that was lost with the forum upgrade. They are much-needed updates to ensure that everyone on the site can easily contact each other in a private setting and receive timely notifications when they have been messaged. 


When are we doing it?

The beta is out now! We are keen to hear your feedback and any improvements that you feel need to be made to the new profile pages. Please leave your feedback in the comments so we can take them into consideration. 




  • Downloaded and update available states have been redesigned based on feedback. These should now be much clearer across a multitude of different mod tile thumbnail images.
    • There is a bug with how this displays currently. Should be fixed soon ™️
  • The "Games" dropdown filter has been reworked. It should be easier to use, show number of mods/collections/media per game and now includes a search field.
  • The 'Report' button no longer appears on banned accounts
  • We've fixed some data issues with media that either caused profiles to return errors or did not display media correctly
  • Author names on media tiles have been updated to display more clearly on smaller screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused country flags to not show correctly for some users


  •     We have taken the difficult decision to remove Activity Feeds from User Profiles. The feature needs a rework from the ground up, it was causing major performance issues which we did not find acceptable (over 1 minute load times were very possible). These will not be returning in the short term. We may consider reimplementing this feature in the future.
  •     Media tiles are redesigned to give more space to the image text, moving the counts and uploader onto their own line
  •     Images moved to the Supporter Share now update on profiles correctly
  •     We are looking into an issue where deleted images are still showing in the media tab.


  •     Mod download and update available states are now viewable on mod tiles. (We are looking at making these stand out more on mod tiles)
  •     Images in Mod tiles and Media have been updated with multiple design changes.
  •     Non-standard aspect ratio images will now blur the unused space.
  •     The placeholder image for mods with removed images has been updated to better fit the new design.
  •     The profile will no longer display empty country information if it is has not been set.
  •     Content that is blocked in your Content Blocking settings will now display a notice saying that the mod will not appear in searches. This is the same behaviour as the current profile page.
  •     Link text in the 'About' section should now remain orange when formatted (e.g. by making it bold).
  •     Date/Times are now consistent across the profile page and on mod tiles.


  • Many improvements to sorting options. This will now filter by "Date Published" by default or whatever you have changed you settings to in Site Preferences
  • You can now report User Profiles for violating the Terms of Service. 
  • The Donate button will now display a modal popup when donating to a user via PayPal, to let you know how the system works.



  • The game filtering dropdown for Mods, Collections and Media has been implemented. The game order in the dropdown is in descending order of number of mods/media per game. 
  • Fixed a bug with the 'Media' section that's causing videos not to display.



The page has been redesigned to show more content, especially on the Mods, Collections and Media tabs. All profile details and "user actions" (track, message, etc) are now at the top of the page. 

Below is some of the feedback we have received and our responses to those concerns. We hope the new user profile design improves these things for you.

  • Avatar size being stretched from 100x100 to 180x180, due to this they're super blurry.
    • We've reduced the size to 100x100 for now.
  • Specific dates are preferred on mod tiles (e.g. 29/01/2024)
    • We've changed the 'Uploaded' date to be more specific. The 'Last Updated' date still displays as "2 Days Ago" as we think that's easier to read.
  • Some mod tiles have lots of empty space between the Mod name and the details. Category, author name, etc is bound to the bottom of the mod card instead of the top, which is how it was done before and is done on most sites. 
    • Mod tile content is now bound to the top of the tile, reducing empty space.
  • Usernames on mod tiles are upper case, but they should be case sensitive.
    • We've fixed this.
  • Mods are too big now and instead of showing 5 mod tiles per line we're down to 3 tiles per line.
    • Mod tiles are now smaller and we're showing 4 per row. 
  • The authors column takes up too much space (which could be used to display more mods, collections or media) and shouldn't scroll down with content.
    • The authors column has been removed and any content it contained is now in the header/top part of the page.
  • Longer usernames are being pushed onto two lines.
    • This is no longer a problem with the updated design.
  • Page "doesn't scale well" to various "extreme" ends of display resolution. Either too much content is removed for scaling or too much "negative space" left on high res displays.
    • The new page design addresses this and more content is now show on larger displays.


Additional changes:

  • The page will no longer automatically scroll when changing tabs



  • Mod Tile summaries will no longer incorrectly display HTML from mod page descriptions. 
  • '"Last Active" will now respect your user settings. These settings can be found here
  • All staff and moderator roles should now display on User Profiles, ensuring there is no confusion as to who is Nexus Mods staff and who is not. 
  • Collections success ratings are no longer cut-off.



Upcoming Changes:

We have committed to making changes to account for many pieces of feedback that have been put forward in this thread. Here is a taster of what is still to come:

  • Mod Tile status indicators (Downloaded, Update Available, etc) will be returning
  • Images moved to the Supporter Image share aren't updating correctly in the Media tab. This will be fixed.
  • We will be updating the on-hover timestamp tooltips to display date and time, with the same design implementation.
  • Improve the display of mod tile images where the image doesn't fit the space well, without stretching smaller images.
  • Last remaining bits of HTML in "Mod Tile" sections will be automatically removed. 
  • Many of the removed sorting options will be returning. In addition to this, the default sort for Mods and Media will be reverted to "Recently Added", however this will respect any changed user preferences you have made. 
  • Fixing a bug with the 'Media' section that's causing videos not to display.
  • As we have said before, the game dropdown filter will be returning. 
  • The report button will be returning, with the ability to report Profiles for rule breaking avatars or "About Me" sections.

Any previously "Upcoming" changes that have been deployed to the beta will be marked as changed.



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This is absolutely amazing considering what we have been through in previous versions. You guys are in the right direction, IMO. You just made my day. Thank you for your dedication and restless efforts to make Nexus a top-notch community worthy of so many more basic improvements. Now we are less close to Reddit forums and more close to something really cool and professional.

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I'm glad those features are returning! Not only missing the About Me page, but the important tools as direct message and especially report button. Thank you for work on it so fast! (The design for me is ok, just need to get used to it, but is looking nice and the support author button is cute)

Ps: Any predictions on when we will be able to edit profiles?

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So editing About Me is currently not possible?

What i can already tell:

1) Why there's my profile pic on every single mod in my profile? I would understand it on other pages, but on the profile page it's entirely uselees, you could just remove it from this specific page.

2) It looks a bit weird to me that the category, author name and other stuff is bound to the bottom of the mod card instead of the top, which is how it wss done before and is done on most sites

3) Also in some cases there's still some space between the mod name and everything else left that could be used to show more of the short description, but there's just an empty space instead, like in the left mod on my screenshot

4) The reduction of the space for short descriptions is not very good, there weren't a lot of space already

Also a suggestion, it would be cool if mods that are collaborations of multiple authors could be displayed in the profiles of all of them, not only in the uploader's profile.


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4 minutes ago, lilebonymace said:

1) Why there's my profile pic on every single mod in my profile? I would understand it on other pages, but on the profile page it's entirely uselees, you could just remove it from this specific page.

Just wanted to post this exact comment, plus: we don't need the mod author listed here since this is a list of mods by the owner of the profile page. 🙂  This would free up more space for the description.

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Speaking about the display of the author name, now i also noticed that only the uploader's name is displayed. If the mod is a collaboration, no one will now see it on this page. But if nobody is going to change this, then yeah, the author name could be removed too.

Edit: though removing them only on the author profile page will only affect this specific page, so it won't help much.

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Regarding the author's name/image on mod cards. The name was always displayed on every entry on your profile. 



We've just added the avatar. These tiles will be reused everywhere we show a tile for your mod. 


As for the "why" on avatars being there, we can pass that question to the design team. 

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