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Just started with Oblivion again:)


Name: Max


Gender: Male


Race: Nord


Starsign: The Warrior


Class: Knight


Homes: Haafingar(A town in Skyrim)


Favourite Land: Skyrim


Best Friend: Isleif the Open Handed


Worst Enemy: Audens Avidius, Nobles.


Combat Preference: Blade


Combat Style: Charging in with a sword held high


Greatest Fear: Necromancers... If there is one thing he doesn't want, it is to die and be re-animated as a walking corpse...


Greatest Want: A heroic death which will be remembered.


Physique: Muscular


Level: 1


Joined Guilds/Factions: None yet...


Enemy Guilds/Factions: The Mythic Dawn




Born in Haafingar twenty years ago. His mother was an alcoholic and his father had died a hero's death serving as an imperial legion soldier. Atleast, that was what his mother had told him. He learnt the truth at the age of twelve when he found an old document under a blank in his home, which showed that his father had been executed for desertation. His mother died the same year, of alcohol poisoning. After his mother's death, he was evicted and thrown out on the street. His hatred of nobles came from seeing how little they cared about his poverty, and how their snobbish sons loved to mock him whenever they had a chance.




He continued to live as a street urchin for five years, doing small jobs and begging for food. At the age of seventeen, he met an old imperial legion veteran, whom felt bad for the lad and decided to take him into his house. He lived there for three more years, doing household chores and getting combat training lessons from the veteran. He also started to write poetry during this time, writing numerous poems about noble warriors and evil warlords. When he was twenty, the old veteran died. He then decided to travel to the land of Cyrodiil in search for work. It was a dangerous trip during the spring of 3E 433, but he managed to reach his destination, the Imperial City. His illusions of a city with streets of gold and rid of such plagues as poverty, corruption and unemployment was however crushed. He soon befriended Isleif the Open Handed, who helped him with getting a job in the docks...


Disliked Food: Tomatoes


Favourite Arrow Type: Steel


Favourite Blade Type: Longswords and Claymores


Spells: Healing, fireballs.


Friendly Races: Treats all the same


Neutral Races: Treats all the same


Hostile Races: Treats all the same


Favourite City/Town: Bruma, the closest to home he will get in Cyrodiil.


Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil, due to the huge poverty.


Favourite Daedra: Azura


Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon


Favourite Divine: Talos


Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar


Main Weakness: His short temper and hatred for the nobility class.


Main Strength: His abilities with blades, and his poetry skills.


Goal in Life: To be remembered for heroic deeds.


Why he was sent to jail:


One day when he worked in the docks, Audens Avidius passed by him and claimed that the goods he loaded aboard a ship from High Rock was stolen. He demanded a fine of 100 septims, a sum that Max was unable to pay. A heated argument broke out, ending with Max hitting Audens in the face and breaking his nose. Audens swiftly brought up his blade and if it weren't for two guards holding him back, would have slain Max right there on the spot. Max was thrown into prison, accused of attempted murder on an Imperial Watch Captain....

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Name: Sam

Gender: Male

Race: Breton

Starsign: Mage

Class: Mage

Homes:Frostcraig Spire (Wizards Tower download)

Favourite Land: Cyrodiil

Best Friend: Tar-Meena

Worst Enemy: Manimarco

Combat Preference: Magic

Combat Style: Destruction, Illusion

Greatest Fear: Abysses

Greatest Want: To be the greatest arch mage ever.

Physique: Thin

Level: 23

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages guild, arch mage.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Nothing

Childhood: Raised in riches.

Teenage: Lost parents and brother became a wealthy duke in Morrowind.

Prefered Food: Blood grass.

Disliked Food: Human heart

Favourite Arrow Type: Dwarven

Favourite Blade Type: Silver

Spells: Finger of the mountain

Friendly Races:All

Neutral Races: All

Hostile Races: Noun

Favourite City/Town: Chorrol

Least Favourite City/Town: Bruma

Favourite Daedra: Frost Astonach

Least Favourite Daedra: Spider daedra

Favourite Divine: Akatosh

Least Favourite Divine: Dagon

Main Weakness: Fire

Main Strength: Magic

Goal in Life: Makin Magic

Why he was sent to jail: Accidentally killing somone who he thought was a necromancer.

