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Name: Derp

Gender: Male

Race: Imperial

Starsign: Atronach (WUT)

Class: Agent

Homes: Under a helmet.

Favourite Land: Under a helmet.

Best Friend: Anyone without Invisibility spell.

Worst Enemy: Anyone with Invisibility spell.

Combat Preference: Be Invisible, and run from everything that can be seen.

Combat Style: Coward.

Greatest Fear: Invisible enemies.

Greatest Want: A giant helmet.

Physique: Weak as hell.

Level: 1

Joined Guilds/Factions: The Best Defense.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Mage guild that practices Illusion.

Childhood: Derp was a Dwemer test tube baby, and was rapidly aged synthetically and then animated as soon as he reached -1000. Needless to say, something was wrong with him.

Teenage: See above.

Prefered Food: Invisibility potions.

Disliked Food: Poisoned apples.

Favourite Arrow Type: Rusty iron helmet.

Favourite Blade Type: Invisibility potion.

Spells: Flee.

Friendly Races: Mudcrabs.

Neutral Races: Rats.

Hostile Races: Invisible enemies.

Favourite City/Town: The Imperial one where nobody is Invisible.

Least Favourite City/Town: That one that's on fire and has a lot of Invisible Daedra.

Favourite Daedra: All of them that can't turn Invisible.

Least Favourite Daedra: All of them that can turn Invisible.

Favourite Divine: None; they all bully him.

Least Favourite Divine: Akatosh and Sheogorath, both of whom bully him.

Main Weakness: Invisible enemies.

Main Strength: Being Invisible and running away.

Goal in Life: To be Invisible, forever.

Why he was sent to jail: Public facial exposure.



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Name: Eva

Gender: Female

Race: Custom Gothic Breton

Starsign: The Mage

Class: Sorceress

Homes: No fixed abode.

Favorite Land: Whatever looks prettiest, currently Nehrim

Best Friend: Wolves and Dragons

Worst Enemy: Anything that annoys her

Combat Preference: Magic/Bow

Combat Style: Ranged

Greatest Want: More Clothes/Shoes

Physique: Elegant



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I did the stat sheets for all three of these characters below, but I can't find them now, so I'm forgoing that part...


Filthy Farquer is Glarthir's half brother. Where Glarthir is paranoid and a bit crazy, Farquer is a complete nutjob, and makes Glarthir look like the Mage's Guild Archmage by comparison. Farquer has spent almost his entire life in prison for one crime or another, ranging from pocketing things that are not his in broad daylight to destruction of property (he is deathly afraid of horses, and will destroy them on sight), to the occasional assault or even murder (usually, the murders and assaults result from him mistaking citizens of Tamriel for various creatures he's afraid of). After following Baurus and the Emperor out of the Imperial prison, Farquer mistook the Emperor for a mudcrab when Baurus left them to fight the Mythic Dawn, and killed him (I know this isn't possible in the game, but I've retconned it). Having discovered the mudcrab was in posession of the Amulet of Kings, Farquer saw this as a gift from the gods, and realized this had to mean he was the new Emperor of Tamriel. As Emperor, he believes it is his right to do as he pleases, and fights a neverending battle against those citizens (and animals) who refuse to accept his leadership. Pictured below are Farquer, weilding his club (he carries only a club, pants, and lockpicks), and his partner, Rotten Ramon...



Here we have Corrine Copperfield, a Breton vampire, thief, and assassin. Originally from a wealthy family in Cyrodiil, Corrine's father was a politician who was exposed as corrupt, and took his own life rather than live with the shame. Corrine's mother followed his example shortly after, leaving her an orphan with a penchant for thievery. As a young woman, she was eventually taken in as a maid at the Tiber Septim Motel, but was thrown in jail after stealing one too many times from guests and the motel itself (she never did get over her desire to have nice things). Upon being freed, Corrine began a life as a professional thief. After killing a bandit before she was seen and getting Lucien Lachance's dark invitation to the brotherhood, she finally joined out of curiosity, and has since become not only an efficient assassin, but a vampire as well. She fled the Dark Brotherhood after getting sealed orders from Lucien Lachance, about which she had a dreadful premonition... :ninja:



Here's Christian Marquardt. He's a Breton warrior with a penchant for sneaking, although at high levels the need for sneakiness has really diminished. He was the original captain of the ship on the Imperial Waterfront, before the crew mutinied during an especially difficult voyage, and he was set adrift in a small dingy. He eventually washed ashore in Cyrodiil, where he was arrested as a known pirate, and thrown in jail. He's basically done everything vanilla and its plug-ins have to offer, as well as conquering a host of different mods. He also has the ability to become a werewolf at will and blows off steam fighting monsters claw to claw. While morally ambiguous at times, he is, overall, a primarily good character.


