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NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


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Development Diary 2/26/16:

- Working on improving the level design of the final level of the tomb of horrors.

- Attempting to get the stone of recall working for the Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion.



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Development Diary 2/27/16:

- Continuing revamp of throne level.

- Making another attempt at a recall stone.

- Creating a Tomb Golem monster as additional punishment for those failing to open the valve-door.






Tomb Golem

This lumbering construct appears to be nothing more than an animated suit of blackened armor, with two red pinpoints of light in place of it's eyes. It clutches a cursed two-handed sword that brings doom upon anything struck.

The Tomb Golem is a rare automaton created by powerful clerics to guard tombs or other important locations from desecration. These creatures are ferocious in battle, swinging deadly two-handed swords which lay vicious curses upon anything they strike. Even more distressing, the constructs are nearly immune to physical and most magical attacks. Their only real vulnerability is sonic damage, which deals a terminal blow with every strike.





Development Diary 3/4/16:

- Finishing Kistrel's equipment.

- Creating Level 1, Level 10, Level 20 and Level 30 .bic version of the character.

- Uploading and compressing files.

- Added Kistrel to the party GUI.


Download Kistrel HERE.



Development Diary 3/5/16:

- Finishing Bodvarr's equipment.

- Creating Level 1, Level 10, Level 20 and Level 30 .bic version of Bodvarr.

- Uploading and compressing files.

- Added Bodvarr to the party GUI.

- Added .UTI versions of new equipment for Kistrel and Bodvarr.

- Updated Kistrel and Bodvarr entries.

- Capturing screen shots for Bodvarr.

- Correcting Typos.

- Creating 14 Uthgardt totems and adding to stores.

- Updated features page - companions update, new equipment tier feature.


Download Kistrel HERE.

Download Bodvarr HERE.

Download Kistrel's Equipment HERE.

Download Bodvarr's Equipment HERE.




Development Diary 3/9/16:

- Writing the background of the final Companion.

- Creating its base look.

- Hating the cape's graphic in NWN2. All of them. This will definitely be a case of never show Armor.

- Inspecting with a custom prestige class to see if I want to integrate it into the campaign.




Development Diary 3/11/16:


First off, thanks to Schazzwozzer for the great Samurai Armor:



Sorry for the delay, this fellow took a really long time to put together. I had to do a great deal of research on Wa and the rest of the oriental campaign material:

- http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Wa

- http://nwn2.wikia.com/wiki/Kara-Tur

- Plus I bought the 1st Edition Setting Used and read it.


Then I had to learn about Samurai Armor and traditions:



Then of course I had to write a story, tie it together based on the fictional era, and integrate all of the pieces into the campaign. (Plus make the actual character, equipment, get some screen grabs and write a post). I am a long time DM and player - 25 years this spring actually - but we never explored any of the Kara-tur products, so it was unknown territory for me.


I tooled around with adding an actual samurai class to the campaign, but it was part of a much larger package of classes, and after five hours of attempting to extract just the Samurai and failing, I moved on. It might be something to revisit later, but I also can't let one feature hold up the entire operation for a week while I struggle my way through the trial and error.




Development Diary 3/14/16:

- Rebuilding throne room and final level of Tomb of Horrors - serious baking issues necessitated splitting the throne into three separate maps.

- Cosmetic adjustments - trying to find a decent graphic for secret trap doors that does not turn black when scaled smaller.

- Several hours of testing to ensure the splitting of the maps did not result in broken destinations.

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Development Diary 3/19/16:

- Finalizing Eirinn's dialog tree.

- Several hours of testing all dialog options.

- Fine tuning scripts called in dialog tree with regards to party management.

- Spelling/grammar checking new content.

- Adjustments to the Rip-off chest that holds stolen equipment.

- Attempting to turn her level drain chant into an intellect drain chant.




Development Diary 3/21/16:

- New Alpha of ToH uploaded to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/00xijvw9qknn8z2/Tomb.zip?dl=0

- Most conversations updated to SoZ party chat so party Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Taunt, Perform and Detect Evil are usable.

- Adjustments to all lightning based on feedback from posters here.

- Testing of Eirinn conversation, should now work fine if party is careful.

- Adding new test-doors to the shore to transport tester to all relevant locations.

- Guestbook and Passenger Manifest now merged into one book.

- Guestbook now clears party on use to prevent adding more than five NPCs.

- Safiya's Staff of the Magi now utterly nukes everything near her if retributive strike is used. Party and herself included.

- Sir Harkin now properly attacks party if you side with The Pact Binder in the tomb.

- Fixed issues with the Adamantine Golem attack when a deal is struck with The Professor.

- Conversation typo fixes/improvements.

- Dragon Lair battle made slightly harder, added cues to conversation to help player understand killing bronze dragons. Is. Not. Nice.

- Testing all /use items to make certain they have not been negatively impacted by the changes.

- Safiya now receives "transmuter" specialization properly, and can advance as red wizard once the proper feats are purchased.




Development Diary 3/22/16:

- Adjusting Transition tunnel lightning.

- Working on smoothing out several conversations.

- Attempting to create a cut-scene in the transition tunnel.

- Attempting to add more hints and tips for loading screen. Searching for tutorials.

- More grammar fixes.

- Working with the art-team to flesh out the introduction movie.




Development Diary 3/25/16:

- More text refinement and typos fixed.

- Learning how to implement ColorsFade's day/night system.

- Day/Night UI successfully added.

- Time tracking heartbeat script added.

- Still trying to get the 8 hours rest to work, it interferes with existing scripts, trying to adapt.

