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I'm going to present the story of my Bosmer, Filthy Farquer, a little bit differently. Rather than use the character stat sheet, I'm presenting a bit about him in storybook form...


Once, there was a man named Filthy Farquer. His real name was Farquer, but people called him "filthy". Nobody knows why for sure, but it might have been because he never once bathed intentionally and refused to change his underwear...ever...



Filthy Farquer loved to run free and enjoy the beauty of nature. He loved to run free in his dirty loincloth and carry with him his best friend, a large wooden club named Billy. Many people did not like Filthy Farquer, and when they were mean to him, Billy was always there to stand up for him. Billy was a dear, dear friend.



People did not like Filthy Farquer because he was different. He was different because he thought people were mudcrabs, and he hated mudcrabs. Filthy Farquer did not know why so many mudcrabs were constantly wandering the roads so far from the water, and they would say means things to him and make ugly mudcrab faces. Filthy didn't like the faces, but Billy helped make them go away.



One day, Filthy spotted a whole bunch of mudcrabs gathered on the road, and was going go around them, but Billy told him it was okay to walk by them and smash them if they were bad. One of them made an orange glow around him and suddenly had the ugliest mudcrab face Filthy had ever seen. Suddenly, ALL the mudcrabs began to chase him and hit him with things, just like his brother Glarthir used to when they were kids (minus the burlap bag). Filthy tried to run away, but it was no use, the crabs kept chasing him.



Filthy ran down to the beach, because mudcrabs love the beach, and he wanted to give them loving feelings. The crabs didn't act loving, though, and Filthy Farquer decided if he lived in a world where animals couldn't love their fellow man, it wasn't a world worth living in. Filthy died and was sad for at first, but then he wasn't, because you can't be sad and dead at the same time. What a great adventure for Filthy Farquer!




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Name: Miranda

Gender: Female

Race: Moonshadow Elf

Birthsign: The Lover

Class: Assassin

Homes: Wherever her camp is

Favorite Land: Skyrim.

Best Friend: Angelica (Deceased)

Worst Enemy: The Dark Brotherhood

Combat Preference: Short blade, bow

Combat Style: Stealth

Greatest Fear: Ghosts

Greatest Want: Freedom

Physique: Light

Level: 1 (and staying that way)

Joined Guilds/Factions: None

Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

Childhood: Orphan

Teenage: "Bad girl"; never obeyed anyone

Preferred Food: Fruits

Disliked Food: Fish

Favorite Arrow Type: Lightweight arrows

Favorite Blade Type: Short blades

Spells: Invisibility

Friendly Races: Argonian, Khajiit, Imperial, High Elf, Redguard

Neutral Races: Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Breton, Nord

Hostile Races: Orc

Favorite City/Town: Bravil

Least Favorite City/Town: Cheydinhal

Favorite Daedra: Azura

Least Favourite Daedra: Malacath

Favourite Divine: Talos

Least Favourite Divine: Zenithar

Main Weakness: Poor close-combat skills

Main Strength: Stealthy

Goal in Life: To be independent and free

Why She Was Sent to Jail: Caught killing the man who murdered her best friend



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I don't know what's going on with me lately, I've been experimenting with unattractive socially repulsive male characters. It makes me laugh, what can I say? Here's the latest (pic all the way at the bottom).


Name: Old Stinky

Gender: Male

Race: Stanky

Birthsign: The Steed

Class: Hermit

Homes: Mountain Shack (from the mod, but with candles lit only, no repairs or cleanup)

Favorite Land: Outdoors

Best Friend: Old Stinky

Worst Enemy: Everyone else

Combat Preference: Fist or iron dagger

Combat Style: Run like hell

Greatest Fear: Soap and water

Greatest Want: To be left alone

Physique: Filthy (and athletic)

Level: 1 (and staying that way)

Joined Guilds/Factions: None

Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

Childhood: Abandoned in the wilderness as a baby, Old Stinky was raised by trolls, and lives (and smells) like one. He learned to despise humanoids and love animals and other creatures of the wilderness.

Teenage: Same as above, except he just got older and stinkier as time went on. He learned to pass the time picking the gold out of the pockets of travellers, although he never spends it, he just likes how shiney it is.