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Name: Azule Clan

Gender: Female

Race: Imperial

Starsign: The Warrior

Class: Necromancer

Homes: Necro Town (a mod i am trying to make), Reapers Tower and Moracis City of the dead

Favourite Land: Skyrim

Best Friend: her skeletons and the walking corpses of her enemies

Worst Enemy: the mages guild (they dont know it sins she works undercover in the guild)

Combat Preference: Blade and magic

Combat Style: uses magic on the enemy on distanse and then a long blade (umbra or the vicus heart)

Greatest Fear: tthat somebody steals her magic or kill her.

Greatest Want: Becoming the goddess of the necromancers (and mabye of the Vampires to)

Physique: exnem body (the one whit underwear)

Level: 25

Joined Guilds/Factions: Necromancers guild (and undercover agent in the blades, theves guild, and the mages guild.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mages guild, the blades, mytic dawn (she wants to rule the world not som ugly as giant who cant grow his arms right)



Born in the necromancers temple. from early years she was trained in the way of the necromancers (meke the kill and take the spill). She impresed all in the temple whit her strong talent and gifts in the art of necromancy.



She is still learning to fight, live, magic but now she also goes on mision for her master and the temple. (who woud think that a litle girl is a spy, assisan or grave robber?)



just past 20 she is a master necromancer and she have taken the abonden reaper tower as her new home.


Disliked Food: fish

Favourite Arrow Type: the maguc one she hul whit her hand...

Favourite Blade Type: Longswords

Spells: Healing, fireballs, frost necromancer spells.


Friendly Races: she is an undercover necromancer so she is kinda frendly to them all but she prefers the undead and her reflections in water/mirrors

Neutral Races: Treats all the same

Hostile Races: she kill the one she dont like and den re-animate them as her servants


Favourite City/Town: Anvil. (there is a fine necromancer house whit many ghost there :D

Least Favourite City/Town: none mabye the imperal cite due too all the guards.


Favourite Daedra: non

Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon


Favourite Divine: none. she ignore them all

Least Favourite Divine: all

Main Weakness: she is selfish, wants to reanimate all that wanted to kill her and sometimes she makes a mistake when reanimateing the corps and then there is a rabiate zombie on the lose. And she saved tamriel because she dont liked the way it woud become if she dident save it.

Main Strength: necromancer powrs like reanimating,

Goal in Life: to become a goddess of necromancers/vampires and death (she is wiling to kill the other gods and goddesses to obtain that goal.)


Why he was sent to jail:

digin up some of the old septim graves. (the imperial guards dident like. they are kinda funny that way) that one so they placed her in an old cell that was full of bones and then throw away the only key (eksept the one the blades have. but then she was saved by another septim isent that ironic?


sorry for my english. a am a norwegian so...

and no screenshots as i dont know hov to take them

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Name: Adrien


Race: Breton

Starsign: The Apprentice

Class: Nightblade/Spellsword? He has a custom class that uses similar abilities between the two

Homes: None

Favourite Land:

Worst Enemy: Wisps!

Combat Preference: melee

Combat Style: Uses magic to enhance his offense and defense. Prefers melee combat with light, fast weapons and uses bows at range


Greatest Fear: Wisps!


Greatest Want: More power

Physique: Roberts male body replacer....good looking guy

Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages guild, fighters guild

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Dark brotherhood. Really any evil organization. He is uncertain of what to think about the theives guild so he is neutral towards them

Childhood: He was found wandering on the streets. He knows nothing of his parents or how he came to the Imperial city. He was taken in by a member of the mages guild who raised him and taught him everything he knows about magic.


