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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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Most serendipitous event this morning with a lot of nostalgia attached.


My neighbour bought a clothes dryer at a garage sale and I went to help load it and there on a table was a box with an external 3.5" drive, some 3.5 inch floppies and some games manuals. Bought it for $1.00. My reward? F117A Nighthawk, Faery Tale Adventure II - Hall of the Dead, 688 Attack Sub, Hard Nova and Mech Warriors, plus the original game manuals. Games I played years ago and had completely forgotten about. Been playing on DosBox all day and the games work just fine. Sadly, I can't access 2 of the floppy disks and according to the labels on the disks they are Commander Keen and Rescue Rangers.

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Ar Tonelico - Simple narrative, interesting cast and setting, strong focus on understanding your companions... can be a little date sim like (and if so, why no Harem!!)


Breath of Fire Series - I'm a dragon, biatch! Simple narrative, interesting cast, base building... can be a little cliché; plus it has the burden of Dragon Quarter to live down.


Final Fantasy Series - Simple narrative, interesting cast, willing to experiment with mechanics... can be a bit hit and miss, I have not enjoyed any of the recent additions.


Megami Tensei Series (and spin-offs) - Challenging narrative elements, interesting cast, strong focus on interpersonal 'links'... the differences between the different series/spin-offs is remarkable, so it is important to know which suits your play style) Personally I like both the Persona spin-off (again, why no harem?!) and the darker series.


Planescape Torment - Subtle narrative, interesting cast, strong focus on self definition and varied gameplay styles... dated.


Suikoden Series - Challenging narrative elements, huge cast, base building... it does unfortunately feel a little like pokemon with people at times; I would prefer a little more in the way of trade-offs in terms of who I can recruit at any one time. Also, it has the burden of IV to live down (actually a good game, but the plot was perhaps a little too simple?) If there is ONE game where harem is the default route, this should be it - but romance is basically a non factor. Perhaps because the cast is so large, development is modest and even then, only for a selection of the 108+ characters.


Tales of Series - Simple narrative, interesting cast and settings... can be a bit cliché but a solid experience. It seems that they seldom experiment, so you are unlikely to see anything novel, but rather an attempt to use established mechanics effectively.

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i think the game that was the most exciting for me to wait for was oblivion because i just loved morrowind and didnt knew a single bit about oblivion (i always do that so i dont get disappointed by my hype) whenn it was there i most likey ignored schoolworks for the next 3 months or so

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Pirates and Monkey Island (on C64)


Ultima 7 (on PC) best RPG ever


Showing your age. Ultima 7 was the first game I worked on, after moving over from video graphics, in '91. Ouch, that was a long time ago.

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Metal Gear Solid (1,2, and 3) and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are games that I have very fond memories of. I played them a lot when I was younger, so I have massive nostalgia pangs for those games.

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Not my favorite game but definitely attached to my fondest memories while gaming - Tomb Raider. I spent hundreds of hours sat next to my best friend cursing and passing the PS controller back and forth after each one of us died, lol. Good times.

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