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ODST Battle Armor & Helmet MK117 -=Work In Progress=-


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Will be working on this throughout the week I would kill for bungies turn around sheets they released the side view but not the front for the armor. Been loving the old republic though my HK-51, war hero pvp armor. The new event is awesome for cool looking tron armor for alts or cosmetic weapons.


But yeah getting back on this the joys of loving games it's you play them, or spend time making mods for them, or you make them sadly no happy in between.

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Hey buddy, how about removing those links? The people who made those videos didn't have permission to post them, plus those files violate nexus ToS. Since the files have my name in them, I'd really appreciate you doing the right thing and deleting your post.


Well, the right thing would have been never posting it to begin with. Removing the post is just the next best thing. Thanks.

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