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From Day Dreams of a Spaced Out old Man comes


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Downloaded a few more mods for No Man's Sky. Searching for ways to give people who multi-play together; that feel and comforting sense they can relax and PARTY Too!


No Man's Sky. The Bakkin Solar System; Utopia Expedition, Expedition ending Planet four; there is my Base there called, "Dance, Dine, Drink 2the music Hotel".


Bring your own band of musicians too if you like. Or I can arrange for a byte box and any music you prefer.


Once you found the Hotel, send me a PM with requests for furnishing the rooms to make you feel comfortable and I will set them up for you and your friends.



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Anyone need to be reminded how to get up and get moving today?


Even when your only inspiration is from recalling the ways that motivated you in the past?


I was a green newb when I started posting on forums. After a lot of time I decided to try my hand at making a hand made pictures with Paint. I made the avatar pix with a dragon in the scene. I first found myself recalling, and knowing that, I no longer had a hope of marriage, no master, or boss when my thoughts drifted to Paint and opened the app.


My pix is because I was in a mood that has me in it's grip again this day. The same mood I had when I made the green newb dragons tail look like a Question Mark.


Because that is what my mind is filling with, that is what my life is, yours is very likely doing this too if you're as bored as I am. Having; questions again. ????questions????

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Along my thought I traveled. I pondered making use of the car. I decided to go and get in. Since I am a military veteran the sails of my inner ship billowed out driven by a gentle breeze. I steered my car in rl along to drive along Veterans Road in Montana. As my journey neared the where the beginning began I kept her steady in my mind. Being gifted with the freshened air outside the car after several miles of the highway along my path it rained.


I felt the rain was falling in chorus with my inner orchestrations of the mind. They were like tears flowing down my windshield reflecting my face from the inside on the glass. I felt in touch with nature and sense my feelings were known. So sentimental.


I desired to quit the drive at a place called Phillipsburg. I thought of going to a hotel or motel. As the car rolled along on it's wheels I pondered the main street. The signs on the buildings of the towns peoples stores. I spied the word Palace. So I slowed the car down even more. Rolling the window down on the drivers side I could see the entire sign on the building. The Sweet Palace.


I turned the steering wheel to the parking space near the front door. I got out of the car. Closed the door and dashed to the building. It was nearly five-o-clock pm. I stepped inside. A sweets shop.


All kinds of candy. I stood at the counter. I asked about the kinds of sweets that I could see. Different kinds of fudge. So many and freshly made that day. I found out a woman spends all her day making all sorts of fudge and chocolate candy. I remembered a memory from the past developing in my mind. I asked if the woman who owned the store if she remembered Mars candy bars.


Mrs. Horn greeted and declared that she did.


I asked about her shop. It has candy that was famous from all around she told me, she even knew why Mars candy bars wasn't being sold in the USA nearby.


I ordered some fudge. Since the gals were closing soon I asked for a sample size of each kind of fudge there was. They packed up several small boxes with several kinds inside each. Not a single one piece in any was the same.


I decided to take my prize and return to my base for camping. Along the way, several miles passed, rain still was coming down. I thought of the fudge in the boxes and wondered about taking the road trip to the nearest place where I might camp for the night. Georgetown Lake was only a few miles further along Veteran's Road. Something shifted, the wind in the sails, on the ship in my mind changed my sense of direction.


At the road end leaving Phillipsburg I turned north instead of south. Several miles passed, rain still streaming down the face of my car. I saw cloudless sky up ahead. The rain slowed and stopped as I approached where the highway reached a rise along the hill ahead. As the car rose up and over the tears from the clouds ceased almost immediately.


I took it to be a sign. A good sign. I gathered my sense's and felt the magic of nature changing my senses. My emotional state of wonder. Pondering vicious stings of the stories end changed to another kind.


At the journeys drive end, I parked the car, I picked up the prize of different fudge flavors and blends, and walked them into the camp base building. My wooden tent.


I sat down on the couch. I opened one box. I did not imagine anything. I just looked at all the contents inside. They were all different. I picked one. A handy little plastic knife was in the box too. I cut a small piece of the most familiar chocolate fudge I remembered Mom made when I was a child.