- Some strange pathing issues cropping up - when viewed in the editor the walkmesh looks fine, in game, the character cannot walk over the area in question - an empty hall way. In another instance, the character seems to be "stuck" running in place, but after a few seconds, "warps" to the correct location. Baked multiple times, attempting to find a solution.




Development Diary 3/26/16:

- Added 5 backpacks to the stores using MisterBritish's Backpack HAK set from the NW Vault.

- Created a special Backpack for Kistrel, updating character download, equipment download & Bio images.

- Updating Kistral, Mantides, Neeshka and Gann to the backpack models.

- Adding new packs to the merchants.

- Attempting to implement a ration system to rest.





Magic User's Backpack:
This backpack is perfect for the adventuring wizard or sorcerer. Not only does it aid in conducting field expedient magical research, it holds a traveling spell book, various material components, and can be used to dispel baleful magical effects and identify mysterious objects until its cache of supplies is exhausted.


+7 Lore

+7 Spellcraft

+7 Concentration

25 Uses:

- Remove Curse

- Legend Lore

- Identify

- Dispel Magic

Restricted To:

- Wizard

- Sorcerer

- Bard


Rogue's Backpack
This backpack is ideal for any rogue. It is filled with various picks, pry bars, cordage and other tools appropriate to larcenists and treasure hunters alike. The bag can be used a number of times to disable locks, detect traps and complete other various tasks before its contents are consumed.


+8 Open Lock

+8 Disable Device

+8 Set Trap

25 Uses:

- Find Traps

- Knock

- Choking Powder

- Tangelfoot Bag

- Acid Flask

Restricted To:

- Rogue

- Bard


Healer's Backpack:
This medical backpack is full of healing supplies, ointments, poultices and potions. Besides greatly improving its user's healing skill, the kit can be used to cure a variety of magical and mundane maladies before its stock of supplies is expended.


+10 Healing

25 Uses:

- Neutralize Poison

- Remove Blindness/Deafness

- Remove Disease

- Remove Curse

- Stone to Flesh

- Cure Serious Wounds

Restricted To:

- Cleric

- Favored Soul

- Druid

- Spirit Shaman

- Paladin

- Ranger

- Bard


Adventurer's Backpack:
This backpack contains a useful selection of equipment for any adventurer - a bedroll, large poncho, fire starter, mallet, cordage, tent stakes, bartering guides and various other useful odds and ends. Additionally, the kit has several vials of alchemist's fire, continual light stones, several doses of regenerative ointment, poison antidotes, healing potions and a few applications of camouflage.


+10 Survival

+5 Appraise

25 Uses:

- Light

- Camouflage

- Alchemist Fire

- Cure Light Wounds

- Neutralize Poison

- Vigor

Restricted To:

- None


Warrior's Backpack:
This backpack holds a warrior's arsenal within easy reach - shields, bows, spare weapons and more can be quickly drawn and replaced in combat. The kit helps balance a fighter's gear, improving his ability to parry, and bristling head to toe weapons tends to improve one's ability to taunt and intimidate foes. Additionally, the pack contains numerous enchanted oils and honing stones which can place temporary enchantments on a combatant's weapons - until their supply is exhausted.


+7 intimidate

+7 Taunt

+7 Parry

25 Uses:

- Keen Edge

- Weapon of Impact

- Flame Blades

- Greater Magic Weapon

Restricted To:

- Fighter

- Paladin

- Blackguard

- Barbarian

- Swashbuckler

- Ranger

- Bard



Kistrel's Traveling Backpack:
Kistrel keeps this bag packed with an eclectic collection of objects, both mundane and magical. Perhaps she's holding onto some of this junk because it's special to her. Or, maybe these objects serve as a focus for her innate magical powers. Or... they could just be shiny.


- None




Development Diary 3/28/16:

- Fixed Charissa's Starting Domains - now properly awards Strength and Fury.

- Fixed Kaelyn's Starting Domains - now properly awards Strength and Good.

- Implementing Silverwand's Use Item Fix script.

- Phone calls and meetings with production artist - topic: commission cost for 20 pieces of original art.




Development Diary 3/30/16:

- Capturing Screen shots for our commissioned artist to draw portrait icons, intro movie slides.

- Commissioning 3D work to revamp the Juggernaut Golem.

- Safiya's Staff of the Magi now recharges off spells and goes thermonuclear properly.

- Adjusted the Location of the key of antipathy.

- Creating a selection of starting gear for the campaign companions.

- Fixing pathing issues in the Throne level.

- Adding Arsan's Hood pack to the campaign/module.

- Beginning the creation of a second hidden NPC, this one quite dastardly - for the evil PC's out there.


The Tomb of Horrors Revamp is a few weeks out from being ready for a second alpha-test. A link will be posted for anyone interested.

Edited by Sabranic
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Development Diary 4/13/16:

- Creating and pallet swapping 45 new icons for the ToH and CK Campaigns.

- Updating the nwn2_icons.2DA file.

- Creating several new types of poisons - restricted to Rogue, Assassin and Blackguard classes.

- Creating the housing zone keys for each house type.

- Creating 12 new types of magical dust.

- Adding 10 types of ceremonial totems and charms.

- Considering adding climbable areas which require a rope consumable to reach.

- Considering adding copper, silver, electrum and platinum currency to the game.

- Updating my previous Icon pack to contain the new images and resource files.

- Installing Moreus's Trap Fix.

- Adding fixed Traps for purchase to the Shadow Thieves Guild.

- Adding the house keys to Veedle's Store and pricing them.

