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NWN 2 Conclusion Campaign + Tomb of Horrors Revamp


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Theater - 40% Complete










Implemented Features:

- Instrument and costume shop.

- Conversations with the planar acting troop.

- Hamlet Rehearsal with the latest "recruits" from the cage.

- The part of the Nameless-One will be played by Biff the Understudy, due to.... unforeseeable complications.


Planned Features:

- A live partial production of Hamlet, starring Mortimer Rictusgrin as Yorik.

(...wait... how did he get top billing...)

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Phoenix Tail Inn & Tavern - 98% Complete






Implemented Features:

- Fully Stocked Bar with fan favorites from the last 20 years of AD&D

- Duncan and a host of other NPC's.

- Rooms for rent, ranging in quality from peasant to nobility.

- Purchasable Food (allows resting).


Planned Features:

- Numerous NPC interactions.

- Several romance related dialogs with Gann if the KC fell for him in MotB.

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Captain Blessed is A LARGE HAM. He's flamboyant and absolutely over the top in every possible way, chewing the scenery like Jeremy Irons and BRIAN BLESSED staring together in a Uwe Boll film. The man is a radical dreamer - his estimations of his crew's capability and reality stand in stark contrast, not that this will ever stop them.


I still get a kick out of the idea of this captain being played by Brian Blessed crossed with the D&D Jeremy Irons!

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Crossroad Keep Barracks - 95% Complete






Implemented Features:

- Greycloak Equipment Merchant.

- Holding Cells.

- Sleeping Quarters.

- Cafeteria.

- Officer's Quarters.


Planned Features:

- Troop interactions and conversations.

- Requesting Greycloak Escorts (Providing the player has the Crossroad Keep Deed).

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Safiya's Laboratory - 75% Complete










Implemented Features:

Level Design


Planned Features:

- Several humorous Interactions with Kaji.

- Quest to restore the Construct to working order - and allow Safiya to summon it as her familiar.

- Several romance related dialogs if the KC fell for her in MotB.

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Crossroad Keep Treasury - 100% Complete











Implemented Features:

- Vault contains various trophies from the OC, MoWG and MotB.

- Level design complete, took hours to make certain the "gold" stacked with no visible clipping and transparent sides.

- 3 Vault Chests filled with gold, essences and gems.

- Vault only accessible with CK Keep Deed.

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Cromwell's Training Range - 45% Complete








Implemented Features:

- Layout Complete.

- Cromwell's Store and Tend Design Complete.

- Differing levels of dummy resistance complete.


Planned Features:

- Lever to regenerate the hit points of damaged/destroyed targets.

- The ability to set the damage reduction of various targets.

- The ability to set the type of damage reduction to various targets.

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Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion - 100% Complete








Implemented Features:

- Layout Complete.

- Every usable object given a through description to explain purpose.

- Eating at the table temporarily buffs stats.

- Resting on the bed recovers spells and health.

- NPC Vendor to sell/buy from.

- All Crafting benches.

- Scores of storage containers.

- Working Kegs.

- SoZ Party Creator (Passenger Manifest)

- Traditional Companion Party Organizer

- Functional Charged Recall Stone for teleporting back into the mansion.

- Working portal to numerous locations.

- Example Ward stones to enable teleporting to various areas.

- Doors automated to close after using.

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Sand's Merchant Emporium - 99% Complete










Implemented Features:

- Sand's Magician Shop: Wands, Staves, Spells, Robes, Miscellaneous Magic Items.

- Caelryna's Trade Goods: Head-wear, Exotic Weapons.

- Mur'eil & Mar'tauren Hadwell's Jewelry: Rings and Necklaces.

- Katar's added for sale. The Katar is treated by the game a Kama. They are essentially cosmetic, but darn cool.
(Special thanks to Tarim for his great weapon pack HERE).

Planned Features:

- Conversation revamp for Sand.

- Background conversation with Red Wizards.




Story Background: Mur'eil and Mar'tauren were the only two of Safiya's students who both remained loyal and survived the Academy's purge. The primary reason for her temporary departure after MotB was to rescue these two pupils. Safiya continues their education in her laboratory, and the pair earn a living by selling their "projects" in Sand's shop.


As for Sand, the elf finds the duo's antics barely tolerable - but he enjoys the foot traffic they bring into his shop.

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Granite Hold - 50% Complete








Implemented Features:

- Area built, pathing completed, baked.

Planned Features:

- Attack by winter Wolves & Frost Giants.

- Encounter by hanging tree.

- Cut-Scene at outside of the fortress.

- Hidden treasure, requires a high search to locate.

- Addition of Golems masquerading as Statues along path.

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