Teenage: He developed a very adventurous personality early on. He clearly was not well suited to become a mage, he couldnt stand the rigorous studying required in the University. He joined the Imperial guard in the hopes of seeing the world. He learned how to fight with melee weapons and armor and began to study combat magic with the Imperial Battle mages who he had a great connection with. Unfortunately for him, he did not get to be a part of any grand adventures while in the Imperial Legion, when the option became available for him to leave he did.


Prefered Food: Steak and fruit

Disliked Food: Cheese and bread (the staple of the imperial gaurd) and powdered deer penis...


Favourite Arrow Type: No preference per se...but the cooler the better

Favourite Blade Type: Short swords (for speed)

Spells: He LOVES big area of effect spells...sadly, he never studied long enough to learn many himself. He mostly uses touch spells that he channels into his weapons. As a result, he sometimes carries a staff that is capable of channeling such spells.


Friendly Races: He is not racist at all and favors no particular race. He respects the Imperials for what they have accomplished, but does not like they way the accomplished it.

Neutral Races: Most all races. He is even sympathetic to creatures like Goblins....unless he is attacked by them


Hostile Races: Dremora. he hates them for how much more arrogant they are than High Elves.

Favourite City/Town: Chorrol and Cheydinhal he likes equally.

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial city. Though he will speak fondly of it because of its history and the power that it represents, it was always a cage to him


Favourite Daedra: none

Least Favourite Daedra: most of them, if not all

Favourite Divine: none

Least Favourite Divine: none


Main Weakness: He refuses to wear heavy armor in combat, even though he has little training in light armor.

Main Strength: His studies in offensive weaponry and magic has allowed him to combine them in ways that other mages can not, even Battle mages. He has learned to channel his spells directly into his weapons, providing him with enchanted weapons that are fueled by his own magica and have enchantments that are as strong as any spell he can cast.


Goal in Life: He strives to become the most revered battle mage alive.


Why he was sent to jail: On the night he finished his service in the Imperial legion he celebrated his new freedom and one last night in the city before he set off in search of adventure. After drinking too much he was arrested for starting a drunken brawl and nearly setting the whole tavern on fire with his spells. After waking up, unable to remember anything of the night before, the Emperor himself passed through his cell in an attempt to get to safety as well as granting him freedom

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Name: J'Tarah


Gender: Female


Race: Ka Po Tun (custom)


Starsign: Thief


Class: Assassin


Homes: All


Favourite Land: Morrowind


Best Friend: Her KNucklebow saber, Stormsurge


Worst Enemy: Anyone who calls her 'Criminal Scum'


Combat Preference: Marksman/One hand blade


Combat Style: She prefers sneak attacks with highly poisonous arrows, but is adept at hand to hand fighting as well.


Greatest Fear: Failure


Greatest Want: That next big loot haul.


Physique: Voluptuous


Level: 25


Joined Guilds/Factions: All


Enemy Guilds/Factions: Guards


Childhood: Spent training in Akavir


Teenage: Spent travelling to distant lands of Morrowind, Solstheim, and Elsweyr in order to learn native fighting, weaponmaking, and armorsmithing skills in various climates.


Prefered Food: Venison


Disliked Food: Apples (you can never ever trust apples)


Favourite Arrow Type: Dragon Foe (Realswords)


Favourite Blade Type: KNucklebow Saber (Realswords) or custom Ivory Talon Katana


Spells: Deathly Visage


Friendly Races: Khajiit, Nord


Neutral Races: Breton, Orc, Redguard


Hostile Races: Dunmer, Argonian, Altmer, Bosmer, Imperial


Favourite City/Town: Cheydenhal


Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawiin


Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath


Least Favourite Daedra: Mehrunes Dagon


Favourite Divine: Akatosh


Least Favourite Divine: Talos


Main Weakness: Moonsugar


Main Strength: Incredible high alchemy skill makes for potent poisons and health potions.


Goal in Life: To find someone who can best her in combat.


Why she was sent to jail: For Attacking a group of Legion soldiers who referred to her as a 'furlicker'.




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Might as well add one of mine, though I have two that I play on rotation. I may add my other character in a later post. I use quite a few mods... I'll list the more important ones as I go along.