- Color coding the Peasant Houses on Map, naming their mailbox, doors and map tags.




- Download the stand-alone version HERE.




Development Diary 4/15/16:

- Creating 9 new icons for the ToH and CK Campaigns.

- Updating the nwn2_icons.2DA file.

- Creating in game ropes, waterskins and backpacks.

- Adding the new items to the various stores.

- Labeling the zones, areas merchants and other points of interest.

- Examining 2 different player made coinage systems, deciding which will be the most practical to implement.

- Updating the Icons Package.

- Commissioning two more character head drawings from our artist. (Eirinne & Ithefelle).

- Attempting to solicit assistance in creating a water meter - similar to the spirit gauge used in MotB. (Anyone who'd like to help, please chime in!) A player character will be required to drink water every so often, or they will become greatly debuffed and eventually die. Merchants will offer waterskins for sale, and players with a high survival skill will be able to use certain locations to drink. (Roughly one per zone).






Development Diary 4/16/16:

- Adding ChimneyFish's Cutscene Blackjack to the Shadow Thieves Guild. Our cut-purse lair now has a brothel, bar and blackjack!

- Adding WarmachineX's Dice InGame Game to the module.

- Testing testing testing.

- Added enhanced features to Estate to increase its value.

- Fine tuning merchant inventories.

- Adding map points to every area and colorizing them:

  • Map Note - GOLD: 255, 255, 255
  • Guest Book - ORANGE: 250, 133, 0
  • Merchant - BLUE: 0, 174, 239
  • Player House - GREEN: 6, 161, 55
  • Wolf Minion - PINK: 255, 0, 255
  • Exit - RED: 121, 0, 0
  • Quest Giver - PURPLE: 68, 14, 98






Development Diary 4/16/16:

- Work on the well and escape tunnel area.

- Getting Uncus to offer two sets of items - ones to rogues, blackguards and assassins - and another set to... non-professionals.

- Creating well transition screen.

- Linking the well to the existing escape tunnels.

- Creating the magical items and icons for a Rope of Climbing and an Enchanted Waterskin.

- Creating a pass for entering the "lounge" and training area of the thieves guild.

- The pass can be bought by assassins, blackguards, and rogues.

- The pass will be automatically given to anyone with the Shadow Thief of Amn Feat or Class.

- If the KC allowed the Shadow Thieves to establish themselves in the keep, they will receive a pass for free.

- Finishing up simple text blackjack and dice games to act as placeholders for now.

- Adding an area for a lounge, which will feature more detailed games like the darts, craps, roulette and others from NWL.

- Finishing up the training area.



Development Diary 4/22/16:

- A great deal of time has been spent writing the scenarios out. Will post in the relevant sections when polished more.

- Finishing off the pirates and their flunkies.

- Fixing NPC's so they remain seated when non-party leader player controlled characters enter a room.

- Enabling One of Many for those of us lacking a conscience.

- Fixing One of Many's conversation.

- Balancing the creature, feats, abilities, etc.




Development Diary 4/24/16:

- Grabbing some of the nice NWvault prefab areas.

- Modifications and adaptions to the regions.

- Just Add Encounters - Deepsnow Areas by SGK73. Will function as the approach to Granite Hold.
- Just Add Encounters - Dwarven Stronghold by SGK73. Will function as Mirabar.

- 16x16 City Sewers by Super Midget. Will function as the Luskan Sewers.

- Castle_Ext_002_24x24 by Ugly_Duck. May function as Granite Hold after extensive modification.

- Pirate_Cave_&_Cove_24x24 by Ugly_Duck. Will function as part of the Whalebones.
- AW Woods by Alaster Wolf. May function as the forest surrounding Crossroad Keep.

- Feathered Serpent Beach by seraphimsage. Will function as the cove the KC sneaks into the Pirate Island from.

- Infernal Kingdom by Chaos_Theocrat. Will function as one of the Infinite Dungeon levels.

- Drow Cave by botumys. Will function as one of the Infinite Dungeon levels.

- Prefab Town by Gremlin. Will be heavily altered into Daggerford.

- Silverymoon - Star Court by Issacjr. May be used if a potential quest for Kistrel is implemented.

- Thick Forest by Glimmlampe. Will work well for Kryptgarden Forest.
- Unicorn Run by Ladyelvenstar. Gorgeous Area. Will use for the Unicorn Run.

- Yamato by SDJ. Will serve as the closing area for Terakawa's mustering quest.

- Cliff Rocks by Ho5a. May work for the Red Cliffs with extensive modification.

- Marsh and Swamp by Ithalyan. Will work for the Evermoors.

- Swamp Prefab by Ithalyan. Will work for the Lizard Marsh.
- RWS Pocket Ship Interiors by RWS. The interior of the Vigilant II.

- MORTE from Planescape Torment by jestemwlodzimierz. The playhouse actors.

- Tearing my hair our strand by strand as the toolset constantly crashes while deleting grass.


UPDATE 1: O.k. seriously. 20+ crashes in 2 hours? The HELL?!

UPDATE 2: Took two hours to remove the grass. I may be better off just making areas from scratch.

Edited by Sabranic
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Development Diary 4/25/16:

- Creating the World map.

- Editing the AD&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms Sword Coast NW Map - removing all writing in Photoshop.

- Creating a Frame.

- Creating a second frame-less version.

- Creating a Compass Rose in Illustrator.

- Adding Islands and other locations to the map for new areas.

- Setting up the map within the toolset.

- Adjustments to the border to make it less a point of emphasis.

