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NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


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Meet the Ineffectual Comedic Villains: The Black Dog Pirates




Trokka Bauche Vespa Razorgrin Captain Blessed Cragimeister Navareen Nevermourn




The game's reoccurring enemies/running joke are a band of pirates hired by Isho Oroshi to harry the Sword Coast. While they are well funded, reasonably competent and, (relatively), powerful, these brigands are hilariously out of their depth when confronting the likes of the Knight Captain. The result of any match up should be a solid drubbing - played largely for comedic effect. Over the course of the adventure, the players will meet and battle the rogues four times:

- Encounter 1: They player will aid Terukawa against the rogues when he's initially recruited in Highcliff. Captain Blessed and his scurvy crew are trying to conscript the unwilling Ronin just as the Knight Captain appears on the scene. When confronted, the player will have the option of allowing them to either capture the foreigner, bribe them to take a hike or stomp the pirates into the mud. Expect a heaping pile of bloviation and insults from the gang - which should make knocking them around all the more delicious.

- Encounter 2: When the Knight Captain investigates the piracy besieging the Sword Coast, they will end up raiding The Black Dog's island base. Naturally, Captain Blessed and all his forces will engage in a contest of blades, wits and an extra-large helping of HAM. After receiving a second tub-thumping, the Black Dog Pirates will use the chaos to flee in their last ship - swearing that NEXT TIME, the battle will go differently!

- Encounter 3: When returning to Neverwinter from the Tomb of Horrors, Blessed and his crew will waylay the Vigilant II, seeking retribution for the destruction of their fleet and the massacre of the pirate army. The result should be a crushing defeat - despite the band's obnoxious claims of gaining great power since the last clash.

- Encounter 4: After the wedding, (or the victory celebration, depending on romance... or lack-there-of), as the Knight Captain sails off into the Sunset, the pirates will attack his ship one final time - in this instance, completely ignorant of who's aboard. Having been positively trounced, the Black Dogs have given up their vendetta, and are merely looking to engage in some good old fashion low-risk plundering. Unfortunately, Lady Tymora is not smiling upon Captain Blessed. As the rowdy corsairs latch their boarding grapples to the Vigilant II, and prepare to board, the Knight Captain and his/her lover walk up on deck investigate the ruckus. Now is a perfect time to bark Gann's "Shall we... indulge ourselves?" or Safiya's "My magic will erase this... nuisance." Cue the pirate's jaws hitting the floorboards, and give the player the chance to select one final quip, as they charge into battle - "for old time's sake," - roll end credits.





The Black Dog Pirates serve as "breather" encounters, allowing players some catharsis - at the expense of deserving antagonists. The game will get tedious if reduced to nothing but a parade of exceedingly difficult battles against god-like opponents. The Pirates and their flunkies are hopelessly outmatched, but their refusal to quit, backed by a large helping of hammy overacting, weird personalities - and unwarranted Ego - should keep these routs amusing. The Knight Captain and companions are some of the most powerful people on the planet - their player(s) deserve to enjoy the occasional curb stomp.

Captain Blessed: The CAPTAIN
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler 25
Preferred Weapon: Curved Short-sword
Age: 55
Captain Blessed is A LARGE HAM. He's flamboyant and absolutely over the top in every possible way, chewing the scenery like Jeremy Irons and BRIAN BLESSED staring together in a Uwe Boll film. The man is a radical dreamer - his estimations of his crew's capability and reality stand in stark contrast, not that this will ever stop them. As the game opens, the man is utterly fearless, and is sailing high after pillaging the Sword Coast to near economic ruin. That said... by the end credits.... he will certainly learn to be afraid!



Trokka Bauche: First Mate

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Race: Human

Class: Fighter 15, Frenzied Berserker 10

Preferred Weapon: Warclub

Age: 34

Trokka is the stoic and sole voice of reason among the Black Dog Pirates. Captain Blessed freed him from vicious slavers in Chult, and he became the first member of the pirate's "crew." Trokka is the man behind the logistics and planning of the entire pirate fleet. Without this towering giant, Captain Blessed and his crew would have never ventured much beyond the first grog-house they crashed into. While Blessed and his rogues charge into battle screaming, Trokka is planning escape routs and fall back positions. Despite his occasional exasperation, Trokka considers himself eternally in Captain Blessed's debt, and does his best to help the maniac succeed in his outlandish dreams.



Navareen Nevermourn: Second Mate

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Halfling

Class: Invisible Blade 10, Mage 10, Rogue 5
Preferred Weapons: Dual Rapiers
Age: 39
Navareen is a classic sh*t-talker and braggart. While he is genuinely brilliant with his blades, the halfling tends to forget that he's four-feet-four standing on a stool and seventy-two pounds soaking wet. He's positively enamored with starting verbal conflicts - which typically escalate to bloodshed - and will happily jump into duels with brutes many times his weight-class. Navareen is not above starting a fracas and letting Trokka or Vespa settle it - much to the former's annoyance. More than once, the halfling has been "accidentally" abandoned at a port of call - but somehow... it never seems to take.
Vespa Razorgrin: Third Mate
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Wild Elf
Class: Rogue 15, Shadow Dancer 10
Preferred Weapons: Dual Daggers
Age: 74
Vespa is the newest member of the crew, third mate and an irredeemable psychopath. She thrills in senseless torture and at some point her brain was magically "rewired wrong." (She experiences physical pain as toe-curling pleasure and anyone battling the elf is in for a highly disturbing experience - assuming they survive her vicious onslaught). Vespa is positively morbid when engaged in conversation, and the only person who can stand her is Trokka, who values her as a potentially expendable spy and assassin.

Craigmeister: Helmsman
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Yuan-ti
Class: Favored Soul
Preferred Weapon: Heavy Crossbow
Age: 22


Craigmeister is the helmsman and navigator of The Black Dog Pirate's flagship. He's good behind the wheel, knows his way around a sextant and is a cloudcuckoolander when it comes to his gadgetry, (which combust roughly as often as they work). Given his general personality, Craigmeister was an exceptionally poor fit with Yuan-ti society, and fled as a youth - before his kin could ritually sacrifice him. Rescued by Lantanese gnomes, he was encouraged to explore his creative vision, and explore it he did. (Assuming one considers "explore" a reasonable substitute for "explode"). In fact, Craigmeister "explored" his tent, most of the camp and large portions of the defensive barrier into tiny pieces. Twas a somewhat bad day as the dinosaurs charged though the breech and ate his gnome companions. "Oh well!," the Yuan-ti thought to himself, "Life's too short to dwell on minor missteps and slight miscalculations!" While he's not exactly "evil" Craigmeister has absolutely no understanding of "right and wrong" as most others would comprehend it. This makes him both highly entertaining and extremely dangerous.

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Updated: 6/7/16:


Sample Book: Climbing Manual

This will be in the inventory of Neeshka and Rinara - (and also for sale at the Shadow Thieves Guild).



<color=darkred><b>Climbing Manual: </b></color>
The Beginner's Guide to Scaling Sheer Surfaces
<color=blue><b>Vol: 12</b></color>
<color=blue><b>Revision: 22</b></color>
<color=blue><b>Published: 1357 DR</b></color>
<color=blue><b>By: Gaelan Bayle</b></color>

Welcome to the wold of climbing dear neophyte! Allow me to introduce myself... I am Gaelan Bayle, intrepid master of scaling surfaces both sheer and craggy. I am uniquely qualified to be your instructor, having spent decades perfecting my... "craft" along the length of the Sword Coast. From conquering peaks to burgling mansions - and even extricating myself from the occasional pit-trap - few who live can match my expertise in this area!


First off, if you want to climb, you'll need the proper tools. While climbing a wall free-form is a great way to impress the local strumpets, it's also a fine way to snap one's cocky neck. Fair warning friend... unless you have climbing tools, you won't likely be scaling much of anything. Therefore, I'd advise you leave daredevil stunts and other related tomfoolery to the soon-to-be-crippled, the clinically insane or the truly desperate.

There are four varieties of climbing gear available, which we'll cover below:

- Skill Check Bonus: -30
- Cost: Nothing
I did warn you about attempting climbs without a rope - did I not? So you're intent on trying anyways? Ah well... you were warned. Anyone attempting to scale a surface absent climbing aids will suffer a huge penalty to their attempt! If one were keen on making unaided climbs habitual, they'd be wise to get their affairs in proper order.
- Pro: No rope required.
- Pro: Anyone can ATTEMPT it.
- Con: Have a Healer on standby.

- Skill Check Bonus: +5
- Cost: 15 Gold Pieces
This is a length of stout hemp rope. With it, one can attempt to climb free of pit traps or up sheer surfaces. After ten uses, the rope will wear out and become unsafe to use.