Name: S'drarri


Gender: Male


Race: Khajiit


Starsign: The Lover (Birthsigns Expanded)


Class: Bard (standard)


Homes: Leyawiin (and technically a home in Corinthe, though it doesn't exist in game)


Favourite Land: Elsweyr


Best Friend: In Cyrodill - None at present, though he's partial to the sisters at the Three Sisters Inn...


Worst Enemy: Countess Caro


Combat Preference: One handed Blade / Marksman


Combat Style: Lightweight fighter, using his wits, guile, and birthsign skills to cause havok. Prefers to start combat with a well aimed arrow.


Greatest Fear: The undead. He also tends to try to give boars a wide berth - I use Elsweyr Anequina... the boars in there are nasty creatures - but this usually fails.


Greatest Want: At the moment, fame and fortune.


Physique: Basic (Robert's male v5 Average)


Level: 1


Joined Guilds/Factions: None


Enemy Guilds/Factions: None


Childhood: Growing up in Corinthe, he had a relatively easy youth. He learned the art of buying and selling from his mother, one of the merchants in Corinthe. She also taught him basic Alchemy... though he doesn't use it as often as he should. His father, a bard from Leyawiin, taught him most of his other skills, as well as taking him to Leyawiin occasionally (this was before Countess Alessia Caro married the Count, and sent racial relations into a downward spiral). From an early age, S'drarri had potential in the arts of Illusion... Though he never focused much on it, other than using it for simple parlor tricks.


Teenage: Deciding he didn't want to deal with the politics in Corinthe, S'drarri struck out for Cyrodiil. His parents supported him in this decision; his father even went so far as to give his old home back in Leyawiin to him. His mother, on the other hand, gave him a set of high quality weapons and a very nice set of clothing... that was completely unsuited for the climate (it's the thought that counts :) ) Once arriving in Leyawiin he found the cultural climate less than welcoming, far from what he experienced as a child. Still, he managed to survive, and made (and continues to make) a reasonable living playing music and selling potions.


Preferred Food: Meats of all kinds, candies, cookies, sweetrolls, most fruit (really, anything sweet)


Disliked Food: Lettuce


Favourite Arrow Type: Silver


Favourite Blade Type: Curved swords (cutlasses, scimitars, katanas)


Spells: None at present, other than some weak Light spells.


Friendly Races: Argonians, Khajiit, Bretons


Neutral Races: Dunmer, Altmer, Bosmer, Orcs, Imperials, Redguards, Nords


Hostile Races: None


Favourite City/Town: Corinthe, Leyawiin (Pre-Countess), Molapi (from Arthmoor's Molapi mod)


Least Favourite City/Town: Bravil, Leyawiin (Current time)


Favourite Daedra: Not versed in Daedric Lore, so he can't make a decision


Least Favourite Daedra: See above


Favourite Divine: Mara


Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar; He views the priesthood (at least the Cyrodiil chapter) as arrogant fools who refuse to help the needy. For a group that claims to offer aid through honest work, they don't seem to do much in Leyawiin.


Main Weakness: He is compulsive, a flirt, and somewhat naive. He's also chivalrous to a fault, and will take on tasks - with no forethought of what could happen - if the person asking happens to be female (in game terms, I'm accepting every questline that is given by a female NPC, no matter the difficulty or consequences) Finally, he's a bit of a thief, and is not above nicking valuables from those who offend him (the money from those valuables, however, usually goes to those in need. Usually.)


Main Strength: He is tenacious and kind-hearted, and loyal to those he considers his friends. He's also well versed in the arts, writing poetry, playing his lute, and even singing (though his singing suffers in anything other than his native language).


Goal in Life: He's honestly not sure at this point. He'd like to become financially secure, and better his skills. He'd also like to eventually change the views of Countess Caro regarding beast races... but he realizes this may be a fool's errand; though that's not gonna stop him from trying.


Why he was sent to jail: He wasn't, actually. I'm using an alt-start mod, so I'm not doing the Main Quest yet... and may never do so. That said, considering his carefree, somewhat Robin Hood-like nature... he's bound to run afoul of the law at some point.