- Adding each city and map icon in the toolset.

- Fixing Obsidian's Neverwinter and Camp icon sets - the on mouse over was 1 pixel too high, made them appear to jump.

- Adjusting the Alpha channels on the icons to make the outline more subtle.

- Increasing the size of the islands.

- Additions to the plotting and story sections.






I might make a custom icon set down the road, I am not particularly thrilled with the black outlines.




Development Diary 4/27/16:

- Finishing up the Granite Hold area design.

- Creating Granite Hold loading screen.

- Visually inspecting area to quality.

- Updated the Granite Hold Module to the Crossroad Keep Dropbox Archive.

- Reading a tutorial on cut-scenes.





Development Diary 4/29/16:

- Creating Granite Hold interior.

- Connecting all of the Granite Hold doors and passages.

- Designing the "Member's Only Area" of the thieves guild.

- Getting the darts game working.

- Correcting the spelling & grammar in the darts game. (The developer obviously spoke English as a second language).

- Getting the placeholder in for the NWL card game. Currently using a standard blackjack script as a stand-in.

- Setting up rogue training area.

- Updating the World Map with the Evermoors and Lizard Marsh.





Development Diary 5/01/16:

- Dumped about 12 hours into the Shadow Thieves Guildhall. Everything works at the moment.

- Altering the Darts Game text heavily for grammar and spelling issues.

- Exporting test module data and importing into main Campaign.

- Exhaustive testing of the card, dice and dart games.

- Adjustments to the training hall.

- Adding items to pickpocket from the NPCs.

- Creating a standalone package for those interested in the Thieves Guildhall.

- Writing an install tutorial and Reade_Me.txt file.

- Updating all assets to module format. (2DA, Haks, Textures, Icons, Scripts, etc).

- Creating new guild loading screens.

- Finalizing 2nd floor design and layout.

- Making certain Rogues, Assassins and Blackguards all can access Uncas's special store.







- Download the standalone version HERE.





Development Diary 5/02/16:

- Adding Tchos' Visual Effects for Characters so I can make Kistrel's Familiar curl up and sleep next to her in the booth.

- Adding a static versions of the NPCs to the main Module in the following locations:


NPC Locations: - (All static NPC's are tagged - companion name +_inert - example: Tag: eve_inert).

- Khelgar: First Floor, Crossroad Keep, Great Hall.

- Neeshka: First Floor, Phoenix Tail Inn.

- Ammon Jerro: Crossroad Keep Basement, by the Summoning Circle.

- Kaelyn: Church of Tyr, Infirmary.

- Safiya: Safiya's Laboratory

- Gann: First Floor, Phoenix Tail Inn.

- One of Many: Crossroad Keep Approach, Graveyard

- Charissa: Church of Tyr, East Wing.

- Mantides: Church of Tyr, North Wing, by the alter.

- Rinara: Shadow Thieves Guild, 1st Floor, at the bar.

- Finch: First Floor, Phoenix Tail Inn.

- Ribsmasher: The Crossroad Keep Barracks, Mess Hall, double-fisting ale.

- Umoja: Crossroad Keep Barn, alongside his animal companion.

- Kistrel: First Floor, Phoenix Tail Inn, at a booth.

- Terukawa: The Crossroad Keep Theater.

- Bodvarr: The Crossroad Keep Barracks, Mess Hall, drinking conservatively.

- Eirinn: Second Floor, Crossroad Keep Commons.

- Ithefelle: Crossroad Keep Basement, by the Crafting Benches.





Development Diary 5/06/16:

- Adding custom animations to the various NPC's.

- Testing the animations and implementing a system to cycle through various different animations.

- Beginning to add the TLK Card Game by brockfanning to various idle locations in the campaign.

- Adding Kistrel to the Inn, and making her pseudodragon sleep next to her on the booth.

Edited by Sabranic
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Development Diary 5/07/16:

- Continued writing of main plot arc - approximately 75% finished with outline.

- Searching for an authentic Celtic Female Voice Set. (For anyone looking to make a few dollars, I am willing to pay for your time).

- Searching for an authentic Asian Voiceset - same deal.

- Adding Full Voicesets by Non-Prophet - now we can give Deekin some noise!

- Adding a European voice-set to Kistrel.

- Adding the rest of the custom animation scripts to the main module.

- Fine tuning various NPC's - tables and decorative items had to be lowered/re-positioned to not cause eating/drinking emotes to clip.

- Preparing to upgrade the Tomb of Horrors module with scripting updates so our 3D modeler can work their magic. That part of the project is very close, and will be released as a stand-alone. Anyone wishing to beta-test is welcome to PM me.




Development Diary 5/08/16:

- Finishing up the Demi-lich's lair. Deliciously foreboding. The Shadow Fortress tile-set is not pleasant - had to cheat many times using placeables.

- Continuing to update the Stand-Alone ToH module with the various odds'n ends we've developed over the past few months.

- Updates to merchants.

- Integrating the Eat-to-rest system.

- Updates to the merchants - adding Katars to the weapons vendor.

- Sneaking a Helm of Opposite Alignment into the dungeon loot. A dirty trick, but it COULD be a salvation given some of the other nastiness of the tomb.

- Creating fitting rewards for actually destroying the demilich. In all seriousness, this fight needs to be border-line impossible. A forum member has volunteered their services in that regards. We're gonna take them up on it smile.png.

