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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Day dreaming childlike.  Children at play with their toys.  Also known to be called Creative thinking. If I hadn't been day dreaming when I got my first action figure GI Joe; while I was playing; those little green soldiers would have all got a undesirable discharge.

Because they were all too short to be in GI Joes real mans army.  ;- }

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Today I used Google Translate to help a new member who wrote in Chinese simplified.  The symbols that the author used to say they were a newbie were interesting.  I'm lucky to have Google Translate so people from all around the world can communticate.

I going to go surf the Internet and find out if the advanced vers of the Star Trek communicator has become a reality?  Hm?

Looks like Star Trek is Fading out of Commision!

Google Translater works.  Once I get all the settings to use it like a translator I will find out if it meets the translator abilities to translate a persons language as they speak so we hear it in our language, and they hear their language when we reply.  :- ) 

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Epicurus makes the following claims about human happiness: Happiness is Pleasure; all things are to be done for the sake of the pleasant feelings associated with them. False beliefs produce unnecessary pain; among the false beliefs are, that the gods will punish us and that death is something to be feared.

Once again I find I recollected what I read long ago.

I personally wasn't the first to even think the thoughts.  Since I find that it only seems like I am smart when I am writing, now I search the Internet and libraries with the thoughts first.

I have had to find out if I did think up new thoughts or just remember others thoughts I have read.  My Ego feels a boost thinking I thought the words were mine first before I shared.  The Ego becomes comfortable and wrongly boosts my thoughts on those occasions.  So I fear I am becoming lost and with no where to find help, and burden myself with made up fictional stories to find a safe haven in my mind.

No more!

Before I share my thoughts; I have learned to discover if someone else said them first, a long time ago.  I feel stronger for doing that because when I do; I give someone attention who said it some time in the last 30 centuries.  If they were like me, then they probably got the same thoughts from a previous mentor or tutor and shared them too.

Now I find out who I am quoting, before I post so they too get attention for it.  My poor Ego, didn't like me doing that at first.

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Ah writers block. 

The feeling that all things I have considered have dulled my senses.   All the other peoples posts I've skimmed, scanned, read, and then posted my own wondrous thoughts about have dropped me off at the parking lot only to find my car replaced by a bit of broccoli.   Hm?

After viewing various other websites filled with reports of Wondrous discoveries baffling everyone, movies I never will watch either, I have concluded that my own supposing left lots of air space between me and all the others people who like to write what they think solves the mysteries of life. 

From the missing tops of the Pyramids to little fauna we need a microscopt to see, or down deep in the Atlantic Ocean what still dwells there we have yet to discover.

Eventually it will be figured out by someone.  Then all my suppositions will be absolutely Fictions, as they were meant to be Fictions.  No I didn't write anything that wasn't a ficional supposition.  I have written a bunch of just guessing is all.

I imagined as "Could be or Could have been!  Nothing to note if they found another piece of the missing parts of monuments, or figured out what a mysterious item was really a tool, like a hand tool in the shop, or the town that disappeared findly unearthed in the middle of a dessert where no one knew to look for them someone flying a little drone with a camera spotted the structures in the middle of a space in the largest dessert on Earth.

Discovering where the Lost City of Babylon was.  One of the largest cities there are people who believe they found it.

Somewhere!  How big was it?   How many Shopping Malls, Grocery Stores, and streets filled with people selling their wares from carts all along the many side walks were there?

Well, someone posted they found it.  That ended my interest about where it is.   All I have left to wonder about is the story of how once upon a time the people of that all around that visited that city joined in an effort to build a skyscraper.

Ex-Pres Donald might know a thing or two about the Babylon story about a skyscraper being built in Babylon meant to reach the stars.  But it fell down during construction causing all sorts of mayhem and to this day no one knows if it was a real event.  If it was I have some ideas about that.

First, someone needs to find the remains of the Tower of Babylon.  Enough of it to prove that it was being built and not just some comic book story shared in religious corners for children of parents who believe there is a heaven up there high in the sky we might reach if we had a building tall enough to.

Hm?  That's all for now.

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The last thing I wanted to see was any ex-anyone at the bottom of a huge building as it becomes a landslide.  Because it is TOO F..... BIG and it starts crumbling apart creating a landslide from the materials used to build it.