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Name: Dadelus

Gender: male

Race: Nord

Starsign: Warrior

Class: Adventurer

Homes: Benirus Manor and a tent

Favourite Land: Elsweyr

Best Friend: Vilja

Worst Enemy: Dread Zombie

Combat Preference: Melee

Combat Style: depends on enemy

Greatest Fear: losing Vilja

Greatest Want: To go home to Skyrim

Physique: typical Nord - big and muscular

Level: 25

Joined Guilds/Factions: Blade, Order of the Dragon, Arena Champion, Thief, then Dark Brotherhood, Fighters and then Mages. Captain of the White Stallion, Knight of the Thorn, Count of Windfall, Count of Kvatch, Order of the Virtuous Blood.

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Blackwood Company, Black Bows.

Childhood: Son of a sheep herder in Skyrim

Teenage: Left home at 14 to join the Legion for adventure.

Prefered Food: Mutton (with mead)

Disliked Food: all vegetables

Favourite Arrow Type: Ebony

Favourite Blade Type: Longsword (any)

Spells: Fire

Friendly Races: Nord

Neutral Races: All but Khajiit

Hostile Races: Khajiit (hunting them for their fur has led to some hard feelings)

Favourite City/Town: Anvil

Least Favourite City/Town: Imperial City

Favourite Daedra: to kill? – Xivilai

Least Favourite Daedra: all are dark spawn to be damned to the Wells of Abuse in Oblivion

Favourite Divine: Dibella

Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar

Main Weakness: Being too soft on those little goblins

Main Strength: He’s a Nord – what’s left to say.

Goal in Life: Go home to Skyrim and be a sheep herder

Why he was sent to jail: Imperial Legion soldier called him “snowman” and told him he felt they would soon be getting close. My character hit the Legionnaire so hard bones from his broken nose entered his brain and killed him. Awaiting trial when the emperor arrived in his cell.

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WHOA! Lovely reading I've got here men! My faves are Derp and Filthy Farquer, those are truly epic characters! But I've got somthing about my character for you to read. I felt like I just should do this ;)


<3 <3 <3 My character <3 <3 <3 mmmmm... hes glorious.


Name: Maxim K.


Gender: male


Race: custom humanoid vampire


Starsign: lady


Class: custom


Homes: Asylum. Bravil home by Side777. Black Marsh Hall. Clamshell cottage. Theryon. Vaernlor manor. Hidden Sun manor. Vampire haven. Risa. Millstone farm. Woodcutters cabin. Star's rest. Castle Eltz. Hentais house. Shadowcrest Wineyard. Sunburn ranch. Gipsy wagon. Ner Zitar... etc. Couldn't remember them all atm, but Max's got all of the best housies he could find.


Favourite Land: the dark forest, and all of UL in general


Best Friend: Flan <3


Worst Enemy: this should be a much longer list than the list of our homes, srsly


Combat Preference: paralyse and destroy... or run awaaay, mostly. Hahh...


Combat Style: sneak


Greatest Fear: a crowd


Greatest Want: to be alive and cuddle


Physique: skinny, short and delicate


Level: 13


Joined Guilds/Factions: Thiefs guild, DB


Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mages guild, The Order of the virtuous blood


Childhood: raised in a common family


Teenage: had been kidnapped, abused and left to die


Prefered Food: human flesh, human blood


Disliked Food: sweetcake


Favourite Arrow Type: arrows of hell fire


Favourite Blade Type: Magnir, a very beautiful one handed red and sleek sword


Spells: spell absorbtion, vampiric seduction, shroud of shadows, black winter


Friendly Races: none


Neutral Races: undead


Hostile Races: all the rest. wait... this is not interesting. ah! thats elves! the moonshadow elves, they hate Max


Favourite City/Town: Bruma... oh lovely memories, oh those hot nights in Olav's Tap and Tack <3 LOL


Least Favourite City/Town: Orcrest


Favourite Daedra: prince Mephala


Least Favourite Daedra: monsieur Sheo and his... god mode


Favourite Divine: uhm???