- Creating five ultimate weapons as a reward for killing the REAL Acerack:

  • Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi - Katana
  • Caledfwlch - Spear
  • Axe of Perun - Battleaxe
  • The Rod of Dagon - Rod
  • Rary's Staff of the Magi - Quarterstaff

These are intended to be the strongest weapons for the new NPC's in the campaign, but they will be dearly earned. If very few people can ever manage to acquire these items without blatantly cheating, we did our jobs properly.





Trying to keep the terrain interesting, but the tileset did not want to play nice - had to get creative with various placeables.



The loot pile is equipment the player characters have taken from them by various traps and pitfalls. Everything stolen from the players ends up in the Demi-lich's lair.



Above is some of the cheating we had to do because of the way the tileset fits together.


Haven't worked on the lightning yet, it's going to be oppressively dark, with a cloying fog hanging over everything.




Development Diary 5/13/16:

- Getting several nasty scripts finalized with the help of kevL.

- Due to said nasty script, it became apparent that the NPC's needed work on their un-equipped state.

- Finishing off Ithefelle's party join dialog.

- Finishing the lighting and detail work on the demilich's lair.

- Fixing Throne Room Pathing issues.

- Getting the throne room battle and cut scene working properly.

- Making the Green and Blue Devil faces work properly.

- Our artist has finished the drawings for the intro movie and character icons - they are in the mail.

- Upgrading dropbox so we can handle a proper versioning system, directory sorting and more downloads.

- Compressing a version of the ToH and getting it to a programmer who is going to attempt to create a system for drinking water.







Do you dare?

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Development Diary 5/14/16:

- Creating many new icons for medical items, spell components and traveling spell books.

- Updating the icons 2DA file.

- Adding an infirmary to the CK.

- Moving Kaelyn to the infirmary.

- Adding a Healer's Satchel to the Leather Goods Shop.

- Adding magical healing supplies to Ivar the Blessed's shop.

- New healing items - Enchanted Herbs, Bandages, Ointments, Oils, Tonics and more.

- Writing item new descriptions.

- Researching spell books and other casting necessities from various editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

- Soliciting community feedback on adding components and traveling spellbooks as a requirement for Vanican casters.

- Creating layers .tif and .psd files for the icon pack so users can make their own additions/edits/alterations.






Click HERE to download the updated Icon Pack.




Development Diary 5/17/16:

- Our character art has arrived!

- Scanning, cropping and resizing art.

- Working with our artist to fix Charissa's apparent run-in with a girdle of Masculinity. That will teach her to put on unidentified magical items!

- Backing up ToH and CK campaigns in preparation for integration of a water ration system.

- Extracting the Cleric Spell Merchant from NWN2: Icewind Dale for those interested.

- Huge thanks to our artist, Chad Springer, who went above and beyond with his incredible pen and ink drawings of our campaign Heroes and Villains! If anyone would like to commission him for their own projects, send me a PM and I can place you in contact. He's timely and a true pleasure to work with!


Eirinn Terukawa Rinara Neeshka


Ammon Jerro Kaelyn the Dove Mantides Khelgar Ironfist


Sendai Finch Kistrel Ithefelle


Safiya Male Charissa Bodvarr Umoja


Isho Oroshi Gann of Dreams The Kaiser Ribsmasher


Edwin Odesseiron

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Development Diary 5/19/16:

We have successfully deployed the Hydration System designed and coded for us by kevL. Huge thanks and accolades are warranted for his exceptional effort and outstanding results. Read on!


- We have added a collapsible bar to track character thirst - the Hydration Bar.

- All players and NPC's will occasionally need to drink to maintain their Hydration Bar.

- The hydration bar decreases 2% every in game hour, (10 minutes).

- At 75% the player begins accruing small penalties to their stats, and as the bar decreases, the severity of the debuffs increase exponentially.

- At 0%, the character dies of dehydration, a process that takes a bit over two in game days with nothing to drink.

- Drinking Water, Wine, Ale or Spirits will increase the Hydration bar.

- Drink Values: Water 5%, Wine 3%, Ale 5% or Spirits 1%.

- (Thanks again to kevL for tuning up the rations system as well) - all characters will need some food in their inventory to rest.

- A Cache of water, ropes, torches and food has been added to the lobby area - the Valiant II.

- The Ship's Vendor now sells Waterflasks and Iron Rations.

- The General Adventuring Supplies Merchant now sells Waterflsks, Iron Rations and Magical Medical Supplies.

- The Mordenkainens Magnificent Mansion summoned merchant now sells Waterflasks and Iron Rations.

- The Magical Casks in the Mordenkainens Magnificent Mansion now dispense Waterflasks, Ale, Wine and Spirits on demand.

- The Kitchen Table in the Mordenkainens Magnificent Mansion has been stocked with a small cache of food.

- New equipment has been added to the Magical Equipment Vendor.

- All NPC characters now begin with Iron Rations and a full Wateflask in their starting inventory.

- The Dream Light Crossbow in Kaelyn's inventory has been correctly updated to fire Dream Bolts.

- Organizing the Drop-Box account with a rudimentary versioning system.

- Adding a new NPC to the CK - the Clierc of Ilmater Lvek.

- Finishing the lightning and some touch-ups to the CK Infirmary.

- Updated all bartenders in the CK module to sell the new Waterflasks.

- Updated all of the Guestbooks to prevent a potentially catastrophic bug when an NPC interacts with them.

- Updating the party GUI with notes from kevL.

- Uploading new versions of the ToH and CK modules. Should be completed by tomorrow morning.






Development Diary 5/21/16:

- A great deal of Photoshop editing to the character portraits.

- Creating parchment.

- Creating character icons.

- Creating high resolution artwork for the intro movie.

