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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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The SNES era of my early teens was the pinnacle of gaming for me, but I do have one game that made the best impression in the last 3 years.


Chrono Trigger: is and will always be the grandfather of RPGs for me as it was my very first RPG experience. My parents went on vacation and left me alone and I put a TV on my bed and played Chrono Trigger for a couple days straight. It was bliss.


Super Mario RPG: another game I played for a few days straight when my parents went on vacation. Except I had to rent the SNES with it. I still loved every second of it. What an amazing game! It still is!


Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3: The reason RARE was so amazing back in their day. It was the first time I ever saw fully rendered sprites and I was completely hooked. It certainly helped that Dave Wise and co. created some of the most memorable music ever.


The Last of Us: This game caught me by surprise. It was the first game in probably 10+ years that I actually played for 16 hours straight. I have never been so immersed in a game as an adult as I was with The Last of Us. Naughty Dog does brilliant work.

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My still alltime favorite game in the world ist Impossible Mission, played on a commodore 64 when I was 17years old ... followed closely by kotor 1+2 (first time played after I doubled that age ;D )

both games were a real challenge for me and I still love them so much

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I have many fond memories with games especially the open world ones. My first trip between the Imperial City and Bruma in TES4 Oblivion is one of my fondest memories ; the sensation of freedom, the beauty of the graphics, the childhood memories it reminded me, it's very hard to describe but it's one of the moments that made me love Oblivion the most.

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Fable The Lost Chapters. In my opinion, one of the best RPG ever. The story of the Hero of Oakvale is epic and sad. It is a shame the game is too short.

There are also many other games I have fondest memories from, but Fable TLC is a very special one.

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Arcade: Gyruss, it was in a pizza parlor I went to. I loved playing it while my order was being cooked. Till that sad day when I walked in and it was gone. One of the staff said they got tired of it and got it replaced, but not to worry they got this great golf game! Yeah swell....... Popeye, a table arcade game that was in a hotel me and a friend worked at third shift. One night we disassembled it to figure out how to put credits on it. Another friend a security guard walked in and yelled what are you doing? We told him don't worry we'll have it back together before the maids started to show up (about an hour at the time). We found out if we poked a coat hanger in one of the coin slots and pushed it past the high voltage flywheel transformer that drove the picture tube, we could push the credit switch. Later when we were moving it we found out if you flexed the glass top it would pop open. Pinball: Fire Power, at the same hotel it had a robotic voice that said fire power and other sound effects. We would play it till it got so hot the voice started to crackle and shudder. Atari 800 computer: Spy Vs Spy it was hilarious, the music, the effects, the whole game. Archon The Light And Dark, A chess styled game where the squares changed from light to dark, which weakened or strengthened the piece you were playing with. When two pieces landed on the same square a battle field would open up and you would fight it out. Archon The Adept, this game you moved you piece to different elements to do battle each type of piece had an element which it was strongest/weakest in. Zone Ranger a beam rider game.

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Halo 2 (I always die on the jackal snipers in Legendary and also the Scarab Gun where you need to do some tricks to get it)

Kingdom Hearts (I was so young when I played it, took me awhile to beat Riku) Kingdom Hearts 2 (The introduction of Organization XIII, and xemnas dragon)

FF VII (Zack Last moments, I cried alot on that scene)

Jack X (I don't really remember the game mode name we played but it is where you grab a ball and wait for it to charge to attack a player in front of you or who's in the 1st place, I know it's really a fun game and the free for all mode)

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