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Modding Skyrim with TESSnip and Nifskope


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not sure what to do for helmets. my helmet has 4 MODLs and it doesn't say which is what.

yeah me either. I am guessing it's to do with Male/female/orc/argonian/khajiit versions. but yeah funk entry, probs because it's different to F3/ob data it's not read fully.

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you open a skyrim mesh of similiar properties, aka a sword if you want to port a sword in nifskope with throttlekitties new nif.xml installed inside your nifskope directory (get it here: http://dl.dropbox.co...ifTools/nif.xml)


Could someone please help me and explain how to install the new nif.xml in my nifscope directory, preferably in words a slow 5-year old would understand.


My plan is to use this guide to make a new silver ingot to replace the existing one, since it uses the iron ingot's texture. But currently I can't open the ingotsilver.nif.

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I'm having some difficulty.. for some reason i can't seem to create a new item. i don't know what goes wrong, but i keep getting errors when i try to use 'player.additem' with the new item's FormID; i don't remember exactly, but it tells me something about it being non-valid or something. so i'm only able to get textures and meshes to appear in-game by replacing an existing item's files (nif & dds). anyone else had this problem with the FormIDs?


as an aside, does anyone know which entries in skyrim.esm are responsible for resizing helmets to fit the characters head?

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Alright, excuse me if this is a stupid question since I'm new to nifskope, but I'm trying to learn.


I want to port over a shield from Oblivion and I've gotten the mesh imported over a skyrim shield, but I'm not sure the UV data carried over. When I right click the mesh and go to texture>edit UV it says "Could not load texture data for UV editor."


I'm at a loss for what to do.

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