- Creating a less-evil Kaiser icon.

- Alterations to Sendai's portrait.

- Painting Rinara's hair black.

- Fine-tuning some of the icons, making the outer glow a bit less bright.

- Added the Handsome Gann reskin by FokSiGen and Xaltar.






Development Diary 5/24/16:

- Fixing a major mistake in the ToH. Thanks to Tchos and kevL for the suggestions, they helped me track it down.

- Adding Copper Pieces and Rhinestones... say what? We told you Acererak is a jerk... remember?

- Mimic's added.

- Added a fountain to drink out of.

- Added a fountain that you probably shouldn't drink out of.

- Two Words: Rust. Monsters. Have fun with that.

- Creating a character icon set sized to Tchos's UI. Will be included in the download for those using that interface.





Development Diary 5/26/16:

- New updates to the Monstrous Compendium.

- Discovering an error in my testing methodology, thanks to kevL, and am now no longer trying to "fix" unbroken things.

- Added new encounters to the throne room.

- Fixed an Adamantine Door so that it now locks the players in properly.

- Restoring Captain Lastri's original SoZ crew.




Development Diary 5/27/16:

- Setting walking waypoints and adding heartbeat action scripts to the ToH NPC's.

- Fixing a Warmace, rapier, morning star and mace graphic - Obsidian used the wrong one.

- The latest updates to kevL's hydration system.

- Updating Elminster's Ecologies: Appendix IV - Beasts of Oerth.

- Creating waypoints for all encampment defenders to return to their starting positions after killing monsters.




Development Diary 5/29/16:

- Creating two special Rewards for anyone able to actually defeat the REAL Acererak in the ToH.

- Creating an Enchanted Waterskin.

- Adding the magical item: Murlynd's Spoon.

- Testing new magical items.




Murlynd's Spoon:

This roughly carved wooden spoon is actually a potent magical item. When placed in an empty bowl, cup, or dish, the vessel fills with a thick, pasty porridge - with a taste and texture not unlike wet cardboard. Despite the food's appearance, it's as nourishing as a full meal.


The utensil can generate food once each day.



- Unique Power: Create Food - Porridge. (1 use per day)




Enchanted Waterskin:

Made from supple goat hide, this waterskin is enchanted to resist wear and grime, appearing as though it were newly made. A round emblem is embroidered on both sides of the flask, depicting eight wizards standing in a circle, each casting different magical spells.

This waterskin refills itself, making it one of the most boring - yet highly practical - mystical items an explorer can invest in. Twice per day the flask opens a small portal to the elemental plane of water, magically regenerating its contents.



- Unique Power: Heal Thirst Gauge 15. (2 uses per day)




EDIT: Nerfed Murlynd's Spoon: Preventing exploits which could yield unlimited food and unlimited gold.

- Spoon now only generates one porridge per day.

- Porridge now cannot be traded.

- Porridge now cannot be sold.



Intent: Anyone actually able to beat the Demi-lich form of Acererak - not the false Lich version required to advance the campaign plot - has accumulated a level of power that far exceeds what will be necessary to complete the actual campaign. For frame of reference, demi-lich Acererak is a bonus optional Super-boss in a campaign designed to be "Dark Souls difficult."


The Murlynd's Spoon and Enchanted Waterflask are rewards for a truly reality defying player, the pair of which will allow one single character to effectively ignore the food hydration system. If the player is at such a power level they can actually complete the Tomb of Horrors and destroy the true form of its master, they will have quite handily totally exceeded every shred of challenge the main campaign can offer.


I.E. Congrats - you broke reality. Trust us... if you have these items... you earned them. Consider them a bragging rights reward with some handy bonus features. Anyone capable of beating Demi-Lich Acererak has transcended all mortal limitations.


PS: Yes we plan on having a counter to Spiritual Evisceration.





Development Diary 5/30/16:

- Creating three types of rope, requires to use climbing points.

- Adding the Markshire Climbing System by Markshire.

- Writing a Climbing Manual.

- ToH typo corrections.





This is a length of stout hemp rope. With it, one can attempt to climb free of pit traps or up sheer surfaces. After ten uses, the rope will wear out and become unsafe to use.

Though not the equal of proper climbing tools, (which only rogues, mountaineers and professional burglars are versed in), this rope still makes it possible to climb otherwise inescapably deep pits or reach high locations.




Silk Rope, Pitons & Climbing Harness:

This is a length of supple silk rope, mithral pitons and a climbing harness. A character may use them it to scale sheer surfaces - or the walls of a pit trap. After ten uses, the tools will wear out, becoming too dangerous to deploy.

Due to the gear's light weight and sturdy construction, the equipment is perfect for burgling or scaling walls - granting a +10 bonus to the climbing attempt. However, only rogues, mountain climbers and cat-buglers are properly versed in its usage.




Rope of Climbing:

This is a length of magical spider-silk rope. Its owner may use it to climb free of pit traps or up sheer surfaces. Unlike normal ropes, this mystical cord actively helps its user climb, removing the need for pitons and a harness. Additionally, it never seems to show signs of wear - even with extended use.

This enchanted rope is perfect for burgling or scaling walls, granting its user a +15 bonus to all climbing attempts. However, the cordage's power only works for rogues - it refuses to operate in the hands of anyone else.




Development Diary 6/02/16:

- Getting latest revisions uploaded to Dropbox.

- Getting input/advice on possible implementation of a climbing system from several community programmers.

- Running testing based on community input.

- Creating a new Rope + Piton icon for rogues.

- Creating a word document with the entire plot chain, will then edit for grammar/spelling and make available for download/community review.


