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Which game (or games) do you have the fondest memories with?


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I always loved Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The time I spent in Super Mario 64 was mad - probably hundreds of hours. It was just so fun, the controls were really nice and fluent, the bosses were fun to battle, the levels were fun to explore... I can specifically remember a boss in the pyramid: is was two hands made of bricks, and they tried to knock you off the edge and stuff like that. Plus the volcano in that lava land world was really fun to climb up. Oh, and the secret world "Rainbow Ride". :biggrin:

As for Ocarina of Time, I just loved the huge adventure. I was young then, and had to refer to walkthroughs quite a bit, but the freedom of that game was crazy. I spent heaps of time fishing, and trying to hook the guy's hat off (which I succeeded in once - I think you have to pay 20 rupees) and the scarecrows, where you make up a song, then you can play the song and he'll pop up at random places... and I also remember the dogs that follow you around at night in the streets of the Hyrule Markets as a kid: I think we named them scruffy and poop.


Another game was Donkey Kong 64, which didn't receieve quite as much praise as the those other two, but was a king of a game. It was quite similar to Super Mario 64, but it was an entirely different game. I spent heaps of time in Jungle Japes, the aztec and mushroom worlds because they were my favourite. Oh, and Crystal Caves! I remember fearing that enemy who knocks down the stalactites... Also the level in there where you had to race as Lanky Kong by running down an icy slope while doing a handstand. I think Chunky was my favourite kong, then a tie between Donkey, Diddy and Lanky. Sorry Tiny, but I was childish then and had the evil conscience that it was bad to play as female characters.


Also Mario Kart 64! I remember the level with the train tracks specifically - me, my brother, my uncle and my dad would all go down the train-track and try to bump each other into the oncoming trains... And the Choco Mountain level was probably my most memorable - I can remember me and Dad racing each other on two-player (he was DK, I was Luigi) and he'd always make it a challenge for me, but then let me win (just) at the end. Best Dad Ever.


Another memorable game on the Nintendo 64 was Diddy Kong Racing (which was the first game we ever hooked up to a projector). I can remember the frustration of the Whizz Pig (who was practically impossible), and the levels where you had to collect the Nintendo Coins for some reason... Such fun.


All those games, I was about... five or six years old, I think. They were so great.


I also have many fond memories of Morrowind, such as getting lost in Vivec (though that's not a very fond memory). I remember how I used to always kill the dunmer woman with the rat problem for the Fighter's Guild - her home would become my new base. I also remember going through the stands at the Vivec Arena, looking for dropped coins. I always had this fear that someone would notice me and report me to the guards... Good times.

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I'm not old enough to have really enjoyed old-school games. Having said that, I have many good memories of Drakan: The Ancient's Gates for the PS2. It was not only a great action game (at least for the time), but it was also the first open world game I'd ever played. I first played it when I was about 10 (my parents weren't ever aware that some games had blood and boobs, until like 2009... lol), and I've been hooked on sandbox/open world games ever since. Edited by Rennn
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Honestly, the one game that will always have a place in my heart is Secret of Evermore. I know it didn't exactly do well commercially or critically, but most of that can be put down to it not being Secret of Mana, which everybody seemed to want at the time. Even so, if I sat down at organized my thoughts for once, I could easily justify my opinion of it being one of the best games that ever came out on the old SNES.


Actually, I'm going to do just that within the next few days.

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My fondest memories are still the old AD&D Gold Box Games by SSI


Pool of Radience

Curse of the Azure Bonds

The Greyhawk Trilogy


Just amazing games that I spent endless hours in

I wish GOG or steam would get them for sale

I checked out a Dosbox site with them but it didnt work of course.


Other games I have fond memories of are


The head chopping game (I have no idea what it was called, old C64 game where you faced opponent and one of the moves you decapitated opponent and this little Gremlin would come on screen and drag you body off while kicking your head off screen. We called it the head chopping game )


Usagi Yamoto (the samuri Bunny). Great C64 game


Cave Man Ug-Lympics (Mate toss, need I say more?)


And of course the entire Civilization series from the get go.


PS: And not being sarcastic here but Pong, you have no idea how big a deal Pong was when it released. We had the 3 in 1 package of Pong, Hockey, and the Race Car driving (controls even came with wheel to use. Amazing times.

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Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were the last ones that left me with a good impression. The game is intence, especially invading someones world and killing them. I don't normally like PVP in games but enjoyed it in both of those games. If you get backstabbed too much by invaders, its only because you're bad at the game.

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Ikkari warriors on nes, man, shrapnels flying by me, wounded soldiers crying for help, loud explosions everywhere, chaos death and blood everywhere,

and in the middle of this hell hole was me !, the ultimate warrior bringing death and everlasting peace to all with a grin on my face.

I was the Ikkari warrior.

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Star Wars Battlefront, 1 and 2. I was a kid when BF1 came out, and I played it with my dad. In the begining, both of us then total nOObs, got trashed by the AI. But over time things changed, and by the time I moved out I could reliably pull off a headshot from across the map against a cross-screen target, had every single perk unlocked from spawn, and had a reliable 54/0 KD. It's the only shooter I've ever played long enough to be any good at.


Skyrim. Perhaps an odd choice given my 90 hours in it being split over 3 years, and my only recent return to it. Skyrim brings the fondest of memories because it's probably the RPG, out of all RPGs I've played, which I are my favourite genre, the one I've enjoyed the most. And it's just beautiful.


Saint's Row 2. Ahh, now, I've got some stories about playing this little gem online. Such as a time when some friends of mine used DLC supercars, a road full of traffic, and a LOT of 40 oz. to stage a car race with a difference: the Jaegermeister-500. You drove, drunk as a skunk, and when you started to sobre up you "pitted"(bought more in-game beer) the guy who got the furtherest before their car exploded, won. This was done with a DUI mod that made driving nearly impossible, so even for seasoned cyber-racers like me it was total carnage... and hilarity.


Ratchet N Clank 3. First shooter I ever played, tought me how to shoot, and is the game I'd credit with me becoming interested in gaming as a hobby. I may have been just a kid at the time, but kids can see quality, and as I've gotten older and experienced more games, the fond memories haven't gotten diluted at all; the more I see, the more I have realised, it really was a very decent game.

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