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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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Most fond memories: Deus Ex


Close second: Oblivion


Third most fond memories: VtM:B



Dishonorable mention: Doom 3 (still occasionally have bad dreams about this bastard)

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Columns on GameGear because I loved being frustrated as a child


Super Mario Sunshine and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance because those game jumpstarted my interest in those series


Fable because :devil:


And some random Civilization game on the PC in the days when AOL was still making that, I'm trying to communicate with aliens, noise.

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My favorite computer games were the old ... believe-it-or-not ... 16-color DOS-based games of the 1980's. F-19 Stealth Fighter (later F-117a Stealth Fighter), Red Storm Rising, and the such.


Later, I spent countless hours playing the various games of the Total War series, starting with Shogun: Total War. Skyrim is my favorite game, today, and I'm running about 217 mods for it, now. Great game ...


Before computer games, my favorites came from Avalon Hill, and I started back in the early 1960's with Blitzkrieg.


Yes, I'm old ...


PS I almost forgot. Every one of the Civilization-series games, and Railroad Tycoon-games. The best of the former was Civ 4, in my estimation

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