Preferred Food: Rat meat

Disliked Food: Mort flesh

Favorite Arrow Type: he doesn't give a damn about arrows

Favorite Blade Type: Iron dagger

Spells: None really

Friendly Races: Animals

Neutral Races: none

Hostile Races: Humandoids, Daedra

Favorite City/Town: None

Least Favorite City/Town: None

Favorite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: All of them

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: He stinks, dislikes people, and has no exceptional skills

Main Strength: Strong smell, good wilderness sense

Goal in Life: To be left alone and never see another human.

Why he Was Sent to Jail: Been there many times for pickpocketing



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Name: Raikov

Gender: Male

Race: Breton (part Nord)

Starsign: Ritual (30th of Morningstar)

Class: Nightblade

Homes: No home, Travels constantly

Favourite Land: Any place that isn't hot and humid.

Best Friend: Baurus

Worst Enemy: Undead

Combat Preference: Swords and Fire Magic

Combat Style: Ambush with extreme speed and brutality.

Greatest Fear: Centipedes, Ghosts, Drowning

Greatest Want: Wealth, Love, and Power what else?

Physique: 5'10" muscular and hairy

Joined Guilds/Factions: Blades, Thieves Guild (Thinks they are too soft but needed a fence), Fighters Guild (Low Rank just in it for the occasional job)

Enemy Guilds/Factions: Mythic Dawn, Necromancers Cult, Dark Brotherhood

Childhood: Grew up in Highrock average childhood.

Teenage: Nothing tragic was training as a blacksmiths apprentice but wanted to travel so left home.

Prefered Food: Baked goods, Fruit, Vegetables, Poultry.

Disliked Food: Fatty meats, Milk.

Favourite Blade Type: Longswords and Katanas

Spells: Fire (Destruction), Drains (Restoration), Shields (Alteration).

Friendly Races: Any Humans and some Elves.

Neutral Races: Thinks Orcs are barbarians, Altmer are prudes, and finds Bosmer annoying.

Hostile Races: Isn't openly Hostile to anyone.

Favourite City/Town: Skingrad and Anvil

Least Favourite City/Town: Leyawiin and Bravil

Favourite Daedra: Most Daedra have tried to kill him on the spot but the Mazken and Aureal.

Least Favourite Daedra: Atronachs always gave him trouble.

Favourite Divine: Not religious but always liked the stories behind Talos.

Least Favourite Divine: Would have to be the more sinister Daedric Princes such as Molag Bal, Mephala, and Mehrunes Dagon

Main Weakness: Intangible enemies such as Will-o-wisp and Ghost that don't have flesh to burn or organs to pierce.

Main Strength: Humanoid enemies are scorched and slashed apart in moments.

Goal in Life: To see everything the world has to offer.

Why he was sent to jail: Killed a man in a bar dispute.

Personality: Impatient and prefers to get results even if the methods are crude. Can be more of a douchebag than a "knight is shining armor" type of hero.



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Name: Jose Estevez (yes, i did myself)


Race:Nord with goatee


Class:began as assassin, now he knows a lot more things

Homes:the lonely suitor is the most likely

Favourite Land:no land, but the Abecean sea

Best Friend:so many, the crew of the Wailing butcher, the blades, the thieves guild people, specially the red guard fence

Worst Enemy:Will-o-wisp and zombies

Combat Preference:Sword and arrows

Combat Style:Sniping with poisoned arrows, throat slicing or raging charges, no matter when the enemy is dead

Greatest Fear: become a vampire! i love to see the sun

Greatest Want:Girls!!!

Physique:short height and wide back, strong


Joined Guilds/Factions:Thieves guild, Abecean pirates, honorary blade member

Enemy Guilds/Factions:The guards!!!! they hate me!

Childhood:somewhere in skyrim, i was too young to remember it

Teenage:moved to cirodiil, and established in Bravil, i became an orphan and then i was adopted by the orc of the lonely suitor lodge, he educated me, (maybe for this reason i'm so ill-tempered)

Prefered Food:everything cooked with alcohol

Disliked Food:everything i can use to poison my arrows

Favourite Arrow Type:Bosmer-made ones, preferently with homebrewed poison

Favourite Blade Type:everyone that pierces through flesh but a two handed gotland is maybe my favorite

Spells:what's this?