Least Favourite Divine: idk


Main Weakness: the flesh


Main Strength: the disease


Goal in Life: Max is in love... haven't got children yet, but they keep on trying >_<


Why he was sent to jail: obviously for the menhunt





this is not the best his photo but still... go look at other pictures of him, I've taken enough.

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Another one of myself


Name: Usarkar the Stranded one




Race:Dremora (vanilla)




Class:Mercenary (custom)


Homes:Mundus itself! and some voice in my mind is claiming me for Sheogorath's realm....


Favourite Land:maybe the Jerall Mountains... is where i can earn more gold!


Best Friend:Well, pretty hard to say... is really difficult for a dremora to have friends... but the Blades and Martin Septim, They don't care about my heritage


Worst Enemy:my kin! or i have to say... the ones who refused me for being "funny and kind"


Combat Preference:Hammers to smash, blades to cut, adn magic to roast what i smashed and cutted before^^


Combat Style:overwhelm my enemy with my combat and magic awesomeness (or at least, that's what i'm tryingt)


Greatest Fear:the churches!


Greatest Want:Revenge upon my old kin!!! make them suffer!.....for some reason i feel i will be pleased about that....and all women nearby to please me and them^^


Physique:Muscle bounded and tall... well as every dremora...




Joined Guilds/Factions:mages guild, blades, Northern front Mercenaries(Mod)


Enemy Guilds/Factions:Mythic Dawn, blasted Dagon whorshippers...


Childhood:Well as a daedra, i didn't had a childhood, but i can refer to my early times, nothing much to say... i was a Caitiff....


Teenage:Well, that's when thing gone weird, i began to be interested for some mortal "lust's likes", i saw mortals drinking good beers, eating really nice food (i stole a lot when summoned), pleasing with members of the other gender (that's when i realized that i'm a man, and undestood what's the real use of that thing that hangs between my legs), a lot of things, i saw them laughing and asked myself "what's this?" well after taht thing and a few more i had few "affairs" with some girls who dared (and after, pleased) to summon me... while other magicians (men) summoned me to have a good chatter while while drinking beer or whine, pretty interesting things you can learn listening to a mortal, as they do too... after all of this my kin where displeased! they don't liked my behaviour, they said that's unnatural for a dremora to being nice with mortals, for this reason i was treated like a pariah for a looong time, i became bored, truly bored, i became to think with all that things i enjoyed in Mundus... for my kin taht was right, while i don't do it again...but no, i had my own ideas... happened that a dremora woman grow curious for some aspects of my experiences between the mortals, and then i told her "i will show you some things".... being honest, the cry of pleasure of a dremora woman... is really hard to stand!...happened that some kin where over there and saw what we were doing... they blamed me for obscene behaviour!! at this point they wanted to destroy me, but Dagon entered the scene "YOU! YOU WHO ENJOY OF MORTAL PLEASURES, THAT'S MY JUDGEMENT, YOU WANT MORE? YOU WILL HAVE MORE! OUT OF MY REALM UNWORTHY!!!!" i was really kicked on my arse by Dagon himself, and it hurts! but most important i was "punished" by staying in Mundus forever and bound to it... sometimes i miss my home, but i have to confess, Dagon had reasons to be far more cruel...


Prefered Food:venison and beer, an awesome duo!


Disliked Food:lettuce, tastes like.... nothing!


Favourite Arrow Type:i don't make use of that....


Favourite Blade Type: one handed...i have no real preferences really while cuts as must.... i'm more a hammer swinging guy


Spells: my magic skills stills in diapers by now, fortunately mortals have the "mages guild" i'm sure they will teache me something...