The three types of climbing ropes:



- Thanks Tchos, kevL and kamal_ for the exceptional input and direction.

Edited by Sabranic
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Development Diary 6/05/16:

- Styling Elminster's Ecologies and formatting it so the book is more readable.

- Creating a new Monster - The Skeletal Champion.

- Adding placeables and encounters to "the final level."

- Adding kevL's updated climbing script and running tests on it. It now checks armor, reports it's actions, and works brilliantly.

- Adding ArtEChoke's Mimic to several places.

- Having NO FUN with conflicting HAK packs. Fixing the issue took all day. But the creatures rock and the price was right...

- Adding Lord Emil & September's Rust Monster to the ToH. They just ate our test character's rings.

- Adding a Door 1 and Door 2 Sadistic choice to "the final level."

You've Chosen Your Doom...

Sadness Shall Bloom...

Now Get Ready...

You'll Collect Your Gear With A Broom!


You've Chosen Your Doom...

Despair Shall Loom...

Now Get Ready...

You'll All Die In This Tomb!


Once the climbing script is wrapped up and added to the pit traps, the ToH will be ready for a beta and handing off to our 3D modeler who will add some special surprises.




While the beta test runs, I'll work on a proper introduction and ending movie.




Development Diary 6/07/16:

- Continuing to test and implement the kevL improved Markshire Rope System.

- Updating merchants.

- Updating the climbing manual to reflect mechanics changes.

- Getting angry with WinLAME and using Adobe Soundbooth instead.

- Converting the soundtrack to 128kbp .BMU files.

- Dealing with painful Dropbox connectivity issues.

- Fixing an issue with the Rust Monster attack animations.

- Setting up the ambientmusic.2da for CK and ToH.

- Writing Intro dialog. (We will need a female narrator with a refined British accent, may have to save up money for a voice actor proper).




Development Diary 6/11/16:

- Adjusting the encounters in the fresco area - reducing difficulty slightly. A few of them were impossible without cheat gear.

- Pit traps in the fresco area now only trap the person who sprung them, not the entire party.

- The poisonous gas coming from floor grates now no longer shows up as a trap.

- The poisonous gas coming from floor grates can no longer be disarmed.

- Making the mummy fresco encounter more difficult.

- Reducing Bloodbones HP.

- Reducing AC and HP on Iron Shadows.

- Reducing Hellspawn Firenewt Rogues, Warriors, Druids and Archers hit points by 250 each.

- Refocusing many of the monster encounters to "properly reward" player greed rather than simply spawning on area entrance.

- Fixing Tomb entrance Journal entry.




Development Diary 6/12/16:

- Updating the Landing Page Downloads so they... you know... work.

- Play-testing - which is so much less fun that it sounds like.

- Adding the Flail of Ages +7 to the legendary weapons list.

- Adding The Sleeper, Boneblade, Crossbow of Searing and Eagle Bow to the Dragon loot.

- Adjusting the Hatchling's loot.

- Adding a teaser for our 3D Modeler's work in progress:



They are doing an astounding job so far.

Edited by Sabranic
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Development Diary 6/13/16:

- Tidying up the dialog, adding some new ending conversations.

- Getting the 7 pit traps in the fresco area behaving with the new rope system.

- Removing an infinite loop from the pit code.


New Weapons in the Dragon's Lair:

- Great axe: Solamnic Great Axe +4
- Battle axe: Death Cleaver +4
- Dwarven waraxe: Axe of the Glacier Jarl +4
- Hand axe : Loki's Dull Left Axe +4
- Bastard sword: Foebane +4
- Great sword: Joril's Toothpick +4
- Dagger: Dagger of Evocation +4
- Kama; Tsunami +4
- Kukri: Boneblade +4
- Sickle: Spectral Brand +4
- Longsword: The Equalizer +4
- Falchon: Psion's Blade +4
- Rapier: The Nightshade's Stunning Stab +4
- Scimitar: Kachniko's Scimitar +4
- Katana: Full Moon +4
- Short Sword: Athasian Short Sword of Quickness +4
- Flail: The Sleeper +4
- Light Hammer : Dragonsworn Hammer +4
- Warhammer: Hammer of Thunderbolts +4
- Mace: the Balance of Kelemvor +4
- Warmace: Storm Star +4
- Club: Gnasher +4
- Morning Star: Acolyte's Mithral Morning Star +4
- Druid Quarterstaff: Nature's Sharp Fang +4

- Mage Quarterstaff: Drow Staff of Lloth's Hate +4

- Cleric's Quarterstaff: Staff of Purity +4
- Spear: The Spear of Kuldahar +4
- Halberd: The Harmonium Halberd +4
- Scythe: The Dark Scythe +4
- Longbow: The Ebonwood Composite Longbow of Larson +4
- Shortbow: Eagle Bow +4
- Light Crossbow: Wendersnaven's Dream Bow +4
- Heavy Crossbow ; Crossbow of Searing +4
- Sling: Zerthimon's Path +4

- Shuriken: Stars of Sohatchi +4
- Throwing Axe: Azuredge +4
- Dart: Asp's Nest +4


The intent here is to create some reasonably powerful. quickly accessible weapons for players who start the ToH standalone module without importing from other games. We did our best to make one weapon for any possible specialization or player weapon choice. The Throwing Weapons stack in 200 so it's possible to actually make use of them for specialists of that type. Savvy players will recognize many of these objects from AD&D lore, which should be a nice bonus for those who keep up on that sort of thing.





