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Favourite "old" game?


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6 hours ago, zixi said:

playing 7kaa. It used to be bundled with Synaptic on Linux

I see it's in the Arch User Repository (which I have easy access to since Manjaro is Arch-based).  Wouldn't surprise me if it's in a few other distros' repos too.

I might try it out sometime, though I always preferred turn-based strategy (e.g., Civilization series) to RTSs.

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@AaronOfMpls - It's the only strategy game I play. And I've played it since it was released in 1997. Trevor Chan gave it to the community some time back and it's now maintained by them. They tweak the AI etc from time to time but essentially it's the same game as I played back there in 1997.

I played very early versions of Civilization but got disenchanted with in 2005 when I thought the best thing about the game was Christopher Tin's Baba Yetu -  in fact, I thought the game got in the way of the music so listened to Tin's CD instead... He made some new fans out of that though so perhaps it did some good.

The graphics in 7kaa by today's standard are appalling... The last time myself and some others suggested Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 to someone they came back after about 5 minutes complaining about the quality of the graphics (or actually the lack of quality)... It's left me a bit nervous around the edges. of course, we weren't playing BG1 and 2 for the graphics so we couldn't see the problem....😄 Anyway, 7Kaa is basically blobs that vaguely look  like people if you have a good imagination...

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Going way way back to Wolf3D that we though huge back then as it was over one megabyte big. Loved it as my first '3D' FPS.

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This thread is 8 years old... 😮 The original poster asks about games released before 2005, that would be at least 11 years old at the time of posting. So then, fast forwarding to 2024, that'd be games released before 2013, which includes Skyrim. It isn't my favourite by a long shot, but it is still a very popular game. Does it even count as an "old" game, what with the updated versions that it's been getting?

Anyway, my favourite old games are Oblivion (2006), Witcher 2 (2011), Two Worlds 2 (2010) and Dragon's Dogma (2012). Oh yes, all RPGs. 😄

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On 5/7/2024 at 9:44 AM, LenaWolfBravil said:

This thread is 8 years old...

I like the way that some old threads endure. I never really understood all the cries of necromancy. It's sometimes inappropriate to resurrect but sometimes it seems to me it's useful to see an idea or problem persists... 

As for this thread, perhaps it's like Homer (as in The Iliad) - each new 'generation' interprets it in their way. I don't think of Skyrim as being particularly old either (it's a lot younger than I am); as you say, maybe the updates causes that perception.

The very first sort of rpg I played was The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (1984). It featured what is best described as blobs.  And before that The Hobbit (1982) which was essentially text and sadly no blobs. Neither was the first computer games I played - that was backgammon on what we later called a mainframe (ish) but I probably have more powerful pocket calculators here... 🤣

"Thorin sits down and starts singing about gold"

The way that games make money these days;  Thorin turned out to be quite prophetic... 

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3 hours ago, TheHighTide said:

Super Mario 64

1996? That's old enough surely! Yesterday I was installing Baldur's Gate I and II via discs. I have a Steam based enhanced version but I wanted to install the original and on Linux. At the end of each installation of a component, it played an advertisement for an up and coming game. It was hilarious. Descent 3 was one of them. I had to look it up. It's apparently a first person shooter and the vid wittered on about how great the graphics were... By the end of the vid, I was helpless with laughter because it really was extremely blobby. It was followed by an ad for Planescape Torment -  equally blobby and which I've played very recently and I couldn't  recognise the game from the advertising video...

Anyway, this was all 1999 stuff and they looked absolutely ancient. Which is a very long-winded way of saying that your 1996 is definitely old enough for a mention here!

Do people still play any of the old games they loved/love? I still play BGI & II... and 7K.

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7 hours ago, zixi said:

Do people still play any of the old games they loved/love? I still play BGI & II... and 7K.

I definitely still play SimCity 2000 once in a while.  My most recent cities are named after some of my characters from a couple of RPs in Second Life.  And I have a few named after Skyrim characters too (like Farkas Bluff).


Farkas Bluff:



And in the Windows version of SCURK (which I got with Streets of SimCity) :


And I'll fire up Civilization II on occasion (though rather less often). 

I'll also kill a few minutes with some old Windows Entertainment Pack games like SkiFree or JezzBall.

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added a bit more; added (spoilered) pics
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