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I'm having trouble finding my old comments I made on the "posts" section in mod pages. I think I even posted some after the update too, so I don't understand why. Is there a way to find them? 


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2 hours ago, TheTraveler12 said:

Please tell me I can change how I see a creators profile page back to the way it was. It WAS simple and easy to look at.

The beta phase for the new user profile layout ended yesterday and, as far as I know, cannot be changed back.

Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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24 minutes ago, CanadianBaconeer said:

"View more from uploader" links in the media sections currently redirect to "About me" instead of the author's media page.

We're aware, that will be fixed at some point soon. 

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Please add "Last update" filter; or even better, refer to Steam Workshop for its "compatible version" filter. 

I can help with the UX for free if needed.

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I extremely dislike the new forums and profile page. They're ugly, bloated and lack the functionality of the previous, better versions. It must not happen to the main mod pages and the menus.

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