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Name: Chicken of the gods

Gender: Male

Race: Argonian

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Assasin

Homes: Waterfront

Favourite Land: The Jerral mountains, Elsweyr

Best Friend: Adoring Fan... lololo and S'Krivva

Worst Enemy: Adamus Philida

Combat Preference: ?????

Combat Style: Head on >O

Greatest Fear:

Greatest Want:


Level: 15

Joined Guilds/Factions: He rides alone...

Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

Childhood: The last thing he remembers, was playing catch with S'Krivva... he was in a coma until the age of 23, he got in business with some gang, then was framed for murder, from there sent to prison.

Teenage: -BLANK-

Prefered Food: Bread

Disliked Food: -BLANK-

Favourite Arrow Type: Poison

Favourite Blade Type: Life Drain

Spells: Defencive

Friendly Races: Khajit, Imperial

Neutral Races: Argonian

Hostile Races: Orc, Breton

Favourite City/Town: Imperial City

Least Favourite City/Town: Bruma

Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath >:3

Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon I guess

Favourite Divine: AKATOSH

Least Favourite Divine: Mara

Main Weakness: I would say, ranged combat

Main Strength: Close combat

Goal in Life: To die happy (lolol)

Why he was sent to jail: Frame of murder

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Name: Arcosia

Gender: woman

Race: Imperial Vampire

Starsign: The warior

Class: Crimson

Homes: Nosferatus Haven (made it myself)

Favourite Land: where there is supplys and travel havens

Best Friend: dont have one. she had but unfortunately she had to kill him when he tried to betray her

Worst Enemy: Vampire hunters

Combat Preference: blast the enemy to oblivion whit a spell before she uses the blade or the mouth

Combat Style: blast the enemy to oblivion whit a spell before she uses the blade or the mouth

Greatest Fear: The sun

Greatest Want: Blood and battles or being alone in the Nosferatus haven

Physique: slim but strong and firm

Level: 25

Joined Guilds/Factions: DB, vampire factions and more

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Vampire hunter factions

Childhood: She was given to the Nosferatu as a tribut of gratitude (or just simply taken)

Teenage: She was made a vampire in the age of 17 but whit help from her maker and som spells she did grown but when she was 20 she stoped aging. after that she do whatever her maker want her to du.

Prefered Food: blood as she cant eat normal food without being sick.

Disliked Food: normal food

Favourite Arrow Type: cant use a bow so she have never cared to find out

Favourite Blade Type: sharp ones to slice the enemy beter

Spells: almost every one but most the ones that makes damage

Friendly Races: Vampires and undead as she dont trust the "living pepole" as she calls the normal races

Neutral Races: most of the normale ones as long as they dont find out she is a vampire

Hostile Races: orcs she dont even wana drink from them. the daedra she likes the taste of deadra blood...

Favourite City/Town: Anvil, skingrad or imperial city

Least Favourite City/Town: any other town

Favourite Daedra: sanguin

Least Favourite Daedra: diabela

Favourite Divine: dont belive in them

Least Favourite Divine: dont belive in them

Main Weakness: sun

Main Strength: blood, blade and magic

Goal in Life: serve the master and the maker whit her life

Why she was sent to jail: imperial guards dont like to be feed upon so they wanted to humiliate her before they killed her and therefore she was in a closed of cell when some blades and a old man came...

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lowenp: Hahahaha rofl your character made my day. :laugh:

VictoriaG: I knew that Eva was a Gothic Breton! :biggrin:

Also since I started posting screenshots again I guess I'm going to tell you guys about all my characters if that's okay with everyone of course. :turned:


Name: Neith

Gender: Female

Race: 'n Dywyll

Starsign: The Warrior

Class: Warrior

Homes: None for now.

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil

Best Friend: None

Worst Enemy: Evil people

Combat Preference: Melee

Combat Style: Swords

Greatest Fear: None

Greatest Want: To right her wrongs.

Physique: Uh... slender...

Level: 49

Joined Guilds/Factions: None

Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Dark Brotherhood.

Childhood: Her parents were killed and friendly drow scout took her with him to the Underdark.

Teenage: Was training with drow soldiers.

Prefered Food: Se's not picky about food so everything that won't poison her.

Disliked Food: Everything that would poison her.

Favourite Arrow Type: She doesn't use bows.

Favourite Blade Type: One handed swords.

Spells: She doesn't use spells.

Friendly Races: None

Neutral Races: None

Hostile Races: None.

Favourite City/Town: Cheydinhall

Least Favourite City/Town: None

Favourite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: None

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: Doesn't use shields

Main Strength: Her strength

Goal in Life: To gain redemption

Why he was sent to jail: She wasn't.



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