Though not the equal of proper climbing tools, (which only rogues, mountaineers and professional burglars are versed in), this rope still makes it possible to climb otherwise inescapably deep pits or reach high locations. A rope gives its user a +5 bonus to climbing checks.
- Pro: Anyone can make use of rope!
- Pro: Dirt cheap!
- Con: A greater chance of falling!

<color=blue><b>Silk Rope, Pitons & Climbing Harness:</b></color>
- Skill Check Bonus: +10
- Cost: 30 Gold Pieces
This is a length of supple silk rope, mithral pitons and a climbing harness. A character may use them it to scale sheer surfaces - or the walls of a pit trap. After ten uses, the tools will wear out, becoming too dangerous to deploy.

Due to the gear's light weight and sturdy construction, the equipment is perfect for burgling or scaling walls - granting a +10 bonus to the climbing attempt. However, only rogues, mountain climbers and cat-buglers are properly versed in its usage. Other untrained classes merely gain the +5 benefit of a standard rope.
- Pro: Greatly reduced chances of falling.
- Con: More expensive than rope.
- Con: Requires specialized training (Rogue or Bard Levels).

<color=blue><b>Rope of Climbing:</b></color>
- Skill Check Bonus: +15
- Cost: 60,000 Gold Pieces
This is a length of magical spider-silk rope. Its owner may use it to climb free of pit traps or up sheer surfaces. Unlike normal ropes, this mystical cord actively helps a trained user climb, removing the need for pitons and a harness. Additionally, it never seems to show signs of wear - even with extended use.

This enchanted rope is perfect for burgling or scaling walls, granting its user a +15 bonus to all climbing attempts. However, the cordage's power only works for rogues - its greater magical properties refuse to operate for other classes, acting as regular rope. (+5 to climb checks).
- Pro: Almost impossible to fall.
- Con: Exceedingly rare.
- Con: Astronomically expensive.
- Con: Requires specialized training (Rogue or Bard Levels).

<color=darkred><b>How to Climb:</b></color>

Now that we've covered the essential tools, let's discuss mechanics my dear readers! Pay close attention and we'll have you scaling surfaces like a billy-goat in no time. Or at very least, reduce your chances of an express ride to Kelemvore's court!

<color=blue><b>What Makes Climbing Impossible:</b></color>
- Over-Encumbrance: If you're carrying too much junk to move, you can't climb up a sheer surface!

- Offhand Weapon, Item, of Shield: You MUST have a free hand to use your climbing tools!

<color=blue><b>What Makes Climbing Difficult:</b></color>
- Encumbered: If you're role-playing a pack-mule and cart, scaling walls is difficult, incurring a -3 penalty.

- Wearing Armor: Wearing armor makes climbing difficult! Light/Medium/Heavy Armors incurs a penalty of -2/-4/-7 to all climbing checks.

- Climbing Without a Proper Tools: Not using a climbing aid will give you a whopping -30 on your climbing check!

<color=blue><b>What Makes Climbing Easier:</b></color>
- Class: Some classes are trained in the art of climbing. Rogues and Bards are quite adept at tackling vertical inclines, gaining a +5 bonus.

- Race: A few races are naturally skilled at scaling sheer surfaces. For example, Halflings are very capable climbers, gaining a +2 bonus.

- Climbing Gloves: These gloves are a combination of supple rayskin and gritty sharkskin on the palms and fingertips. When worn, they grant a +2 bonus on attempts to scale sheer surfaces or use climbing gear. Only rogues, mountain climbers and burglars understand how to properly leverage these gloves. Other classes will not gain any benefit from them.

- Cat-burglar's Attire: These dusky silk outfits are designed with thieves in mind. Their deep colors blend well into the night's shadows, and they are covered with loops, hooks and slings to snugly holding ropes, pitons and lock-picking tools. It takes specific training use this equipment however, and thus, only rogues will benefit from the +5 climbing bonus while wearing them.

- Ring of Feather Falling: This ring is crafted with a feather pattern all around its edge. It acts exactly like a feather fall spell, activated immediately if the wearer falls more than five feet.

<color=darkred><b>Chances to Climb a Surface:</b></color>

So what are the odds of scaling a rock wall or pulling yourself free of a pit? A wise "professional" should always calculate their chance of failure when attempting to climb a surface - one must always properly gauge risk v.s. reward. (Unless they plan on opening an expense account with Ilmater's clergy).

<color=blue><b>No Pressure - Take Ten Rule:</b></color>
Take Ten applies to any ability or skill check that involves a catastrophic result of failure. A character adds their Strength Modifier to ten and this is considered "the roll." This assumes the person is taking their time, being cautious and acting methodically. If the "Take Ten" is higher than the Climbing DC, the character automatically climbs up or down a surface.

<color=blue><b>Under Pressure - Climbing Check:</b></color>
If a Take Ten cannot succeed OR if a character is engaged in combat, they will have to roll a Climb Check. They must roll d20 and add their Strength Modifier to the attempt. If they succeed, they may climb up or down. Should they fail...

<color=darkred><b>Consequences - What happens when you Screw Up and Fall:</b></color>

Ahh, so you've bought the best gear, spent time honing your skills, and decided to shinny up a granite wall. One frown from Waukeen later, (coupled with a slick patch of moss), and the cliff-face is sailing past you at an alarming pace. Upside? Congratulations on your discovery of unaided manned flight! Downside? Your speed is terminal and your maneuverability is restricted to a single direction - down.

What now? Well... to be blunt - pun intended - you're about to get hurt. Probably significantly. I sincerely hope you're on speaking terms with some manner of priest. Fortunately for the beginning climber, not all screw-ups are crated equal - the height at which the unplanned decent begins may be the difference between "a few busied ribs" and "role-playing an ocher jelly."

Falling damage is measured in increments of 1d6 per ten feet fallen - with a ceiling of 20d6, (for a two-hundred foot plunge). Anything beyond two-hundred feet will kill anyone not packing some serious magical firepower.

<color=blue><b>Minor Failure:</b></color>
If a player misses a check by five or less, they make it halfway up, and fall HALF the height. For example: If the height is sixty feet, then the unfortunate sap will tumble head over-heels for thirty feet, sustaining 3d6 damage.

<color=blue><b>Critical Failure:</b></color>
If any character misses their check by 6 or more, they have fallen the whole distance. Example: If the height is one-hundred-and-twenty feet, our sentient meteorite will suffer 12d6 damage on impact.

<color=blue><b>Falling While Climbing Upwards:</b></color>
If a character fails their Climbing Check while scaling up a surface, they end up back where they started. They must then decide of they wish to continue attempting ascents, or exercise some good judgement and give up.

<color=blue><b>Falling While Climbing Downwards:</b></color>
The positive side of climbing downward is that arrival at the target destination is one-hundred-percent assured! On the negative end of the spectrum, no guarantees are made on the condition of the climber once they reach the landing zone. Any attempt to climb down will always result in successfully reaching the ground. (One way or another).


Well that about wraps it up! I hope you found this guide helpful and enlightening! Go grab yourself some tools and break a leg! Or preferably... don't!
<color=blue><b>- Gaelan Bayle</b></color>

<color=green>DISCLAIMER: Please note that nothing provided in this manual is considered actual climbing training, and Gaelan Bayle, his publisher and the Shadow Thieves of Amn are in no way liable for any fractures, contusions, concussions, compound breakage, decapitation, liquefaction, pulping, defenestration, dismemberment, disembowelment or any other variety of injury sustained while following the non-advice provided here-in. This tome is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only - and anyone scaling sheer surfaces is out of their ever-loving skull. Read: It's not our fault when they die. Horribly. Seriously though - don't attempt to sue us. We will kill you. No... we don't mean metaphorically. We will send Arkanis out with a portrait of you, and he will slip nightshade into your haggis.</color>

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New Familiar Options - Details & Information

- Creating levels 1-30 Pseudodragon Familiar.

- Creating levels 1-30 Sylph Familiar.

- Creating levels 1-30 Skeletal Minion Familiar.

- Creating levels 1-30 Intelligent Sword Familiar.

- Created 21-30 progression for Kaji, not currently used, but needed doing.

- Creating creature properties for each familiar, levels 1, 11 and 29.

- Creating Four tiers of Weapons for the Intelligent Sword.

- Creating Four tiers of Armor for the Skeletal Minion.

- Assigning the Pseudodragon to Kistrel as a familiar.

- Creating descriptions for each new familiar.

- Adjusting the TLK file to show new titles/descriptions.

- Adjusting the .2DA file to accommodate the new pets while not interfering with Kaji or existing pets.

- Adjusting the .2DA fileso that the pet progression on all pets goes to level 30.

- Updating features documentation.

