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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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For me, playing games is somewhat like having a relationship. Some are there since you were born almost, some are casual, some are deep, and some you love profoundly. Some are ongoing, some just end somewhere wether good or bad. but they leave a mark on us. But all in all, they make us what we are (in gaming) and teach us many things.


The first memorable game for me was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, wich was a shared joy with my cousins, distant and close. Then came Sonic the Hedgehog III and Sonic & Knuckles, another cousin uniter.


Then came the PSONE era, and hopefully I'll remember all of them. First, although it was not that a big fondness I had for it, Final Fantasy Tactics I must thank for introducing me in to the world of serious gaming, where I wasn't playing for fun anymore, but to be able to play it until the end and win beat it ( which I didn't do, to my shame). The closest one is Chrono Cross, sequel to Chrono Trigger. That game left such a deep mark on me, it almost hurts sometimes (And I was only able to reach the last boss before the Big Boss). Then both Ace Combats, which turned me into a jet aircraft lover. I'm now enjoying Ace Combat Assault Horizon.


And here is a paragraph dedicated to Soul Reaver, one of my favorite PSONE games.This game introduced me to Legacy of kain series, one of my oneof my three mos beloved franchises.


Another dedicated paragraph, this time for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night which made me love a franchise I already liked (having I already played Castlevania from NES, and Castlevania Chronicles from PSONE). Castlevania has been my love ever since then.


And so, we reach my nowadays love: *drums* .... YES! You guessed, Skyrim! I love Skyrim so much I've been playing nothing more than that last year. I also love all of the Elder Scrolls lore, is my favorite fantasy world. Although, I won't count it as oneof my franchises, for I've yet to play Morrowind and Oblivion.


Skyrim is my favorite game to date, though my mind and voice is staggered to say it when I look a CASTLEVANIA and LEGACY OF KAIN, titles.

The epicness with which I love this game can only be understood by people who love the game with my same might.

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My fondest game memories are of Metroid Fusion, I remember getting it for my birthday one year, I had just turned 10, I loved it, I remember staying up late at night playing and not being able to fall asleep because of how scared it made me. I loved everything about it, the music, the atmosphere, the art, the gameplay, the boss battles, I remember when I sat down with my friends one night and watched Alien and being like, "holy s*** this is like Metroid," it was awesome. I've played that game at least twice a year for 10 years, I love it.
Another fond gaming memory is when I first played Marvel vs. Capcom, it was at a bowling ally near my home, I had been into comics since I was in 2nd grade, my favorite heroes to read were Spiderman and Wolverine, I still love them but my taste in comics have evolved since then of course, I also really loved megaman, again 2nd grade is when I first played a megaman game, I got it for my birthday, it was X5 and it blew me away, I still can't look at icecream cake with blue frosting and not think of Megaman X5. I was 13 at the time, and I had heard of Marvel vs. Capcom and seen it a bunch of times at blockbuster (remember that place?) but I wasn't really allowed to rent it, I was relativity sheltered, I didn't really play my first T game til I was 13 and had to beg to get Farcry Vengence for the wii, I love Farcry, but why I begged for that game I can't say, it really did suck, I did though get to rent a lot of other games, Megaman Legends being one of them, and I loved it, by that time I also had Megaman anniversary collection for ps2, it was a collection of all the classic megaman games and it was great, a friend got it for me as a gift. Again, 13 years old, bowling ally, I hate bowling so I made my way to the little arcade they had crammed in the corner of the place, it had a broken claw game, a jacked up motorcycle racing game and Marverl vs Capcom, I saw the shelf and almost s*** my pants, I immediately played, It was awesome. Megaman was there, Wolverine, Spiderman, all my favorite heroes from all my favorite comics, and Tron Bonne, its when I fell in love with capcom for sure, I had already loved megaman, but at that moment, when I saw all the other characters is when my love and adoration went to capcom.

Also smash bros, all of them, I'm actually playing through the adventure mode of brawl with my girlfriend currently, god I love those games.

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There are three I have.


First is Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for Sega Megadrive. (I guess I was about 9 years old) My brother played it often and never managed to collect all Emeralds and defeating the Final Boss. I begged him to let me play, but he never let me. One day he gave in and I rushed through the stages in about 4 hours and defeated the Final Boss with all Emeralds collected XD He never denied me playing ever again X3


The next one was a terrible misshappening XD My brother played Phantasy Star 4 on the Sega Megadrive. He was pretty far in the story and just obtainted Wren to his crew. When he saved he let me and my sister play on the console. We wanted to play the game too, but we had no idea what they all were talkign about. I just got to school and sis was only 6 years old XD We couldn't read and accidently hit the "Delete State" button instead of "New Game" and so deleted the state from my bro. He never found out about it XD If you ever read this Bro! We're sorry about that! X_X


The last one was with Monkey Island 3 that we played on our old Amiga. Imagen two girls (12 years and 11 years old) sitting together on a hot summer day, playing Monkey Island 3 over close to 10 hours without break. We finally finished the game! Yay! The credits roll. And all of a sudden, we two smell burning plastic and rubber :blink: Dad comes in and smells it, too. He sends us away, plugs the system out. Great, we destroyed the switch cable to give the Amiga juice XD Oh, the humanity, but at least we finished the game XD

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  • My favourite game of all time is from the Mid 90's. It will run on any old tin box. Volitions - Freespace series. It was one of the first games to be released with a mission editor, it was fairly quickly released to "open" as Volition was sold and the game dropped. It had a large Modding community that was active for over 10yrs. You can still get it ridiculously cheap on Good old games.(GOG.com). There is still a massive amount of mod resources out there, though very few still in development. If you're new to modding games and want an easy fully developed MOD resource to practice with, try it out. It's a fun game.

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For PC gaming? It was Halo: Combat Evolved, first actual PC game I ever played. Now I spend most of my time playing on the PC. Console gaming? Gauntlet. Forget which one, though. I still play on consoles from time to time to play Fable TLC, II, and III.

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Star War: Battlefront, Super Star Wars, Super Metroid, and Mario 64. Me, my cousin and my papa always loved playing the Star Wars and Mario 64 games. Super Metroid sort of frightened me as a child because of it's atmosphere, and because I would wander around clueless due to youthful naivety. Super Metroid was almost my first introduction to a strong female main character.

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