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I won't post Fay's details since i are evil :devil:


Name: (Lord) 'M'

Gender: Male

Race: Xenius Drow

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Spellsword

Homes: None

Favourite Land: None because he gets lost even at local park.

Best Friend: Bonehead

Worst Enemy: Kud-Ei (She tried to seduce him while getting lost in some house)

Combat Preference: Melee

Combat Style: Magic and Mayhem

Greatest Fear: Getting charmed by lizard people. (look above)

Greatest Want: More arcane enrgies!

Physique: Muscular

Level: (forgot)

Joined Guilds/Factions: -

Enemy Guilds/Factions: -

Childhood: He always liked to hang around in graveyards. (no pun intended)

Teenage: Learned most disturbing arts of all magics: Necromancy. After mastering that the 'banned art' he gathered random bones and got serant with heavy british accent. (breton?)

Prefered Food: Everything with meat

Disliked Food: Salads

Favourite Arrow Type: Black Luster

Favourite Blade Type: Claymores and Longswords

Spells: Midas Magic

Friendly Races: Argonians (maybe it's his charm?) and Dark Elves

Neutral Races: Bretons/Imperials

Hostile Races: Khajiits (after he attempted their murder by casting Destructions End in Elswyr)

Favourite City/Town: He doesn't like any city, hamlet or town

Least Favourite City/Town: Everything

Favourite Daedra: Himself because he thinks he's one (this character is an idiot)

Least Favourite Daedra: Meridia because she sometimes sends people to get rid of his 'servant'.

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: No chest armor (he thinks it makes him more agile or something)

Main Strength: Raw power with arcane knowledge.

Goal in Life: Attaining godhood

Why he was sent to jail: He sold skooma to black horse couriers.


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I'm always in favor of pictures being included in these posts, my imagination is good but pictures tell the story a whole lot better. That last one shows up pretty huge for me though... :blink: Edited by majikmonkee
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Well it's resolution is pretty big I guess. And I agree it's always nice to see the image in these posts. :happy: And here's another character of mine. :biggrin:


Name: Laverna

Gender: Female

Race: Moonshadow Elves

Starsign: The Thief

Class: Thief

Homes: Shadowcrest Vineyard

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil

Best Friend: None

Worst Enemy: City Guards

Combat Preference: She hates fighting

Combat Style: None

Greatest Fear: Getting arrested

Greatest Want: More nice clothes

Physique: Elegant

Level: 46

Joined Guilds/Factions: Thieves Guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

Childhood: She spent her childhood in Summerset Isles Thieves Guild base

Teenage: Same as the above

Prefered Food: Fruits and sweets

Disliked Food: Meat

Favourite Arrow Type: She doesn't use bows

Favourite Blade Type: Since she hates fighting she doesn't need weapons but has a dagger in case someone would try to attack her

Spells: None

Friendly Races: All

Neutral Races: None

Hostile Races: None

Favourite City/Town: Skingrad

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: None

Favourite Divine: Dibella

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: She doesn't know how to fight

Main Strength: She's very stealthy

Goal in Life: To become the greatest thief in the whole Tamriel

Why he was sent to jail: She wasn't.



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Like Laverna, I tried having Corrine adopt a no-fighting way of life, but after a series of bumbled robbery attempts that forced her to kill, and having to defend herself from hate attacks after she became a vampire, she eventually developed a taste for blood (figuratively speaking). She only carries a dagger as well, but she actually relishes dispatching those who push her, and they usually end up decapitated. She went through a period during the events of HOD where she carried Jauffre's daia-katana, simply because the enemies she kept encountering simply laughed off her dagger. Edited by majikmonkee
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Name: Maeve

Gender: Female

Race: Custom

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Custom (spellblade type)

Homes: Rustic Home, Rosethorn Hall

Favourite Land: Anything UL

Best Friend: Lucia

Worst Enemy: Rats! Nothing with legs that short should be able to jump THAT far.

Combat Preference: She's a willow, and bends with the wind.

Combat Style: She's a willow, and bends with the wind. (Did I say that?)

Greatest Fear: HGEC monsters.

Greatest Want: More clothes/armour that fit her body type.

Physique: No implants -- she's a real woman.

Level: Currently 27

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mage's, Fighters, Blades

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Undead, Rats

Childhood: Born to working class parents. hard work is second nature to her.

Teenage: Most of it was spent looking after her sick mother after her father was killed.

Prefered Food: Savoury

Disliked Food: Overcooked

Favourite Arrow Type: Adonnay's, Ayleid

Favourite Blade Type: Longsword or Dagger

Spells: Finger Of The Mountain -- Daedra killer!

Friendly Races: Any that doesn't attack on sight, or is not undead.

Neutral Races: Wildlife that doesn't attack.

Hostile Races: Undead, rats.

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil

Favourite Daedra: Almalexia

Least Favourite Daedra: Seducer or Hunger -- those damn curses are a pain.

Favourite Divine: Hasn't got one

Least Favourite Divine: Hasn't got one

Main Weakness: Too easy to forgive

Main Strength: A fearless countenance that never gives up

Goal in Life: To strive to do better next time.

Why she was sent to jail: Never... yet. (She doesn't know, at least she doesn't remember, why she was in jail when the Emperor was murdered)



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I already posted pictures of both these characters so I won't do that again, but here's one of them in the format that most folks are using here (I just included biographies earlier).