Friendly Races:not races, but individuals, most people are awkward about my nature, with the current crisis i understand it


Neutral Races:N/A


Hostile Races:most daedras who follows Dagon


Favourite City/Town:Bruma! i grow tired of the heat of Oblivion, Bruma and the Jerall Mountains are a real break for me


Least Favourite City/Town:Bravil, hot and wet weather, ugly, a bit of lava will make it like oblivion


Favourite Daedra:Malacath! he was a refused one... like me, and Sheogorath, for some reason, i feel somehow bound to his realm... and now i know there's a gate to his realm!


Least Favourite Daedra:Mehrunes Dagon, for obvious reasons, he rejected me!


Favourite Divine:i don't care about them


Least Favourite Divine:as above


Main Weakness:i hate the storms!!!!!


Main Strength:mmm my muscles and brain maybe???


Goal in Life:that kind of things you bother to think about when you know you'll gonna die... and i'm immortal


Why he was sent to jail: Well i was really sweet about women.... but then i learned that there's some limits...let me explain, in the night i meet some really sexy girls in the imperial city with the consequences, pleasants nights of sex with them... but no one told me what can happen if you try this by the day... i was strolling aroun the streets naked and running up and down the streets chasing women "hey cutie! wanna some sex! GEEEEHHHHH!!!" for some reason the guards didn't liked that and knock me... when i was awake i was in jail, with the most distasteful dunmer in fron of my cell...

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Name: Brethorn


Gender: Female


Race: Breton


Starsign: The Apprentice


Class: Mage


Homes: Frostcraig Spire


Favourite Land: Cyrodill


Best Friend: Midas (my teacher)


Worst Enemy: Myvryna Arano (she just irritates us mages)


Combat Preference: Magic


Combat Style: Flashy


Greatest Fear: Zombies


Greatest Want: No more clothes in all of Tamriel! (explained below)


Physique: Average (Robert's Female)


Level: 9


Joined Guilds/Factions: Mages Guild, Fighter Guild


Enemy Guilds/Factions: Necromancers (yuck!), Bandits


Childhood: Lived in the previously known "All Things Alchemical,". Falanu Hlaalu sold it to Brethorn's parents. Lived a quiet, simple childhood. With the exception of the occasional bandit attack. Practiced magic from a very young age.


Teenage: Was practicing her magic in her home, when bandits attacked. Her parents were not home at the time, and so she defended herself from the bandits. A badly placed fireball hit a barrel full of Firesalts, causing the entire house to explode, killing the bandits, and setting Brethorn's clothes on fire. So, she figured that the things (clothes) were useless, and she discarded them, living nude in the wilderness for the remainder of her teenage years, until she discovered the shrine of Sheogorath, finding a haven with the other naked people there.


Prefered Food: Sweetrole


Disliked Food: Cheese (explained later)


Favourite Arrow Type: It doesn't matter. They all hurt the same amount; a lot.


Favourite Blade Type: Silver Short-sword.


Spells: A whole bunch of 'em. Rarely used fire magic anymore.


Friendly Races: Bretons, Argonians and Kahjeet


Neutral Races: Imperials, Redguards and Bosmer


Hostile Races: Dunmer, Altmer, Orcs and Nords


Favourite City/Town: Chorrol (plenty of wilderness to get naked in)


Least Favourite City/Town: The Imperial City (stuck-up prudes :dry: )


Favourite Daedra: Meridia


Least Favourite Daedra: Sheogorath (sxplained below)


Favourite Divine: Kynareth


Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar (hte Divine in charge of the trading that brings all of this horrible clothing into the world)


Main Weakness: Fire


Main Strength: A tad insane


Goal in Life: the Never wear clothes again (except when needed)


Why she was sent to jail: After Brethorn discovered Sheogorath's shrine, she was sent to the Imperial City by her fellow worshipers to get supplies. Having been isolated from clothing for years, she walked into the City completely naked, and was arrested for "Public Indecency." After she excaped from prison (via Emperor's death), she returned to Sheogorath's shrine, to find that the Madgod would not take her back as a worshiper. He then proceeded to rain cheese down upon her from the sky. Once she had discarded her cheese-smelling clothes, she found the shrine of Meridia, where others accepted her for who she was. Now she never wears clothes unless it is so she does not get arrested again.

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