To touch the sky above where heaven might be is a 5 Mile peak 25,000 feet above and that would be one Tall building.  If it started falling down it would be like a mountain side sliding down with rocks tumbling down creating a landslide.

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If you think; you therefor know you are, and wonder who I am too.

You may have heard the saying, Never a dull moment.


The End.

Baby step. 

We're all still taking baby steps.

The beginning.

The greatest and most amazing things we find often are overlooked by people who have lived a long time.  Dull to their thinking.

What is it all about?

Life is; Discoverying what is all around us!

Ouch!  What the heck did I bump my head into this time?

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Quitters never prosper.  Unless you just are trying to say, "it's Quitting Time"?

IT's FRIDAY!   Party!

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For the last two weeks I have had a few morning calls which got me out of bed.  It was still dark in the place.  While I was walking through the hall I saw the stairs to going up to the next level upstairs motion sensitve light was on flooding the upper hallway.

I was no where near it.  Nothing was or a curtain would have been shifted so I would notice.

Some fauna was big enough to crawl across sensor on the motion detector.  It happened twice more when it was too early for any visiters.  Too early to get up and start breakfast too. 

I decided there must be a spider or a small critter that crawls around, and went over it that accidentally turned it On. Some insects heir a love of seeking out the flame on a lantern.  Must have been one that accidentally turned on the light the little critter must have followed the same trail twice and thought they found the way to the light until turned off automatically enough times they gave up after a few trial runs.

I saw a bird do the same thing when it realized that when it passed a light in the middle of the night it turned On.  The bird caught sight of one of it's meals when it did.  So, it started flicking around the outdoor light to expose their next meal.

I didn't know until I rolled the video back to see what was causing it.   What a surprise!  Bird's are able to get an education.

It was waking me out of my slumbering moment's.  I had to move the assembly to another location so the bird wouldn't cause it to light up the yard.   For few nights it had no luck swooping around at night.  It quit.

All the work it made the light and camera do caused the camera to die.

Now I have a trip line.  Anything that can walk into the area to trip it will hear a sound that sends ghosts running back to their graves.

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Stories.  Oh my!  It's happening again.

I know what I am thinking of when my mind is breuding.  A failed plan, cut short in my travels.  I assure myself it won't happen again...  What happened?  You ask.

Life played a trick on me!  That's what happened.

Until this morning I didn't know life had a life of it's own.  I didn't know and thought no better of it, then I did about the shadow I have.  I knew about one shadow.  It was someone else's shadow.  I learned it escaped them once and got that person into a mess of new troubles.  Life though!  Is a different spirit.

Hm?  Now I know there are two more parties that have a word or two to share in our planning stages.  Along with Fate.  Who would have thought that Life, and our Shadow, too; are light spirits which take on different posts that give our thoughts what whimsical things, we have happen to us, as they do?

And Destiny!  Another of the lot.  Fates partner, I'll bet.

Life, Fate, Destiny, our shadow... Which other spirits are there we should know about?  ( Maybe I am the lonely one that has been left out of the loop.  What a trick to play on me!?  Was it Life that played it?  Or another! )

How many spirits are there all in all?

Has anyone counted them?  Has anyone made them account for themselves?


Here I am.  Again.  Someone called to my attention that I have no purpose in life.  Well, Of course not!  I am not Life!

If I had known Life is a Spirit I would have realized that person who told me that was just joking with me about not having any purpose.  I was born!  That's proof enough there was a purpose for me.

The big joke is that, and that is not funny at all is, that Life didn't prepare the people who I ended up in the care of, didn't prepare for me.

Is Life, or one of the other spirits, laughing?  Or maybe they all are?

How many spirits ruling the aethereal realm we emerged from are there?

Because of all the frustration I have had I am going to let someone else find out and count them up.  Maybe I'll have some account afterward to even imagine how I might turn out now.  Now that I have to really think hard to get passed all those tricksters and gimicy types, mingled with all the Advertisements for the other sex.

What?  I should become a womens clothier??  I can't even get a sewing machine to aide me.

No!  Nooo!

Don't tell me sewing machines are a spirit too.   Oh my head!

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