- Updated Kistrel Character download with all necessary pseudodragon assets.

- Updated Version of ToH uploaded to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/00xijvw9qknn8z2/Tomb.zip?dl=0




The Pseudodragon and the Sylph are statistically comparable to the other familiars. A small granted boon when summoned, poor in combat ability, squishy, etc.


The Sword and the Skeleton conversely can become capable combatants (Damage Dealer and Tank respectively) - the catch is a player will be required to get them higher than 21 - which means missing out on prestige classes. The level 29-30 Sword and Skeleton are reasonably strong units if raised to level 30 and buffed. (About on par with the vampire warrior in terms of rough combat effectiveness or durability).





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Dialog Tree Sample: Presented below is a sample dialog tree that we are developing.



Dialog Tree Sample: #1


(Player enters Dialog Trigger)

This roughly hewn cavern is filled with a cloying silver mist. Jagged granite juts from the floor in a circular pattern. Confined in its center is an enchanting woman with emerald skin, silvery hair and long pointed ears. She seems oblivious to your presence and mournfully sings a tune causing your very soul to retreat. The dirge is simultaneously awful and wonderful to behold.

Staggering for a moment, you struggle to clear our mind - it's as though your ability to think rationally is draining away! To your horror, you realize the haunting melody is damaging your intellect more and more with every passing moment!

(Player Response)

Slay this abomination quickly! She is destroying our very minds with her horrible music!
(Alignment shift 40 towards evil, 40 towards Chaotic)
(Shift NPC to Hostile)

Flee! We must escape her cursed song before we're all turned into idiots!

DIPLOMACY SUCCESS: Please fair maiden, halt your tune, it is causing us great harm! Walk free of the shadows and yield before us, or we'll be forced to destroy you!
(Required Diplomacy: 35)

INTIMIDATE SUCCESS: Listen you bint... and listen well - stop your caterwauling before I tear out your throat! Come forward silently creature - or die.
(Required Intimidate: 35)

BLUFF SUCCESS: Jeeze lady... keep it down! The boss-man paid a cart load of gold to hire us... he'd be down right pissed if you turn us into babbling dolts before we complete our job! Get out here now!
(Required Bluff: 35)

LORE SUCCESS: You recognize the creature as a Sirine - a fey spirit, and one rarely prone to belligerent or vile acts. You suspect the creature is under some form of compulsion - it may be possible to convince her to halt her tune.

"Come out Sirine, we don't want to hurt you!"
(Required Lore: 35)

PERFORM SUCCESS: Recognizing the baleful music, you immediately begin to chant a countersong, cancelling the effect of her sad tune.

"Your voice is as sweet as any I've heard fine lass, but your tune carries ill on the wind. Don't hide such a majestic face in the shadows, come hither and parley for a moment!"
(Required Perform: 35)

(Run script a_chanter_death)

DETECT EVIL SUCCESS: You can sense this creature's will is not wicked - perhaps she has been compelled to remain here?


"Creature, I detect no wickedness in you, please, face me!"
(Check for Paladin Class)

(NPC Response)

The woman continues her miserable harmony, causing your sanity to further slide towards oblivion...

(Player Response)

Please come forward creature! I can sense your noble heart. Do not force my hand - I do not desire your destruction!

Shut your mouth I said! Get out here NOW - before death is the LEAST of your worries harpy!

Be silent! I'm not in the mood for yet another senseless scrap, but if you don't knock it off and come forward, we WILL put you down.

Slay this abomination quickly! She is destroying our very minds with her horrible music!
(Alignment shift 40 towards evil, 40 towards Chaotic)
(Shift NPC to Hostile)

Flee! We must escape her cursed song before we're all turned into idiots!
(End Dialog)

(NPC Response)

After a moment of lingering, the creature halts its song, and cautiously steps from the mists.

"H-hello?" she stutters, uncertain of your intentions.
(Run script a_chanter_death)

(Player Response)

Now I have you! Prepare to fall by my hand!
(Alignment shift 40 towards evil, 40 towards Chaotic)
(Shift NPC to Hostile)

Leave her be.
(Run script a_chanter_damage_run)

Why do you remain in this place, hurting all who approach?




'Bout time you shut up! What's your problem!?

(NPC Response)

The fey does not respond, instead looking sadly at the floor - her eyes screaming to tell a tale her lips cannot.

(Player Response)

Leave her be. She seems unwilling or unable to respond to this question.
(Run script a_chanter_damage_run)

Now I have you! Prepare to fall by my hand!
(Alignment shift 40 towards evil, 40 towards Chaotic)
(Shift NPC to Hostile)

SPELLCRAFT SUCCESS: You are obviously under some manner of geas - please... aid us! Perhaps we can find some way of dispelling the magics holding you here.
(Required SPELLCRAFT: 35)

DIPLOMACY SUCCESS: You seem to be under duress - we've had a rough go of things so far - would you care to join us - perhaps together we can escape this nightmare.
(Required Diplomacy: 35)

INTIMIDATE SUCCESS: So you can talk eh? Listen up, you can either help us navigate this cesspit, or we can carve you into monster-kibble - which is it?
(Required Intimidate: 35)

BLUFF SUCCESS: Your... er... ummm... I mean "our" boss has ordered you to tag along - you know... to help us get around this deathtrap... er... I mean... lair... tomb... uh... place. Nothing special... routine maintenance and a spot of endurance testing... of the various traps and guardians. Can't have good ol'Acererak getting his plottin' an schemin' disturbed or anything - right?
(Required Bluff: 35)

(NPC Response)

I thank you mortal! You've released me from my bindings! I am sorry beyond words for my horrible song! That monster Acererak summoned and bound me here ages ago - he cast many terrible enchantments, causing me unbearable pain unless I filled these halls with his cursed aria.

Twas in his mind a cruel joke, and I have been slain and driven off countless times by adventures of all colors. My endless suffering was his joy. But I knew no respite, for his bindings continually pulled me back to this dark prison, until such time as I was shown companionship by those I was compelled to harm!

I had surrendered to despair... and yet... you have broken his spells, ending centuries of torment. I swear upon Titania's throne and the seelie court that I, Eirinn Mac Cathmhaoil, shall stand by your side - so long as you draw breath!

(Player Response)

Accept Eirinn Mac Cathmhaoil as a companion.
(Add secret_companion to roster)

This is a trick! Begone creature - I will not allow you to attack us from behind!
(Run script a_chanter_damage_run)

Now I have you! Prepare to fall by my hand!
(Alignment shift 40 towards evil, 40 towards Chaotic)
(Shift NPC to Hostile)

You have suffered enough Eirinn - return to your kind and be troubled no more. I release you from your debt. I cannot in good conscience free you into a fresh set of shackles.
(Give Party 100,000 Exp)
(Alignment shift 40 towards good)

(NPC Response)

Tears of joy welling up in Eirinn's eyes, she bends forward, and plants a soft kiss on your cheek with her silken lips. She smells of sweet incense and a mid-summer breeze.

"Here, take this - it may aid you in your journey!"

The sirine conjures forth a delicate longsword with a platinum finish, Celtic etchings cover its pommel, and the leafed blade is offset with a square cut emerald. Tenderly placing the weapon in your hands, she bows her head, and vanishes into the tomb's oppressive darkness.
(Run script a_chanter_damage_run)
(Give Party 1 Fragarach)


(End Dialog)

Dialog Tree Sample: #2




Ithefelle: What's this? Ahhh... interlopers. I shall not tolerate your incursion before this labyrinth's mysteries - and the power within - are mine... and mine alone.


A - You are a blight on Faerun... consorting with undead horrors. We shall take great pleasure in sending you to the hells!


B - Now hold on a second... we can all be reasonable here! Interested in some gold? Jewels? Magic items?


C - Back off you wrinkled old clod - I've killed my way this deep... if you think I'll let some dried up old geezer block my path now, you're in for a lesson in pain.



Ithefelle A: Oh my... the smug and self-righteous crusaders are going to punish my innumerable wicked deeds! How delightfully trite! Allow me to pen the final chapter in your heroic narrative: "...then the bold heroes bit off more than could be swallowed... and promptly choked to death on their own hubris. The end."

Minions - kill. Then rip their bodies into small pieces.


Ithefelle B: Yes... you could indeed be reasonable... do me the courtesy of lying prone... and waiting to die.


Minions - kill.


Ithefelle C: Mmmmmmm....... bold words - spat forth by an obnoxious braggart! But let us see... do you have the might to make good on your bluster? A test of power shall determine the instructor here.


Minions - kill. Leave their remains intact, I shall animate them as trap fodder.




(Vicious battle takes place).



Ithefelle: I... I-I yield - stay your hand. You... are indeed mighty.




A - You're a fiend - a perpetrator of unspeakable horrors - why should we spare you?


