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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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My most favorite game is Colossal Cave Adventure. I first payed it on an IBM mainframe in 1977. I later played the game on PC and most recently on my Android tablet. This game is considered by many to be the father of them all.

My next favorite it a little thing called Adventures of LOLO, for the original NES. Not fast, not strong, with few weapons, that little blob had to use YOUR wits and skill to rescue Princess Lala.


Finally, my children introduced me to The Legend of Zelda, the original breakout game for the NES. My son committed some minor infraction or other, and momma took away his NES for a couple weeks. It wound up locked in my office and, well, I couldn't resist the temptation to see what my kids were playing.


I still have the original NES games.

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Tribes 1 the modded levels and equipment was awesome.

Exile: escape from the pit, and Exile 2: Crystal Souls (I think that was the name of the second one)

and Ultima Online free shards. I had a lot of fun building characters up and making friends across the world.

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The best memories of all of the past games I've played are of WoW. Not just for the game but the interaction and activities with the other players. I joined an awesome Guild (Melting Pot) that became the top guild and ended up in their hard-core Raiding group which was an absolute blast. It would be nothing to be up all night battling OP bosses and going after achievements etc. The fun and friendships formed I will treasure forever, in fact I'm still in contact with a few of the old Guildies ten years later. If any ex Melting Pot members happen to be wandering past Connach ( Elf Rogue) says "Hello"!


I'm too old to be involved in that type of gaming now. Reflexes suck and the eyesight is not good. I am happy pottering around Skyrim these days, but I still have my fond memories.

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