I placed the fudge in my mouth and let it rest there on my tongue. Oh! What a delightful experience!


After my head filled with question marks, blotting my mindful view of my present status and becoming bored near to the condition, any a veteran could have, I let my imagination opened in the storm with my sailing ship at sea. And I had a most wondrous, event while the storm brewed inside my mind, gentle winds filling the ships sails.


Instead of being sunk and lost at Sea, I had a wonderful experience, and all the question marks flowed down in the ocean the sky cleared for safe sailing all the way to and from, The Sweet Palace, in Phillipsburg Montana.


I had a great day, after all.


I would like to share some of the delicious tasting fudge. Since we're separated by the Earth's vast space. Remember! Maybe one day you will find yourself on the same troubled Sea.


Point your rl ride in the direction you feel nature's gentle breeze fills your sails on your mental ship. Let the rain fall, and just go! Maybe you won't find The Sweet Palace in Montana, but you might find one just as extraordinary somewhere near where you live.



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I expect an implosion from my thoughts over the next few days. I was in such pain for the last 5 years on one shoulder my writing may reflect it. I found a Chiropractor that relieved the shoulder pain when he aligned it properly. I feel a desire to stop writing.


At least for awhile. until my shoulder's aches fade since having the muscles that weren't working are now and sore pain from putting the shoulder back in place; sore muscles that were out of alignment before the shoulder got put back into place.

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The local minor league baseball club is having a special event today. Because I got an announcement the day after I got my shoulder reset I recalled some of my memories about hoping to play baseball after finishing my chores. Day dreaming returned me to those days full of wishful thinking. What a coincidence!


I'm ready to play!


If I were ten years old I would be ecstatic after being reminded that there's a baseball game tomorrow. Back when I was 10 I might have had one of those mornings when I day dreamed again; about one day being on the minor league baseball team. Hoping to make it to getting spotted by a scout and becoming a Major League Baseball player.

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It's Saturday

July 15, 2023


I've been to the local cities Farmer's Market gathering.


I noticed my shoulder wasn't sore, at all, while I was walking around the open air farmer's market. At first my lower back ached a little, but moments before I walked over to cross the way to the vendors the pain subsided. I noted my breathing had stopped laboring as hard too as it used to. I guessed the way my shoulder was jammed out of socket must have been reducing my circulation too much before. I noted I didn't have any of usual worn out bodily difficulties all the while I walked around the farmer's market.


While I was walking about I was stopped by a guy. He was keeping people from entering part of the area near a building across the way. Turned out someone at the elderly home nearby on the fourth floor was shouting out a window. It got some peoples attention who were looking at wares on tables and buying food from vendors on the street. I got stopped when I was trying to cross the street near the building to get to the other area with more people who had wares to sell. I walked away from the guy and the street where the area had been cordoned off.


People were talking and walking around as the local police blocked off the area.

I overheard that a local Television News Team came and filmed the person, who had been shouting out from a window on the fourth floor, from across the way from another building. Moments later I talked to the guy again who I spoke with when I tried to cross the way near the old hotel building.


He was right where the action was. I walked to get farther away from the area. Found out we could get to the other side along the city block at the other end of the market street. As I wandered around the eastern group of vendors a S.W.A.T car arrived at the other end of the block and left. I strolled up to the guy who stopped me before. I mentioned that the TV Crew had arrived and left. I could see by his expression he didn't even see it.


I told him that the TV film crew from the local area had been there and filmed it and shown it on the Noon News. He wondered aloud if he'd been in the film. I talked to him a moment longer and learned he was talking on the phone to his wife, not to other officials which were also part of the group working with the police. She called him again while he was explaining himself.


I stopped at a stand to get something from the person that I could eat for lunch. I sat down next to a tree in it's shade and watched the passers by while I ate. While I sat in the shade by a big tree and enjoyed some food 1:00 PM rolled around and all the people began taking down their stands, canopies, and tables. The person making all the trouble from the elderly folks home never caused any real threat.


After I had eaten, I walked over to a vendor selling fresh Sourdough and Huckleberry Preserves. I got to my ride and returned to base camp. I felt a little tired, but nothing like I had been for days on end year after year. When I got back to my wooden tent I went inside and decided to have a thin slice of sourdough bread with the Huckleberry preserves and another slice with the strawberry rhubarb jam for desert.