B - Ohhhh... so NOW that we have a blade to your throat, you're suddenly "Mr. Diplomacy" huh?


C - You sniveling worm! Now that I have my fingers at your neck you seek parley? Hah!


D - You'll find I'm a big one for ironic echos: "Minions - kill."

(Kills Necromancer)




Ithefelle: I am the great sage Ithefelle - I've spent decades discovering the lore of this place. Over the long years I've tracked this Tomb from world to world as it... collects souls. If you truly wish to survive this dungeon... you'll need my guidance... nothing you've faced in your lives has prepared you for what skulks in the heart of this mouse trap. Spare me, and I shall stand by your side. My knowledge will be yours. Slay me, and be doomed.




A - ...very well... but understand we are no fools. We KNOW you mean to turn upon us. At that instant, we shall dispatch you to whatever dark god you worship. This is an alliance of necessity - nothing more.


B - Well isn't that just convenient. You're all set up to knife us in the back. But you're right on the fact that we're basically flying blind. A guide would be nice. Fine. Welcome to the party - till you betray us. Oh... by the way... you walk in front.


C - Bwhahahahaha! Watch your tone when sniveling before me wizard! I have no reason to believe you won't mutiny at the first sign of weakness! But nevertheless, you ARE a worthy servant. And I am STRONG. I will allow you to live... for as long as you remain useful.


D - You'll find I'm a big one for ironic echos: "Minions - kill."

(Kills Necromancer)



Ithefelle: Ahhh, the budding shoots of wisdom. You shall find I more than carry my weight. Come... let us unravel this puzzle... and seize our due!

(Necromancer Joins Roster)

(End Dialog)


Dialog Tree Sample: #3

Sample - Introductory Cut-Scene:

(NOTE: Creative framing of the shots will be necessary here, to make it LOOK like they are carrying an unconscious Mantides, while still coping with the limitations of the game engine).


Rinara: Move faster, they’re closing. Less than a mile now, if they catch us in the open again, we’re done. Will you two HURRY IT UP!!

Charissa: Maybe toss us a hand here throat-slitter? (HUFF)… Easy to bark orders when you’re not lugging 240 pounds of (GASP)… comatose Lathanderite.

Rinara: Don’t blame me - I told you to leave Mantides behind as a distraction. Orbakh’s little pets would’ve stopped to feed - bought us five or ten minutes.

Charissa: Why you… despicable… little… blood-sucking (PUFF)… stirge! Or do I need to REMIND YOU that (GRUNT)… he stepped in front of that dart SHIELDING you. True to form, you’d dump him on the ground as a (HUFF)… snack for your old Nightmask buddies.

Rinara: Give the preechin’ a rest, I’m just being practical. You’ve got ol’Tyr’s ear - we could just cut off some of his fingers… or a few toes… and use’em to “magic” him back to life later…

Charissa: (GRUNT)… R-reprehensible…

Player Dialog Options:
- 1: We abandon nobody on the field of battle.... that’s a horrible idea (HUFF)… Rinara. Even for you. We’re lucky that was paralyzing toxin, and not something… (GASP)… worse.

Charissa: Well… that settles that… you selfish little back-stabber.

Rinara: Sleep with one eye open you stodgy prude.

- 2: Calm down Charissa, she’s speaking in jest. Your (PUFF)… comedic timing Rinara, as always (GRUNT)… stinks. Uh…you ARE only joking… right?

Rinara: Uh… yes? I mean… yeah… sure it was… just a joke. I guess. Heh.

Charissa: Oh for the love of…

- 3: If (HUFF)… we’re leaving anybody behind, it’s BOTH of you! I’ll carry Mantides by myself. Can we stuff the bickering long enough to flee for our blasted lives?

Rinara: Pfffwa! Good one, you’d prance right into a Nightmask pit-trap without me in the lead...

Charissa: …and I don’t know how you (GRUNT)… expect to continue fighting without me to tend-your boo-boos! “Ohhh Charissa… I’ve taken an arrow to my knee…. Oh it hurts… please cast your sparkly magic and make my owies better!”

- 4: It’s a good thing (UUUGGGH)… I’m too exhausted, beat up and (GASP)… hungry to have a headache. Oh… wait. That’s not true at all. I now have a headache on TOP of those things. Thanks ladies.

Rinara: That silence ya hear is the sound of me not caring.

Charissa: Oh, now the great leader’s back at the whining. (HUFF) Whine whine whine… I know a cantrip for dealing with PMS – really takes the edge off. Want me to cast it on you when we finish fleeing for our lives?

Rinara: (SNICKER) Not bad… I mean… for a snotty stuck-up cleric...

- 5: Silence you nattering shrews! (GRUNT)…While the Lady of Shiv’s plan is sound, we’ll need Mantides’s sword-arm. I’ll not cast aside a powerful asset needlessly (GROWL)… not unless my hand is forced.

Charissa: You (PUFF)… realize the only reason I tolerate your company is because there are actually WORSE things out there than you. For the moment at least. Barely.

Rinara: Speak for yourself… it’s damn refreshin’ to have a bit of pragmatism for a change.

Charissa: If we can (PUFF)… dodge these creatures till daybreak, they’ll have to break off… (GASP)… just need… somewhere we can hold’em for a couple of hours. A good strong wall at our backs…

Rinara: Up the road a bit is Dragonspear Castle… or its rubble at any rate. Better than being surrounded in the open. What‘ya say boss?

Player Dialog Options:
- 1: I’ll take a ruined keep over open ground any day of the week.
- 2: Perfect, we can maybe hold them off till dawn.
- 3: Sound thinking. I may just have to keep you around.


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Updated : 02/18/17

NX4 Companion Descriptions & Biographies:

Bio and Physical Description of the Player Controlled NPC’s.

This section is dedicated to descriptions and history of the various NPC’s. New companion info is presented here for the first time, while returning allies have had their original information updated to reflect the passing of time between NX1 and NX4.


Ammon Jerro:

Description: This old man's eyes glow with a gold-red luminescence, as does the latticework of tattoos covering his forehead and face. Bald and weathered by the years, Ammon Jerro's booming voice is commanding and determined, one comfortable giving orders to captains, generals, kings… and demons. While he occasionally displays a wry smile or frustrated sneer, his face is never relaxed and his brow often furrowed in thought. Power radiates from Ammon's body, and when he's angered, (a common occurrence), the air around him smells of smoke and blood.

A peerless Warlock, Jerro bargained his soul to the devil Levistus, in exchange for the might to challenge the god-like entity known as The King of Shadows. Yet, despite this, he found some measure of redemption through the death of his granddaughter Shandra Jerro. Over time, Ammon came to regret some of his more mercenary actions, and his personality has softened noticeably since he first joined The Knight Captain’s inner circle.

Ammon was instrumental in helping Neverwinter destroy the King of Shadows, with his knowledge and power turning the tide of battle repeatedly. Amid the collapse of the creature's lair, a pack of gargoyles attacked and abducted The Knight Captain. Jerro pursued them through a portal and found himself on the Plane of Shadow. Weakened from his previous combat, he was ambushed and overwhelmed by the Red Wizard Nefris, who extracted his spirit, and left him to languish at The Academy of Shapers and Binders. Fortunately, the Knight Captain’s company rescued the Warlock, and Ammon aided them in the battles that followed.

He wandered the planes for a time after his adventures on the Fugue Plane, but Ammon Jerro eventually returned to Crossroad Keep, where is a constant fixture in the fortress - a man haunted by his past and uncertain of his place in a world no longer Threatened by The King of Shadows.


Khelgar Ironfist:

Description: This powerfully built dwarf is a few inches shy of five feet but walks and talks with the clamor and subtlety of a hill giant. A shield dwarf of the Ironfist clan, Khelgar is a talented warrior who delights in the intimacy of a tavern brawl. Smiling when threatened and downright ecstatic when punched, Khelgar is most at home in a storm of fists and insults. Khelgar's weathered face, long dark beard and massive upper body would likely give him muscular good looks had he not built a collection of cuts, bruises and missing teeth on his face from countless brawls.

The Knight Captain's first and fiercest companion, Khelgar was an inseparable friend in the latter's quest to destroy The King of Shadows. Over the course of their journey, Khelgar recovered the sacred relics of his clan, and in doing so, both mended his bonds with them and became their leader.

In the final battle against The King of Shadows, Khelgar was unable to save his friend from a pack of gargoyles, who spirited the Knight Captain away - leaving Khelgar crushed. (Somewhat literally in reference to the tons of rubble he was buried under).

Ironfist was made acting commander of Crossroad Keep, (a role he did not relish), and refused the title of Knight Captain, claiming he was “just keeping the chair warm” until its real owner returned. He has difficulty maintaining order in the keep, and by his own admission, is more comfortable in a barroom brawl than occupying a commander’s desk.