Name: Corrine Copperfield

Gender: Female

Race: Breton (vampire)

Starsign: Lady

Class: Petty Crook (custom thief)

Homes: Imperial Waterfront shack, Bartholm home, Mountain shack

Favourite Land: Elsweyr

Best Friend: Manheim Maulhand

Worst Enemy: Lazare Milvan!!

Combat Preference: Stealth attacks

Combat Style: Close quarters with a dagger

Greatest Fear: Underwater passages

Greatest Want: Someone to accept her despite being a vampire

Physique: Athletic

Level: 1 (and so she shall always be)

Joined Guilds/Factions: Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Archeologist Guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mages Guild, any city guards

Childhood: Corrine was born to a wealthy family in Cyrodiil. However, she became an orphan when her father, a member of the elder council, was exposed as corrupt. He took his own life rather than deal with the shame, and Corrine's mother followed suit, leaving Corrine an orphan.

Teenage: She was taken in as a maid at the Tiber Septim Hotel, where she made an honest living for a while, but, having grown accustomed to having nice things as a child, developed a habit of stealing from the hotel and its guests, despite being warned several times not to.

Prefered Food: Blood

Disliked Food: Most everything else edible, she generally feeds only on humans.

Favourite Arrow Type: Iron (though she rarely carries a bow now)

Favourite Blade Type: Khajiit hunting dagger, Jauffre's Akaviri Dai-Katana

Spells: Heal minor wound, Vampiric Strength, bat, wolf, and mist transformations

Friendly Races: Dunmer, Redguards, Orcs, Argonians

Neutral Races: Bretons, Imperials

Hostile Races: Khajiit, especially the "near human" Elsweyr variety, which she finds terrifying

Favourite City/Town: Bruma, though she does not have a residence there

Least Favourite City/Town: The Imperial City (except for the Waterfront)

Favourite Daedra: Sanguine

Least Favourite Daedra: Vaermina (creepy)

Favourite Divine: Mara

Least Favourite Divine: None, she doesn't give them much thought

Main Weakness: Too much faith in her stealth. She prefers to wear clothing rather than armor.

Main Strength: Her independence, she needs nothing from anyone except what she chooses to pickpocket from them.

Goal in Life: To live for the moment and stay out of jail

Why he was sent to jail: Augusta Calidia finally got tired of her stealing from the Tiber Septim and reported her to the city watch.


Corrine is in my sig, so I won't post another pic. I'll do a profile on Filthy Farquer tomorrow...time to go to bed for now...

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Name: Black Jesus

Gender: Jesus

Race: Imperial

Starsign: The Apprentice

Class: Jaysus

Homes: Churches, caves, the sky.

Favourite Land: All of it

Best Friend: Everyone

Worst Enemy: Athiests

Combat Preference: None

Combat Style: Running fo yo life!

Greatest Fear: Sheogorath

Greatest Want: World Peace

Physique: Skinny

Level: 32

Joined Guilds/Factions: (Personal Made Faction) The Pearly Gate

Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Mages Guild

Childhood: The finding of the temple

Teenage: did pilgrammages and stuff

Prefered Food: bread

Disliked Food: camel dung

Favourite Arrow Type: none

Favourite Blade Type: none

Spells: The Jesus Touch (personal spell) Command Humanoid 100 for 400 secs. Restore Health self 100 for 5 secs. Restore Health touch 100 for 5 secs.

Friendly Races: ARGUNIANZ

Neutral Races: Imperials.

Hostile Races: Orcs

Favourite City/Town: Jerusalem

Least Favourite City/Town: Skingrad (he don't like vampirez)

Favourite Daedra: Akatosh?

Least Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath

Favourite Divine: Himself

Least Favourite Divine: No-one

Main Weakness: Combat

Main Strength: Speech

Goal in Life: To make life better

Why he was sent to jail: He was the real one behind the assassination of Uriel Septim VI >:D

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I finally posted screenshot of The One In Daedric so if someone is interested take a look. It's on the first page. :turned:

Hickory: Very nice screenshot! :thumbsup:

majikmonkee: It's hard as hell not to fight. :laugh:

nwnicwilli: Lol! :laugh: Very interesting gender btw. :laugh:


Name: Raven Cadacross

Gender: Female

Race: Raven Elf Vouleusse Lineage

Starsign: The Lady

Class: The Raven (custom assassin)

Homes: Cheydinhall Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

Favourite Land: Her homeland

Best Friend: None

Worst Enemy: Imperial Legion

Combat Preference: Stealth

Combat Style: Ranged

Greatest Fear: None

Greatest Want: None

Physique: Athletic

Level: 53

Joined Guilds/Factions: Dark Brotherhood

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Imperial Legion

Childhood: Was raised by her older brother in his assassins guild The Ravens main base.

Teenage: Officially became full time member of The Ravens.

Prefered Food: Grapes

Disliked Food: Crab Meat

Favourite Arrow Type: Ebony

Favourite Blade Type: Wyrmfang dagger

Spells: None

Friendly Races: None

Neutral Races: All of them

Hostile Races: None

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhall

Least Favourite City/Town: The Imperial City and Bravil

Favourite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: None

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: None

Main Strength: She's very stealthy

Goal in Life: None

Why he was sent to jail: Killed ten city guards.



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