Development Diary 6/17/16:

- Cosmatic touches to the throne level.

- Implementing kevL's script which conjures demons to attack anyone who goes ethereal.

- Addin several hidden walls, levers to open them and a very good reason to get squished by the juggernaut.

- Adding part 1 of an easter-egg that will only become useful in the full campaign.

- Trying to fix the forsaken pit and one other which is giving me fits when it comes to NPC's helping you escape.






Development Diary 7/1/16:

- Compiling the campaign story/area into a single word document. You can download it HERE.

- Beginning to write first round of actual character dialog. Opinions like PJ156's and other welcome & encouraged.

- More testing of KevL's "demon-spawn-on-etheralness" addition to the tomb.

- Fixing the forsaken pit I broke.





Updated 7/13/16 - Development Diary 7/06/16:

Overview: We've been correcting an oversight in Neverwinter Nights 2 - a lack of quality throwing weapons. Due to developer oversight or time constraints, the game lacks some projectile weapons in a sufficient quantity, (and quality), to support a character based on their use. Because of this, shuriken, throwing darts and throwing axes are regulated to backup weapons or vendor trash, and their related feats and classes (stormlords), come are vastly under utilized.


To address this issue we have:

1): Added several "epic level" stacks of shuriken, throwing axes and darts. The stack sizes are 100, and comparable, if not exceeding the power of other legendary weapons, due to their limited nature.


2): Added Seven new material components which drop semi-regularly from monsters throughout the campaign and in the infinite dungeon:

- Flame Devil Tooth (Fire)

- Frost Demon Tusk (Cold)

- Thunderbird's Heart (Electricity)

- Venom Drake Hide (Acid)

- Banshee Essence (Sonic)

- Lich Dust (Negative Energy)

- Couatl Scales (Positive Energy)


3): Created a series of crafting quests from the Merchant Jacoby to forge powerful throwing weapons of various types:


- Dragon's Breath Throwing Weapon: These weapons glow as though red-hot, and yet, they are cool to the touch... until thrown in anger,at which point the air around them shimmers with heat.

  • Required Item - Dragon Tooth
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 5d6 Fire Damage
  • Power 3: 25% chance of Fear on hit, DC 24, 2 round duration
  • Power 4: On Hit: Fireball, level 2

- Winter's Heart Throwing Weapon: These throwing weapons glow with a pale radiance, and small ice crystals drift lazily from their blades. When thrown, they explode into a cloud of absolute cold.

  • Required Item - Frost Demon Tusk
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 5d6 Cold Damage
  • Power 3: 25% chance of Ability Drain - DEX on hit, DC 24.
  • Power 4: On Hit: Ice Storm, level 2.

- Raging Thunder Throwing Weapon: Tendrils of electricity coarse over the surface of these weapons. Harmless until thrown, they strike with the fury of a thunderbolt upon striking a foe.

  • Required Item - Thunderbird's Heart
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 5d6 Electrical Damage
  • Power 3: 25% chance of Daze on hit, DC 20, 4 round duration
  • Power 4: On Hit: Chain Lightning, level 2.

- World Serpent's Throwing Weapon: Highly corrosive acid drips from these throwing weapons. The fluid is harmless until hurled, at which point the weapon is capable of dissolving the strongest steel in seconds.

  • Required Item - Venom Drake Hide
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 3d6 Acid Damage
  • Power 3: Poison on hit, DC 28, 1d2 Constitution Damage
  • Power 4: On Hit: Bane, level 2

- Harmonic Dissonance Throwing Weapon: These throwing weapons seem to throb and vibrate in your hands. When hurled, they explode into a cacophony of destructive sound, shattering teeth, bones and eardrums alike.

  • Required Item - Banshee Essence
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 3d6 Sonic Damage
  • Power 3: 25% chance of Confusion on hit, DC 26, 3 round duration
  • Power 4: 25% chance of Stun on hit, DC 26, 3 round duration

- Tomb Reaver Throwing Weapon: These weapons crawl with a black radiance, and seem to consume the very light around their wielder. When thrown, they explode with crackling necromantic energy which attacks the very life-force of their target.

  • Required Item - Lich Dust
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 3d6 Negative Energy Damage
  • Power 3: Level Drain on hit, DC 20, Negative Energy type
  • Power 4: Vampiric Regeneration +5

- Radiant Heart Throwing Weapon: These weapons radiate benevolent - and potent - energy. Evil creatures in particular are quickly smitten by the weapon's holy power.

  • Required Item - Couatl Scales
  • Stack Size: 50
  • Sell Value: 5,000 gp per 50
  • Power 1: +6 Enhancement bonus
  • Power 2: 3d6 Positive Energy Damage
  • Power 3: 25% chance of Blindness, DC 24, 4 round duration.
  • Power 4: On Hit: Hammer of the Gods. Level 2

When the party has any of the components on hand, this will trigger a dialog option when interacting with Jacoby to create a stack of the throwing weapons, the type will be chosen by the player. The objects mention in their descriptions that a master weaponsmith will be able to use them to forge powerful throwing weapons.


4): We have added the following throwing weapon types to all fletching vendors, which mirroring arrows, bolts and bullets of the same variety:

- +6 Enhancement bonus

- Acid

- Anti-Summoning

- Darkness

- Detonation

- Divine

- Fire

- Ice

- Lightning

- Grease

- Perification

- Piercing

- Poison

- Mild Poison

- Silence

- Vampiric

- Were-bane


These additions should go a long ways to making characters created around the use of throwing projectiles much more fun, interesting and viable to play.

Edited by Sabranic
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