The dwarf begged Lord Nasher to fund an expedition to locate the Knight Captain, but the ravages of the war had left Neverwinter economically ruined, and his requests were repeatedly denied. Frustrated by the lack of assistance, Khelgar allowed Bevil Starling to secretly lead “The Captain’s Company” on an expedition to locate the keep’s missing commander.

With the rise of The Kaiser to prominence, Ironfist has faced repeated humiliations and embarrassments in his various attempts to undermine and expose the man - which has cost the dwarf much of his standing with Nasher and the Nobles alike. He knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s replaced as the commander of Crossroad Keep.


Description: Tiny horns and spotted skin mark this woman as a tiefling, a half-human with the blood of devils or demons. Lithe and liquid in her actions, Neeshka moves with a cat's grace - even when walking at a brisk pace, her footsteps are nearly silent. Given to outbursts of words and action, her impulsive nature is as visible as her otherworldly heritage.

Rescued from certain death at the hands of corrupt Greycloaks, Neeshka is one of the Knight Captain's most stalwart allies. Though mischievous and prone to "acquiring" other people's belongings, the tiefling is ultimately good natured, and can be counted on to stand by her friend in a pinch.

In their quest to topple The King of Shadows, Neeshka's comrades helped her overcome her nemesis Leldon and gain a reputation as one of world's greatest burglars. (She was more interested in the title than the actual loot). In the climactic battle, Black Garius attempted to bind Neeshka and turn her against her allies, but through sheer force of will, she managed to break the creature's enchantment, and helped her friends destroy the fiend.

In the cave-in that followed the King of Shadow's destruction, Neeshka was unable to reach the Knight Captain, who was abducted by gargoyles. Dodging collapsing pillars and crumbling debris, the tiefling barely escaped with her life. Saddened by the loss of so many friends, she traveled the realms tirelessly, using her contacts to hunt down any trace of her kidnapped friend - one of the few people to ever treat her with dignity.


Gann of Dreams:

Description: Tall and ruggedly handsome, Gann wears a sarcastic half-smile and affects an air of casual indifference. His skin has a faintly blue or violet cast... a legacy of the night hag who was his mother. Unlike other hagspawn - men born of a human father and a hag mother - Gann's face is neither brutish nor ill-favored... but the Rashemi still treat him with a good deal of suspicion.

Gann stood alongside the Knight Captain as the warrior embarked on the quest to be rid of The Spirit-Eater's. In the process, the hagspawn suffered a mournful reunion with his mother, and made amends for much of his prior lecherous behavior.

After many adventures and trials, the hagspawn stood side-by-side with the Knight Captainand shook the very pillars of the heavens - unraveling the will of a dead god and ending the Akachi's The Betrayer’s curse forever.

For a time, Gann indulged himself in the adulation of the spirit-world, but his heart longed for adventure and excitement. Compelled to once more journey alongside the Knight Captain, he bid farewell to the spirts of Rashemen and rendezvoused with Safiya in Mulsantir. The duo began their long journey west - following the cold trail of their leader.


Kaelyn the Dove:

Description: Kaelyn possesses a strange, otherworldly grace... her hair is silver-white, her eyes dark - almost black, like those of a dove. Her wings mark her as a half-celestial, a mortal with one parent who was an angel, from the higher planes. Kaelyn has an unmistakable intensity about her... and a quiet sadness that lurks behind her dark eyes.

The half-celestial leader of the menagerie, Kaelyn The Dove spent many decades battling to tear down the Wall of the Faithless. (The final destination of those who rebuking the gods). Believing it a cruel abomination, she turned all of her considerable might towards ending the injustice it represented.

Her opportunity to act against the Wall in earnest arrived on the heels of The Knight Captain, who sought freedom from The Betrayer Akachi's Curse. Allying in Myrkul's Vault, Kaelyn stood alongside her allies and traveled the breadth of the Unapproachable East, eventually launching the third crusade - in the process facing down her former master, the God of Death Kelemvor, on the Fugue Plane.

Although they failed to destroy the accursed wall, Kaelyn was inspired by the courage and success of her companions, fully intending to recruit a new host and launch a fourth crusade. After the battle, she left The Knight Captain’s company and returned to her Menagerie, filled with a renewed sense of determination.




Description: By almost any standard, Safiya would be considered beautiful - golden-skinned, her features delicate, with dark, almond-shaped eyes. Yet her bald head and graceful tattoos mark her as a Red Wizard of Thay, and for this, most outside her homeland would regard her with fear. Her smiles are shy, when they appear, as if she is unused to them - but you sense a resilience beneath, born of an unforgiving land.

Serving many years as an instructor at the Academy of Shapers and Binders, Safiya was a powerful and talented Red Wizard. Unbeknownst to her, she was also an aspect of The Founder, and an unwitting pawn in her creator's plot to end the torment of Akachi The Betrayer.

On her mother's orders, Safiya rescued the Knight Captain from the Bear God's Barrow, and together, they adventured across every corner of Rashemen - seeking an end to The Spirit-Eater's Curse. Over the course of their Journey, they made many unbreakable friendships and battled successfully against impossible odds.

Eventually, the company returned to the Academy of Shapers and Binders, and the truth of Safiya's existence was exposed - she was one fourth of a soul - a sliver of the Red Wizard known as "The Founder." The ancient woman had rent her essence into fragments in a gambit to free her lover Akachi, and it was her machinations which pulled the Knight Captain into harm's way.

Safiya stood alongside her companions as they battled their way to the Fugue Plane, where they finally brought an end to the Spirit-Eater forever. Pledging undying loyalty to the Knight Captain, Safiya took leave to conclude her affairs at the Academy, and then rallied with Gann in Mulsantir to make the arduous journey west.


One of Many:

Description: This horrifying abomination is a billowing cloud of darkness, draped in moldering burial cloth. Its ghastly glowing eyes gleam with a wicked intelligence, mostly obscured beneath a flowing veil. One of Many's only visible feature are its gnarled hands, protruding from tattered robes and terminating in vicious, hooked-like claws. The creature remains ethereal most of the time, materializing only to feed or when doing your bidding.

Biography: One of Many is uncountable evils in one - its consciousness composed of a multitude of murderers, lunatics, and other human detritus, all driven to insanity by imprisonment in Death God's Vault in life, (and then decades of disembodied misery in the Vault's crematorium). As such, One of Many is malice personified, and wishes to either feed on or do violence to all sentient beings - all except for you. You are the creator of this undead aberration, and so, for better or worse, it is bound to you, and you to it.

One of Many dutifully followed in your wake, relishing the ensuing destruction and chaos as you rampaged across the Unapproachable East. As it's loyalty grew, you helped the monstrosity unleash The Brute, and allowed it to consume The Sleeper while you were both imprisoned below Coveya Kurg'annis. As the monster's power grew, so did it's bond with you.

On your return voyage, you were afflicted with a powerful cursed mask, which not only disrupted your bond with One of Many, but quite nearly destroyed the creature. The malignant entity possessing the Domino Mask tried to seize control of the whirling madness that constituted "The Many" - and in ensuing struggle, One of Many's spiritual husk was nearly destroyed. Fleeing into The Plane of Shadow, the aberration was rendered little more than a flickering shadow, barely clinging to its un-life.

It took a considerable amount of time for One of Many to regenerate its torn shell, but the moment it could materialize, the creature set out to find its creator. Though the cursed mask had burned away the beast's link to The Spirit Eater, One of Many began pursuing strands of fate intersecting with his master's. Following the threads of those who had once - or one day would - cross paths with its sire, One of Many journeyed from Samarach to The Sword Coast and then across the very planes themselves.

Despite its exertions, the abomination's search was futile. Hungry, weak and alone, One of Many resigned itself to oblivion, and slowly began to fade into nothingness. However, as the void pulled the monstrosity into it's cold embrace, a voice cut through the roar of The Many, like a scream piercing the chaos of a raging hurricane. A thousand voices shrieked in unison, "It is the master! The Spirit Eater has thrown off the curse! They are in danger! Their enemies come!" Clawing itself from the brink of destruction, One of Many tore through the barriers separating the planes, and charged towards the only creature it ever bonded with. The voices cried out in unison, "Soon we shall feed again... soon we shall gorge on the essence of your foes! Soon... we bask in your presence... we come for you master! Persist just a short time more! We come!"


Charissa Maernos:

Description: Tall, powerfully built, and radiating an aura of divine power, Charissa Maernos is the very image of a battle-priestess of Tyr. Yet her stunning blue eyes hint at callousness, and her mouth too easily forms a sneer to allow you to be too comfortable in her presence.

