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The download link for the Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch for Oblivion seems to be not working. Tried it on Monday and today but to no avail. Other mods download fine on my end.




Downloads fine here, it's absolutely an issue your end I'm afraid. See the pinned post for download troubleshooting.


I'm also having this issue. The text validation seemed to work initially, but after trying a few variations of my preferred name (all taken), it started telling me everything was a restricted word. Now, if I start typing any 3 characters it is classified as a restricted word.



Tried Firefox, Edge, Firefox mobile. Also tried in an incognito window for all 3. I attempted clearing cookies and cache, verified no DNS blocking, etc. to no effect.


EDIT: After waiting 5 minutes or so, I was able to successfully change it.

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Do you think it would be possible to have a block individual mods feature? I tried doing the content filtering thing and it didn't work because tags are pretty hit and miss, and the only other option seems to be blocking the author but what if they upload something super cool later on?

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