I haven't had that kind of delicious stuff since I left home after I enlisted in the U. S. Marine Corps. It's been fifty five years since I had any of Mom's preserves and jams like she made them. What a great way to spend the day!


I am sure glad I got the lead on the Chiropractor and saw him.


Have a good one!

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Ah! Are you feeling like I do, a bit more ready to play today?


Have a Great Game today!


After another couple of days I recognize some more changes effecting my day. First thing in the morning my daily thoughts are not interrupted by the shoulder pain. I even had some sleep dreams that I remembered because of possible adjustments to a video game I could change in the games Settings for the keyboard and mouse controls.


Not mod changes, just ways to set up my keybinds so skills I use are so they are prepared for actions so I can get a better response in time to save my character's life. So I may save my characters life more often.


No Man's Sky is filled with dangerous conditions that can be kept from happening by recharging the Shields on the Exosuit that could cause an unexpected end and reboot. The radiation shield we have on our Exosuit can run out of fuel. My Exosuit settings had it so I had to press a button to bring up the health bar, and another button to scroll through the different exosuit settings to get to the one I needed to refuel.


I got the idea to set that protective shield log in point to load the instant I pressed a number button. Instead of 'x' followed by two or three taps of "q or e" to access the charge shield button I can not press "4" for that one. This morning I awakened from a dream that served me a way to use a similar setting in another video game I have. Magic spells. Skyrim SE I'll guess.


It was so obvious how my keyboard settings were set for while my shoulder was hurting that caused me to mess up the spell's charge to build up the spell and then blast the opponent. I had to run more often than stand and fight. Wow! What a difference my day has now the big pains no longer interfere with my thoughts. Just got the shoulder aligned. No other stuff. Aspirin if I feel a pinch, but nothing stronger.


Something Mom seemed good at was getting those feelings of being ready to play again restored naturally. The more I think about Mom's pain relievers, I am reminded of those times she patched an abrasion on a skinned knee or elbow. Then with a light touch she made me feel All Better and ready to go out and play.


I'm ready to play another video game today, at least until my senses reason well enough to get up and go out side and play around the yard for awhile.


I was totally unawares of these kinds of dream sleep views when my shoulder's ache would be my morning reminder I am ALIVE! I still have other aches and pains. Not as significant as that shoulders was. Now I can focus on the other aches and pains I might need attention from a expert in the field of repairs and supporting the Human body!


Have a Great Game today!

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It's Summer Time!


I am feeling so much better. Now when I get some outdoor time in, before it gets REALLY HOT out, I could hold back my desire to buy a new video game until September.


All I needed was the shoulder reset.


I have recovered.


I have so much energy!


I feel like I could go for a hike along the banks of the Missouri all the way to the Mississippi. Fish now and then. And wander in the wee hours of morning while it isn't too hot so I can keep up my strength. Just don't call me Ishmael!


My mind isn't set, on that plan though.


Who knows What I might do now!


I hope all of you have a great day, afternoon, or evening. Where ever you are!


Have a great time playing your video games

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I felt much better yesterday and while I did I recognized a pin pricking pain barely notable before. From sitting in a position so the Coccyx area was being pressed upon a bit too much.


I discovered there is a pillow for the coccyx made to remedy the problem. I was so excited after learning of the fact I practically dashed out the door in my birthday suit to go get the Horseshoe Coccyx pillow. I literally passed by three of my usual pauses to get ready to go out. I had to pause, return to where I needed one of the three things, The last of which was to get my hat.


So ooo Comfortable today.


Now I can play a video game with better focus, then, in the last five years before my shoulder was rebooted, than I have had in a long time. XD

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And then, I updated a video game yesterday around noon. I was thinking I would play it in the evening. I went out to get some parts to repair an item that needed repair. When I got back I ate dinner. I drifted off to sleep, afterward.


I woke up and realized it was 10:00 PM MDT. I was so comfortable I didn't even think about repairing it. I went to bed.


Wow! I think I am realizing what it's like to be retired?


"Tornado of Souls" Megadeth


Rust in Peace!

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