Stubborn to a fault, Charissa was stationed for some time in the city of Westgate, where she found herself hampered by bureaucratic red tape and her own pigheadedness. Maernos found herself in the company of several other adventurers, and grew over the course of their shared quest to understand Faerun was not so black and white as she imagined. While still pushy, with the constant prodding of her companions Charissa has learned the value of putting aside differences to strive towards a greater good… to a point that is…

After foiling the plots of the Night Masks and their leader Orbakh, Charissa and her companions were forced to flee Westgate to avoid certain death. She now travels the continent with her friends, spreading the glory of Tyr and cracking skulls wherever she goes.



Mantides of Westgate:

Description: The long blond hair of this muscular man hangs like strands of gold silk over his handsome face. He has a tall, athletic frame and his beautiful armor marks him as a paladin of Lathander - one of the Morninglord's greatest champions.

After falling from grace, Mantides spent months drinking and wallowing in the seediest taverns Westgate had to offer - until he joined with several companions and saved the city - and the process, his soul. Redeemed in Lathander's eyes, Mantides reclaimed his mighty Holy Avenger, and went on to thwart the machinations of a powerful devil and the evil Night Masks as they warred over the city.

Though victorious, Mantides and his allied had no choice but to flee Westgate, as the full wrath of Orbakh and his Night Mask’s fell upon the company. Forced to choose between remaining and perishing, the company fled towards The Sword Coast.




Description: Despite her attempts to blend in, this striking half-elf commands a second look from most who glance in her direction. Those who dare to speak with her are likely to note her emerald eyes, which are much too lively for her carefully constructed appearance.

Rinara was once a member of the Night Masks - a fiendish thieves' guild based in the city of Westgate. Internecine fighting forced her to flee the city for a time, but she returned, and joined with several heroes to foil her former guild's plots - and in the process, she learned the value of true comradery.

Their victory celebration was to short lived however, as the Night Masks were quick to exact bloody vengeance. The party had no choice but to flee Westgate, with The Faceless’s legion of vampiric rogues in pursuit. Wandering the westward with her allies, Rinara fancies herself the "brains" of the operation – a role hotly contested by Charissa, her vitriolic “best frienemy.”




Description: This half-elf always seems to unleash a charming smile just as you're looking at him, his expression as gallant and mischievous as if he's sharing a secret with an adoring crowd. Finch is unbelievably handsome, and the bard knows how to leverage it, gaining audience with powerful nobles... and the affection of their wives...

Finch worked alongside a group of adventurers who ultimately saved all of Faerun from the plans of the vile interloper god Zehir. Acclaimed as one of the Sword Coast's greatest heroes, the bard was more than happy to bask in the fame - becoming something of a traveling celebrity along the length of the Sword Coast.

Always up for an adventure, Finch is, in his own words, "roosting" in the famous Crossroad Keep, eyes peeled for any quests in need of questing.




Description: Everything about Ribsmasher screams "barbarian" - his wild garb, the manic gleam in his eyes, and his tendency to laugh hysterically as he charges into battle. In reality, he does fight like a disciplined warrior-monk, utilizing the same series of powerful kicks and punches in a deadly, efficient manner. It's unclear whether Ribsmasher's apparent insanity is merely an act to catch enemies off guard or the result of one too many blows to his head.

The crazed pugilist fought alongside a large group of adventurers against the Yuan-ti god Zehir, and ultimately saved Chult and the Sword Coast from falling under the creature's sway. In victory, Ribsmasher was offered a share of the merchant house he nurtured, but the monk had no interest in trade bars or gold. Before the celebrations and pageantry could even begin earnest, he took his leave, wandering the countryside in search of things looking to get SMASHED!

An occasional face in the Phoenix Tail Inn, Ribshasher can usually be talked into a quest if he feels it will yield opportunities to break bones with his bare hands. Nothing makes the monk smile like popping knuckles on a foe's staved in helmet.




Description: This strange man seems to have a cryptic manner about him, smiling confidently at everyone around him, every now and then giving his dinosaur companion a gentle pat on the head. He is very obviously a foreigner from the southern lands, his dark complexion and thick wooly hair an oddity among humans of The Sword Coast.

A Druid in service of Ubtao, Umoja was commanded to unravel the plot of the wicked deity Zehir. Together with allies from all corners of Faerun - and his deinonychus Yushai - he successfully ended the Yuan-ti god's plans to conquer Chult and the Sword Coast.

Fascinated by alien flora and fauna of the northern lands, Umoja elected to investigate the unfamiliar region for a time, and embarked on a journey of exploration, Yushai ever at his side. From time to time, the Druid visits his former companions - eternal friends forged by battle and shared sacrifice. He is especially fond of Finch, and the two still share many adventures.



Kistrel Elsydar:

Description: Kistrel is usually cheery and optimistic, her bubbly personality often times annoying her companions. Her bright blue eyes contrast with her dark hair, and she's quick to crack a beaming grin - especially when catching the gaze of those who rescued her. She harbors somewhat simplistic notions of the world, and takes most people at their word – which may or may not be a good thing. Whether this is her natural personality or a result of her transfiguration into a spider is unknown.

When asked about her history, Kistrel furrows her brow and stutters a bit. After her many long decades imprisoned in arachnid form, much of her past is little more than a misty, half remembered dream.

The sorceress vaguely recalls refining her magical prowess serving with the Spellguard of Silverymoon, and thinks she participated in the Battle of Keepers Dale alongside the defenders of Mithral Hall. Or perhaps not. Like so much of Kistrel's past, the specifics are foggy at best.

While most of the faces and the names behind them have long since faded, one remains - and it's recollection brings equal measures of revulsion and terror - "Kaiser." Kistrel has long lost the why or the how of it, but this title has been indelibly burned into her memory.

Despite the difficulty recalling her past, she fights like a seasoned veteran, hurling destructive magics in all directions with precision. What Kistrel has lost in refined spellcraft, she more than compensates for with instinctual brilliance.



Bodvarr Falgeirrson:

Description: This bear of a man stands well north of six feet, and his red, unkempt hair visibly bristles when he becomes agitated. Bodvarr is always tense - a mountain of muscle and gristle held together by scar tissue – and ready to pounce.

Bodvarr was born among the Uthgardt Thunderbeast tribe, son of Falgeirr and Astrid. His clan had long clung to a tenuous foothold in the frozen tundra near Bryn Shander. (Having been driven north by their ancestral enemies, the Grey Wolves).

Life was harsh, but despite this - or perhaps because of it - Bodvarr grew into a strong and powerful warrior, honoring the traditions of his people. His tribe survived by raiding caravans, hunting and trading the ivory of the Knucklehead trout to the inhabitants of the Ten Towns. It was a difficult but rewarding life... until the day the dark ones came.

The creatures looked like elves to Bodvarr's eyes, but their skin was the color of ebony and their number beyond counting. Although the Thunderbeast tribe slew ten of the invaders for every one of their proud warriors, they were gradually but surely overwhelmed. Bodvarr himself was struck down by their leader - a vicious woman wielding a morning star and the perverse magic of her dark goddess.

Three days following the massacre, Bodvarr awoke, and pulled himself from beneath a half burned pile of corpses. Though a breath away from dying, the barbarian was filled with a terrible new resolve - he would track these monsters across this world, (and into the next if necessary). He would know no rest until they had tasted vengeance for the slaughter of his kin.

Recovering his axes, he rose from the ashes and began his journey south, following the cold trail of his foes...



Terukawa Urakami:

Description: Terukawa is well muscled and agile, and he carries himself with an air of professional detachment. He is nearly always calm, and he speaks slowly, carefully considering every word – rarely, (if ever), raising his voice. His strange garb, accent and broken command of common reveal his foreign origins, and his customs seem strange to those unfamiliar with the Far East. Terukawa is meticulous in his personal grooming, and his weapons, clothing and equipment are kept in pristine order.

Terukawa Urakami's life is a tale of loss and rewards denied. Heralding from the distant island of Wa, this former samurai spent many years fighting loyally for his empire, earning prestige and the respect of his peers. Unfortunately, his canniness in the arena of warfare translated poorly into the peace which followed. Underhanded political maneuverings quickly saw the Samurai stripped of fiefdom and title. In the government's eyes, Urakami was a relic - an outmoded instrument of little utility to a shogunate transitioning to a lasting peace.

Branded a ronin, Terukawa Urakami wandered the islands of Wa for years, trying his hand at mercenary work, fishing and even farming. Whatever the vocation, he found no enlightenment, contentment or joy in his labors. Despairing, he sought escape in sake and opium dens, until at last he was reduced to a penniless vagrant, sleeping in alleys and clothed in filthy rags.