Friendly Races:everything that don't try to kill me or arrest me

Neutral Races:same as above

Hostile Races:everything that try to kill me or arrest me

Favourite City/Town:Bravil for my youth, anvil for their great docks and the doorway to my favorite place, The abecean sea

Least Favourite City/Town:skingrad, too fancy but at least they have good wine

Favourite Daedra:Malacath, lord of the refused like me, and sheogorath, for being a funny guy to be around

Least Favourite Daedra:Dagon for obvious reason, and hermaeus mora, because he don't want to talk me :(

Favourite Divine:Akatosh for obvious reasons, he beated Dagon!

Least Favourite Divine: no idea really, i began to knew about them when the mess started

Main Weakness:feel pity at the moment to kill women...

Main Strength:main? pfff just merciless against everything, softing a bit with women, enough to kill her, but remaining intact the body

Goal in Life: ¿?

Why he was sent to jail: For reincidence in necrophilia with recently slain women... and to be drunk and disorderly

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Name: Archmagi Alterio

Gender: Male

Race: High Elf

Birthsign: The Tower

Class: Archmagi

Homes: Ancient Towers

Favorite Land: The Summerset Isles

Best Friend: His faithful impling librarian, Charlemagne

Worst Enemy: People who destroy books and knowledge

Combat Preference: Elaborate and showy spells

Combat Style: Warn everyone to back off. If they don't back off, shoot a big fireball at them. If they still don't back off, turn one of them into stone. If they still don't back off, they deserve everything that comes to them.

Greatest Fear: His towers being ransacked.

Greatest Want: To bridge the gap between the Daedric planes and Nirn for easy and relatively cheap travel.

Physique: Tall, well-muscled

Level: Varies, I remake this character like 12 times a month

Joined Guilds/Factions: None

Enemy Guilds/Factions: None

Childhood: Relatively normal childhood for a High Elf.

Teenage: His talent came out that this point. He was assigned a research project by the Summerset Council, but he jumped ship on the way to Akavir and made his way to Cyrodiil.

Favorite Food: Sweetcakes

Disliked Food: Ale

Favorite Arrow Type: Summoned

Favorite Blade Type: Silver Dagger

Spells: Too many to count.

Friendly Races: All of the 10 main races

Neutral Races: Vampire, Daedra

Hostile Races: The Daedra of the Daedric plane he is infiltrating.

Favorite City/Town: Skingrad

Least Favorite City/Town: Bravil

Favorite Daedra: None

Least Favourite Daedra: None

Favourite Divine: None

Least Favourite Divine: None

Main Weakness: He rapidly becomes rude when anyone suggest he isn't as good at something as he though.

Main Strength: His personality and his magic

Goal in Life: The bridge the gap between Nirn and the Daedric planes for easy and relatively safe travel.

Why he Was Sent to Jail: Just picking up prisoners for experiments

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What's your character doing bare-assed in the snow? No wonder her greatest want is clothes. I'd be laughing too hard at the naked kickboxing to win a fight. Granted, when Corrine is in full vampire mode, she tends to wear the skimpy but elegant BAB sorceress clothing and go barefoot in the snow (i operate under the assumption that vampires aren't bothered by cold) but bare-assed is a whole different story.
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What's your character doing bare-assed in the snow? No wonder her greatest want is clothes. I'd be laughing too hard at the naked kickboxing to win a fight. Granted, when Corrine is in full vampire mode, she tends to wear the skimpy but elegant BAB sorceress clothing and go barefoot in the snow (i operate under the assumption that vampires aren't bothered by cold) but bare-assed is a whole different story.



really love oblivion, everyone is naked in the game, well all the girls are anyway, so kick boxing with the naked female necromancers is a lot fun, especially the cute ones kind of hate to win those fights. The monsters are sexualized as well, posted pics in the supporting member area, really hard to clean those up for the general area. Fighting the monsters ia very funny, kick boxing with the female Minotaurs or Xilivai is great.

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