Out of options and nearing the point of starvation, he hid aboard a merchant vessel and returned to the mainland of Tsukishima. Urakami was seeking the Sakurayu Dojo - home of his beloved sensei, the Kensai Inshin Oroshi. Perhaps in the school of his youth, he might quell his many demons and regain some measure of his lost honor.

Oroshi was a stern but kindly man, and took no pleasure in his cherished student's disgrace. Inshin refused the ronin's request to instruct students - however, Terukawa was allowed to stay as a gardener - and at night, was granted free reign of the Dojo's facilities. Urakami gratefully accepted. Finding a measure of peace in this simple existence, Terukawa began to regain his sense of self, while his body slowly recovered from its many slights. But such contentment was not to last.

Isho Oroshi, Inshin's eldest son, was the master's finest - and most arrogant student. By all accounting, he stood among the greatest duelists of the age. Yet, the boy knew nothing of patience or humility, and despite his prowess, was the least favored of the Kensai's children. When the aging master revealed the dojo was passing to his younger brother, Isho flew into a rage, and drew steel upon his sire. Even at the age of fifteen, the lad battled his father to a standstill, pressing him dearly. But as is so often the case, experience triumphed over youthful passion - badly wounded and disgraced, Isho was banished from his home.

At Sakurayu Dojo life was peaceful and quiet for some time - until one fall evening, as Terukawa was preparing to train, Isho Oroshi returned, alongside wicked allies from the western continent. The group slaughtered many of the students and set the school aflame with dark sorcery. Inshin ran to Urakami and ordered the ronin to escape with the youngest students, while the he took the battle to his despised son.

Fleeing with the children into the darkness, Terukawa witnessed from afar the final defeat of his master, and Isho's triumphant claiming of the Oroshi family blade. Upon reaching safety, he pledged himself to Inshin's surviving son - the three year old Harada. Bowing before his new master, Terukawa Urakami swore upon life and honor that he would recover the sword and avenge their mutual father-figure.

Once again finding purpose in duty, Urakami sent Harada into hiding, and began the long journey west...



Eirinn Mac Cathmhaoil:

Description: This beautiful woman's skin has a greenish tinge, and her hair is the color of burnished platinum. Her voice is silken, and Eirinn is nearly always softly humming a haunting melody. Her violet eyes are mournful and distant, and while she certainly has a many sad tales to tell, she is unwilling to share more of her background.

You freed her from eternal bondage in Acererak's labyrinth, and the grateful sirine has sworn to aid in your adventures - heedless of danger or your motivations. She is now a life-long companion, and she will follow you to her death - and beyond - if necessary.

As a sirine, Eirinn is naturally resistant to weapons unless they are magical or forged from cold-iron, (a lethal substance to fey). If forced into unarmed combat, her attacks drain 1d4 points of intelligence with every blow - another gift of her fey heritage.


Ithefelle of Hellgate Keep:

Description: Ithefelle’s pale skin is stretched so tightly across his gaunt frame that it threatens to tear if he so much as sneers. His brittle and matted hair is the color of decaying bone, shot through with vanishing strands of deep midnight. The man’s presence is always heralded by the sickly sweet perfumes of funeral oils and embalming herbs - and in poor lighting, one could be forgiven mistaking Ithefelle for undead.

The Necromancer has no interest in sharing his past when questioned, although, given his temperament, (and habits), it's easy to imagine it wasn't pretty. When asked as to why he dared Acererak's Labrynth, Ithefelle's craggy face splits into a vicious grin, exposing his rotten and gnarled teeth.

"Why... I came here for the same reasons as you.... there is power to he had in this place... and like yourself... I mean to possess it!"

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Official events in 1376: (Era of the campaign)




1376 DR in conflicts:
- House Jaelre and Clan Auzkovyn are routed from the Elven Court by the forces of Myth Drannor.


- The Zhentarim conclude the war with Myth Drannor. A negotiated peace treaty between Fzoul Chembryl and Ilsevele Miritar leaves the forest to the elves, the lands north of Hillsfar and Dagger Falls remain under the rule of the Zhentarim. The treaty also gives the Black Network free passage along the Moonsea Ride and Rauthauvar's Road.


- Ches: Two former Red Plumes captains lead a force of sixty mercenaries into the Wailing Tower, looking for Aesperus's treasure with Angar Hulmaster as their prisoner. The King in Copper slays the two lords but allows Angar to leave with the promise that he and his descendants will forbid their subjects from opening the barrows around the city.


- Luskan is briefly conquered by the Lords' Alliance, represented by the famous pirate hunter Captain Deudermont.

Deaths in 1376 DR
- Nyphithys, Erinyes consort to Arklem Greeth is killed by Obould Many-Arrows.

- Larger numbers of nilshai than ever before are reported in the Yuirwood. In response to this sharp increase and the creatures shocking depredations, the Simbul posts a bounty on nilshai hides.


- This year is known as the Year of False Hopes in the Black Chronology.

1376 DR in deities
- The High One charges his pupil Flamsterd with retrieving Halaster Blackcloak's soul-shards, scattered throughout Toril and beyond.

1376 DR in games
- Continuing on Eldrith's plan, Mordoc SeLanmere attempts to use the Onyx Tower to destroy Baldur's Gate. He fails and his allies are angered at his death and failure to turn Baldur's Gate into a zombie civilization.


1376 DFR in novels

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pirate_King


The Arcane Brotherhood has long held the city of Luskan in their power, but when corruption eats away at their ranks, Captain Deudermont comes to the rescue of a city that has become a safe haven for the Sword Coast's most dangerous pirates. But rescuing a city from itself may not be as easy as Deudermont thinks, and when Drizzt can't talk him out of it, he'll be forced to help.

The story begins with Captain Deudermont and the Sea Sprite crew still fighting pirates. One of the captured pirates raises questions of the effectiveness of Deudermont's actions, suggesting that Deudermont is allowed to capture pirates purely as a show and then stating that the Arklem Greeth, a lich who controls the Hosttower in the city of Luskan, supports the pirate trade. On Deudermont's return to Waterdeep, he meets with Lord Brambleberry of Waterdeep, and the two of them decide to stop Arklem Greeth and his pirate crews.

Meanwhile Drizzt and Regis decide to travel to Icewind Dale to learn the fate of Wulfgar. Their path leads them to Longsaddle, home of the Harpell family. During their visit, a philosophical debate ensues about crime and whether the 'greater good' justifies the use of severe punishment. Drizzt and Regis leave Longsaddle and head for Luskan, where they meet with captain Deudermont and learn of his plan. They decide to help in the fight.

The task of saving Luskan is presented as moral conflict between trying to better the city at the risk of destroying it or accepting stability under less morally pure rule. After a few battles that tear the city apart, Arklem Greeth blows up the Hosttower, killing a large percentage of Luskan's population.

With the war apparently over, Drizzt and Regis continue on their path to Icewind Dale. There they find Wulfgar living in a cave invaded by a carefree Drizzt and Wulfgar many years ago, testing himself against the harsh seasons before he plans to return to his people.

Back in Luskan, while Deudermont tries to rebuild the city and keep the people of Luskan safe and fed, the High Captains work against Deudermont, hoping to turn the people of Luskan against him and assume the position of rulers. Eventually, civil war breaks out in Luskan. Drizzt and Regis return to help. The final battle sees the death of Deudermont, the sinking of the Sea Sprite, and the return of the rule of the High Captains in Luskan. Drizzt and Regis leave the city with the rest of Deudermont's crew.

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Last Update: 2/11/17

Much of the information here has changed - it is superseded by the consolidated time-line on page 1. We're leaving it up as a historical artifact, but events depicted here may conflict with the finalized timeline. In all cases it takes precedence over the material on this page.


Pre-Story: (The Antagonist's Adventure)


- 1350: Year of the Morningstar -

- 1350: A blackguard known only as "the Kaiser" appears for the first time, riding from Hellgate Keep with a small host of demons.


- 1353: Year of the Arch -

- 1353: Alustriel Silverhand dispatches a company of Knights in Silver and members of the Spellguard to investigate incursions near Sundabar.


- 1356: Year of the Worm -

- 1356: The Kaiser leads an army of demons and mercenaries against Sundabar - which is ultimately routed.

- 1356: The Blackguard flees southwest, pursued by the Knights in Silver and Spellguards who defeated his force at Sundabar.


- 1357: Year of the Prince -

- 1357: The heroes catch up to the tiefling south of Luskan - they never report back to Silverymoon.

- 1357: The Kaiser travels east in secret, passing through Westgate, The Pirate isles, Bezentaur and eventually into Shou Lung.


- 1364: Year of the Wave -

- 1364: House Oroshi of Wa is destroyed by Isho Oroshi and the Kaiser.


- 1367: Year of the Shield -

- 1367: Isho and the Kaiser gather a small mercenary force and travel west, operating near Bezantur in Thay.


- 1369: Year of the Gauntlet -

- 1369: The Kaiser and Isho participate in a successful plot to Install Edwin Odesseiron as supreme Zulkir of Thay... for three days.

- 1369: Alongside Odesseiron, the Kaiser and Isho flee Thay following the Red Wizard's ousting.


- 1370: Year of the Tankard -

- 1370: Ewdin, the Kaiser and Isho travel to Tethyr and revive an aspect of Sendai Ri'fialle, (using a statue overlooked by the Ward of Gorion).

- 1370: Kaiser and his force journey to the Spine of the World, evading bounty hunters and assassins.


- 1371: Year of the Unstrung Harp -

- 1371: The group takes over the long abandoned Granite Hold dwarven settlement northeast of Mirabar.


- 1372: Year of Wild Magic -

- 1372: The company descends to the Underdark in search of wealth and to rally Sendai's scattered forces.

- 1372: Kaiser's group slays the Shadow Dragon Wyrm Das'mag'Xallyion, claiming her extensive hoard of gold and magic.


- 1373: Year of Rogue Dragons -

- 1373: The party journeys to cites of Ched Nasad and Menzoberranzan, raising a small army of drow still loyal to Sendai.

- 1373: Sendai's army, (while rallying to Granite Hold), slaughters several Uthgardt tribes to conceal evidence of their movement.

- 1373: Deep with in the mountain fortress of Granit Hold, Sendai's force establishes itself as a Drow Colony.


- 1374: Year of Lightning Storms -

- 1374: A plot by Edwin, Sendai, Isho and the Kaiser is hatched to seize control of the Sword Coast.

- 1374: The remaining followers of Edwin Odesseiron establish a Thayan Enclave in Neverwinter.

- 1374: The Kaiser is summoned by his patron, the Abyssal Lord Graz'zt, and informed of his true purpose.

- 1374: A faux assassination attempt is staged on Lord Nasher Alagondar, and thwarted by the Kaiser and Isho. They are knighted as a reward.



- 1375: Year of Risen Elfkin -

- 1375: Khelgar Ironfist becomes suspicious of the new "heroes" - but his attempts to unmask them fail, costing him standing.

- 1375: Isho and the Kaiser use much of their dragon loot to rebuild portions of Neverwinter earning them the adoration of the people.

- 1375: Kaiser's agents plot with the Host Tower to depose Nasher Alagondar, intending to weaken and betray the Arcane Botherhood.

- 1375: The group "uncovers and foils" their own scheme. Two of the Neverwinter Nine are killed in the struggle.

- 1375: In gratitude for "rescuing" Neverwinter, Kaiser and Isho are granted positions among the Neverwinter Nine.

- 1375: Kaiser and his "Champions of Neverwinter" discover the merchant Sa'Sani is actually a Yuan-ti pureblood, and reveal this to Lord Nasher.

- 1375: Despite saving the sword coast from economic ruin, Sa'Sani's merchant company heavily sanctioned by order of Alagondar.


- 1376: Year of the Bent Blade -

- 1376: Lord Nasher's health begins to fail, and steadily more of his administrative duties are handed to his trusted guardian - the Kaiser.

- 1376: One by one, Nasher's closest aids and allies are alienated, re-assigned or sent abroad on near-suicidal missions.

- 1376: The evil company forms a pact with the Nightmasks - supplies for their army at Granite Hold in exchange for a presence in Neverwinter.

- 1376: The Nightmasks open a thieves guild in Neverwinter and begin to operate openly, driving out the established Shadow Thieves.

- 1376: Nevalle becomes meddlesome, nearly exposing the Kaiser, and is reassigned to the garrison at Crossroad Keep.

- 1376: Neverwinter - under the influence of the Kaiser - becomes increasingly expansive and antagonistic to its neighbors.

- 1376: A series of punitive taxes are levied on all lands protected by Neverwinter - to secretly finance pirate attacks along the Sword Coast.

- 1376: Tariffs are placed on goods shipped to Neverwinter from Waterdeep, Luskan, and Baldur's gate, resulting in economic retaliation.

- 1376: Corsairs from the Whalebone Islands are hired by Isho Oroshi to scourge the Sword Coast's port cities, further choking commerce.

- 1376: Luskan, Neverwinter, Baldur's Gate and Waterdeep enter severe economic depressions due to instability and rampant piracy.

- 1376: There is quiet talk of three-way war between Neverwinter, Luskan and Waterdeep building.

- 1376: Sendai Ri'fialle has drawn a host of nearly 10,000 drow to her banner.

- 1376: Early Spring/Late Winter: Campaign begins, the Knight Captain returns to the Sword Coast.

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As the party wanders through the ToH, they will run across numerous taunting notes from everybody's favorite Demi-lich. He's watching... and deriving sick pleasure from every broken bone, injury and fatality.


Here are a few examples of our evil party-host enjoying himself far too much at the player's expense:



TITLE: An Uplifting Note

MESSAGE: Dear uninvited guests... can you fly?

As light as a feather, your friend,



TITLE: You really fell for that?

MESSAGE: You fell for the old Mimic-treasure-chest-trap? Truly? That's rather... embarrassing actually. Seriously... a Mimic? Why... that's practically remedial bush league adventuring 101 there... don't you kids carry around ten-foot poles anymore?

Your Oh-So-Very Disappointed Host,


PS: Free advice - track down whoever taught your adventuring classes and kill them. Or at least sue them for gross malpractice.



TITLE: An I.O.U. from A.


MESSAGE: Oh dear - why I do believe I owe you robbers - pardon.... "adventurers" - a nice shiny bauble! I seem to have misplaced this one. Better luck next time!





TITLE: The Lowest of the Low

MESSAGE: What seems to be the problem? They're JUST Kobolds after all...

With glee,



TITLE: Now You're Just Getting Greedy

MESSAGE: You stagger forth, looting all you see, still paying no heed to the consequences... perhaps another object lesson is in order. Enjoy playing with my... friends.

Your instructor,



TITLE: A Gloating Note from A.


MESSAGE: Please note that I am watching you this very moment.... and I knew beforehand I could engrave the exact contents of this container on the lid - and you'd still be so foolish, greedy and impulsive as to curse yourselves. Delicious!

Yours Truly,



TITLE: A Cargo Manifest from A.

MESSAGE: Oh... that's unfortunate. Why... it seems as if I intentionally filled these boxes with piles of broken and useless junk - the remains of your predecessors. I know you were expecting a glittering Vorpal Blade, or perhaps the Hand of my great lord and master Vecna... too bad. I am savoring the look of profound disappointment on your faces right now. Who knows... maybe you have a future in the scrap market...

...assuming you have a "future" at all...




TITLE: A Gleeful Letter from A.

MESSAGE: I delight in the way you simpletons jump about and scream when shot with poisoned arrows or when being set on fire.




TITLE: You Fell Into a Pit!

MESSAGE: Oh dear, it seems you fell in a pit! How dreadful! You poor little dear... all skinned up and battered like a bruised apple! There there now - I am sure your friends can figure out a way to save you... they look like the sort that are... well, actually... no ...they look quit daft now that I really consider it.

Perhaps you should consider making long term living arrangements.

With Love,



TITLE: You Fell Into a Pit!

MESSAGE: Another day, another hole. You really should be more careful - if you keep tumbling down these pits you're liable to break something... and you know how I positively get the vapors at the sight of shattered limbs!

With All Due Respect,



TITLE: You Fell Into a Pit!

MESSAGE: You should have seen the look on your face when you slid into this one. I thought your eyeballs were going to leap straight from your skull - and the cute little "eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk" noise you made while plunging into the dark abyss was endearing.

Just a bit of friendly advice... perhaps you should invest in a feather fall spell, as you seem to have this unusual proclivity for falling into pit-traps.

Highly Amused,



TITLE: You Fell Into a Pit!

MESSAGE: As you bounced off the pit's walls, I amused myself by imagining the sound of a squeaky rubber pet toy every time you hit a hard surface.




TITLE: A Sympathy letter

MESSAGE: That's too bad about your magical equipment and all. Don't worry... I shall see to it that your cornucopia of enchanted items goes to a worthy cause - ME!

Playing With Your Toys,




Acererak is a titanic jerk-ass with a heart-made-of-jerk.



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The thieves guild: 98% Complete












Implemented Features:

- Brothel - complete with disease - tastefully done, rated PG.

- Stocked Bar.

- Thieves Training Area.

- Uncus'a Shop/Fence.

- Card Games - Low, Medium, high stakes table.

- Dice Games.

- Dart Games


Planned features:

- Axle is Evil Alignment Fetch Quest giver.

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